Posted by: boomerangcomesback | March 16, 2014

Hijacked?! By Whom?


A quick read of the headlines over at gets one thinking about this “Highjacking” op that’s popped up on the World’s radar. Interesting timing we might think? The post Socchi Olympics/Ukraine op’s timing is interesting as well.

So…we sit back, and read the news being “distrubuted”. Being “Hijacked?!” is now the latest fear thriller, smack dab on top of the Ukraine thing, resting on a carefully constructed foundation of banker-led “Money Games” which never ends. The People just get to watch as attrition wipes out their hopes and assets for the American Dream. Twas a figment. But let’s look wider, and consider this is a World-Wide Hijacking. Think back, and start ticking off that list of things-gone-awry for the People’s of the World over the last few years. Wow! Somebody’s been busy, no?

Seems Flt 370 is an analogy for many other hijackings that have been going on, get covered up, and we’re all left with a Mystery or concocted meme. Don’t drink the concoction one might surmise…

So, I guess we’ll just have to pay more attention these days and carefully scrutinize “Who’s Hijacking Whom?”. Who’s piloting, who’s messing with the planes-of-state, who’s chemtrailing, who’s is in these damned chains-of-command and who’s in the shadows, who’s popping up in-the-MSM news, who’s producing these Obvious Ops, who’s funding it all, who’s waiting in the wings?


“If this was a hijacking, then where is the list of demands?”

AA “Flagship Freedom”, labeled with a “yellow awareness ribbon” symbol, representing support of the United States Armed Forces overseas operations.


“It is conclusive”.



  1. Starting up bets on where and when said plane turns up with different paint and the bomb the went missing from Minot. Whose false flag this time? Does Russia use 777s? They always had sturdy planes of their own. Frame China?

    Someone mentioned Diego Garcia yesterday, and looking at the geography and the fact that people in each country would have noticed a strange flight coming through with no transponders, plus the last known location of the plane and its direction of travel–everything points to Diego Garcia, a well-known black ops site owned by the UK with a US Naval base and all the original inhabitants relocated. The satellite data say just west of Australia, but there is nothing there.

    Glad I am where I am. I’m probably the only person in 50 miles that they’d really like to d’off.

    • The Axis of evil, does not rule out China. Putin and Obama are tight and in sync. It all works perfect. Obama will continue to measure response to this fraud. The criminal GOP will wail and flail about over Barry’s weak leadership and then the change comes abruptly. Diego Garcia is a good option though. It’s a HAARP point as well seismically speaking and we know it’s history too.

      COTO knows the TPP Trans Pacific Partnership begins with the Winds of War.

      I love the Israeli’s who believe the plane has been taken to be used on a 911 assault on Jerusalem. Maybe now we can get that Temple built and get on with the rest of this revelation.

  2. Hey Boomer, Hey Patricia… snowing here again…geoengineering … Anyway, I found this interpretation of what happened from Jim Stone.. not sure this link is up amongst yours Boom but I have to get ready for work and shovel snow to get there so I didn’t have time to go through all your info. Will do that tonight. Anyway, here are Stone’s thoughts which make sense.

    • No need to go through the infowar’s pieces listed above. Its the general “tone” and tenor of news, reporting, and events that I’m pointing at. A few sentences of each reveals a lot when tied together. Of course, for the world populace (worse for MSM-tainted Americans) what is NOT reported or disclosed is often what steers the “events”. You know — the “Steering Committee”.

      The theme here on this thread is — humans have/are being hijacked 24/7 — and it is No Mystery. It IS a conspiracy. And, the creatures that are “in the news” are the Obvious co-conspirators and used flunkies. Behind them, is the Agenda Steering Crowd. We’re getting pretty familiar with their ilk in spite of their attempts to hide in the shadows.

      You mention geoengineering. The sky in upstate SC all the way to Atlanta was absolutely WHITED OUT Friday 14th – Saturday 15th. Right in front of the oncoming precipitation as usual. I know the extent, because I traveled between Atl and upstate SC on Saturday. The Full Moon both nights was a dim bulb beyond the haze layer. Same Sunday & now Monday, and I believe They’re spraying above the precip layer even today. Really fed up with this shit!


    WordPress is playing games with me again… turns the box blue so I can’t finish typing in it which is why I turned one comment into two….

    The other thing that is possible is the UFO connection. The Jesuits/Vatican have been looking for something to come to earth… a superior race whose morals are supposedly better than ours (if you believe a Jesuit!) Maybe that’s what took the plane or they will use that to say they took a plane to start up Project Bluebeam.. don’t have a clue, just throwing stuff out there….

    I think the terrorist theory they were trying to push just can’t work so that’s out.

  4. Nice link, Deb! I can concur with the author about radar. Most private aircraft do not have transponders, unless they plan on flying in controlled airspace, which is around major airports and military facilities and everywhere above a certain altitude–I think it was 22,000 feet. I used to fly hang gliders, and there was a while when the government was threatening to make transponders obligatory for all aircraft–this big clunky thing on our minimalist wires and tubes. They gave it up.
    The transponder is important in busy airspace so the air traffic controllers can keep track of who’s who out there, and ask individual planes to “squawk,” which highlights their position. It is true that without it they will still show up on radar, just not as clearly.
    The discrepancies in reported altitude are odd. 7,000 feet is not under anybody’s radar anyway–so why did they say that? Where the plane was last followed by the military (if the media reported it right) was close enough to at least three major airports (Phuket, Krabi and Had Yai, Thailand) that it should have elicited considerable concern from that country. Perhaps they reported it at 7,000 feet because if the plane was not quite near the airports, it would not have been in controlled airspace, and could have been mistaken for a private aircraft. At 29,000, it would have been in violation.
    Given the evidence, I think AWACS to be the most likely means of pulling this off. But we shall see what comes to COTO’s nose.

  5. At, there’s this link — — that says, “Case Closed: HIJACKED by AWACS UPDATE: JIMSTONEFREELANCE.COM TAKEN DOWN BY FED OVER THIS REPORT”.


    Every minute more and more of the “deceived” are self-determining to just Get Off the Long Black Reign of political fiefdumb idiocy…i.e. “Belief in elites and Their fatal forms of government”.

    This cute young lady cut a video going viral, which is showcased at

    She’s not stupid as you’ll see, she was “deceived”. Now — she’s smarter than the average sheep. Got there by “experiencing” The Change, and opening her eyes. The 1st thing needed is to suspend belief in “leaders”, systems of control, and pretty much everything else thrown at humanity as “necessary”. Read as — the Total Onslaught at every turn being brought to bear upon humanity. Previously discussed here at COTO in a multitude of threads.

    Anyways, the “chains of the change” have gotten heavy upon humanity, and they’re getting savvy daily, one-by-one. It’ll be hard to impossible to fool them again:

  6. Oh, it is without a doubt that the PTB are making their final assault in an all out effort to stop the global-wakening. This is what we have known and not looking forward to happening for some time.

    ” … things are going to slide, slide in all directions, won’t be anything you can measure anymore … I have seen the future and it is murder …” – L. Cohen

    I can’t see how anymore than maybe 30-million will survive the coming events, and then for them, not long after to follow the rest.

    More and more the only answer there is would be to get yourself spiritually right, because more and more it looks as though it’s going to be a long wait before we light on an inhabitable planet again.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Michael.

  7. Hmmm, M, gloomy view through the gloom there. I think the paraphrased saying, “Don’t go quietly into the gathering gloom” is appropriate for all.

    So I looked around some and found this recent piece on Ukraine and Globalists — .

    The names of the creatures seem to fit the ilk. So, if anyone doesn’t plan to go quietly into the gathering gloom, you could “make a noise” with a sendoff to fit the resume.


    Where do they come from?

    Seems to be they come from those who have pre-cooked their solutions into slop we all know called “pooridge”. What do you do with soup nazis?

    Kick em outta the kitchens into the street where their customers will handle their affairs.

  8. Just saying, if I owned a 777, I’d install a transponder / tracking device that could not be turned off…considering the cost of a 777 and the fact they’re fairly mobile…

  9. Well I know what we discussed Boomer. The Ukraine Spring was forced earlier than it was planned. There’s a rush for this diversion as well as Crimea but we are aware that there i another major event happening as we speak. Debs link explains what I already knew about the PTB knowing where the Malaysian 777 is. Even Lloyds of London know. Time for another banker to die.

    Why the Ukraine rush during the Olympics. A change of plan or an emergency.
    Listen to MSM and you will hear them say there is no news and that is why the flight 370 and the Kiev staging are in the spotlight. Let’s see the next move by Barry O and the wallstreet boys.

    Obamacare Hardship Waiver.-Sign up COTO. Obama is giving another waiver for his tax scheme which we know is his feeble attempt to help the dying Liberal Wing for the 14 election. What a slaughter for Dems coming this year. That will get the war drums sounding for the “really big show” that is about to drop. Seizing assets? WHAT ASSETS. The thieves will have to start robbing each other if they want to score big. Where’s the 6 trillion dollars? I don’t have it. I’m unemployed like Rady and Michael.

    I will be sending Obama the news and tell him we can meet for that golf date now that I have free time.


  11. Autumn Radtke
    – the future of virtual currency

  12. Several Maldive Islanders described the Malaysian airliner going overhead, heading directly toward (not named in the article), where else? Diego Garcia!

  13. And here, they try to explain why the passengers failed to make any phone calls or text messages, still going with the debunked myth that the 911 passengers made calls. Ultimately, what they come up with is “they must have been unconscious.” They blamed it on “depressurization” What no oxygen masks?

    Now let me get out my crystal ball here and gaze. Hah! I see them finding debris in somewhere off Australia in the southern Indian Ocean. And here, oh yes! The inconvenient islanders! They are never heard from again. And the lack of calls? Once the debris is found, that can be ignored.

    Question: what will be the ultimate fate of the airliner with new paint, which I reckon is long departed from Diego Garcia?


  15. helloooo Dear COTO friends- Long time- Jersey Girl- good to see ya still here. been busy as always. Check out my latest article- exposing “progressive” democrats for true corporate shills they are- Wibewals in Minnesota hate me. I wonder why? LOL

    • Hi Mike. How the hell have you been? Thanks for stopping by after a long absence. Looking forward to reading your info. Thanks.

      • Thanks Puddy- I was beginning to think you all didn’t love me no more. LOL. Tell jersey Girl I said hello will ya? I am doing great

        • Glad to hear it Michael. We, I was wondering about your status. Let us know what you are doing in the land o lakes sometime soon. Okay?

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