Posted by: Mr. M | March 11, 2014

Welcome to the Piss Party!

Welcome to the Piss Party!

Welcome to the Piss Party. (PP)

The pissed are those not afraid to say they are pissed. We are brave souls. And perhaps somewhat stupid. The smart thing to do would be to keep a low-profile, but not us!

The good news is we are now everywhere! Up until now many good people became somewhat comfortable, which breed complacency, from which breed corruption, and mistakenly associated themselves with one or the other of the corrupt political parties, only to be betrayed again and again. So much so that now even the dullest bulbs on the porch are becoming members of the PP. And never ever underestimate the power of massive stupidity! Especially when it gets pissed-off.

The few of us that have been pissed a long, long time are happy to welcome the stupid into our ranks. (Why should the powers-that-be be the only ones to tap into their or your power?)

The Piss Party Platform (PPP) only requirement so far is that you remain pissed-off until a lot of this corruption ends.

The PP advocates that whatever you have been doing that it is now time to up-the-ante and be even more pissed-off than ever before. And please don’t listen to me as to what I think should be done, because I’m REALLY PISSED! What I think should be done would most likely get me a drone-strike.

So far Anonymous seems to be the PP favorite for POTUS. His motto being, if elected he refuses to serve. Which fits right-in with those wishing a small government.

Of course anyone that is pissed can step-up to the plate with the understanding that the potential of harnessing the power of the pissed-off people is daunting, and as our numbers grow, as things get worse, even more pissed-off people will swell the PP ranks, and that someone that is truly pissed will become the Piss Party President of the United States! (PPPUS) There are that many of us now.

So, Piss Party Unite! (PPU)




  1. I have been part of the Pissed Party Platform for a long, long time now. I’m glad you have given us a name!!!

    • Realizing it’s not the first piss-party ever formed, however it might be the first metaphorical piss-party.

      • Correct

  2. Way to go, Mr. M! Keep striking matches and something’s sure to catch.

    • Going to the early Tea Party and Occupy meetings I meet Republicans, Democrats and Independents that had one thing in common, they were all pissed.

      Commonsense says common-ground.

      Naturally controlled rage is what one should strive for. I have no idea what that is, but it has to be better than what I do.

      • I’m pretty sure America is a powder keg. (Hard to tell–my rellies all seem to be ignoring everything.) Currently the Obama regime is supporting an openly fascist coup d’etat in the Ukraine. They’ve been doing similar stuff for decades, of course, but this time their stooges openly proclaim themselves fascists, and prominently declare “death to Jewry.” WTF? The weasels in the Wiesenthal Institute are going, “ah shucks, they’re just kids! They don’t mean it!” When does it dawn on people that we have a fascist dictatorship at home? The fight against anti-semitism was a ruse that enabled them to put some really sinister people in charge unexamined, who really don’t give a rat’s ass about Jews. The rest of Jewry ought to disown these hucksters! The same can basically be said about certain “Christians” and Christianity in general.

        The problem with the powder keg going off, though, is that, as Naomi Klein has shown us, the shadow government is prepared to direct the chaos to their advantage. I think this is why the Tea Party has turned out the way it did.

        Tell me more about what you see going on around you.

        • I need to show what’s going on, not say what I see.

          This past Sunday I talked to two NYC Detectives. Don’t know what they were doing here, but they were all about what I was showing. I didn’t know they were cops until they started walking away. Then I asked them; “You guys have some authority, what do you do in New York?” That’s when they told me.

          I talked to several nurses and healthcare professionals, not a one in favor of Obamascare. Haven’t meet one yet. One guy was fighting to keep his pharmacy, he talked to me for at least 40-minutes.

          Then there were two very-buffed Special-Ops soldiers, that basically reiterated what they all say, about 75 to 80% are just waiting for the moment.

          Then there was the hipster with all the bling. No one would have ever thought he was on board.

          What I am doing has to be seen to be believed. It’s beyond any street theater/interviews/man-on-the-street shit out there. My work is like a magnet for whistle-blowers. They stop and look and the expressions on their faces are priceless.

          People from around the world, and from every level of society walk the streets of New Orleans. In the past year I’ve talked to Colonels to Cardinals on these streets. Celebrities are a common sight.

          Once I get the electronics on my rig then you will be able to see for yourself what’s happening. The revolution is alive and well, and it’s STILL on the streets!

  3. Aye, the PP is on the whole (hole) a lot better platform than the SFB (shit-for-brains) party. Thar shall be no “pissing into the wind” with the PP, but providentially, and circumspectly “pissing down the necks” of the deserving.

    Aim doesn’t seem to be particularly important at this point in time, but rather a general pissed-offidness at the Obvious failings of the POS’s occupying policy-making positions. And their mini-minion microbe brained botflies.

    Let us not allow this PP to deflect true scorn and rage deservedly to be heaped upon the failures-in-office, the traitors-to-humanity, the PsychoZombies to be erased from the chemtrailed air we are forced to breathe. No! “Pissed” is only a pleasant euphemism, a politically-correct and apt description of OUR COLLECTIVE emotions.

    The vast and roiling “Sea-of-Our-Discontent” has no shore that can contain it. No hegemonic power can stay it. No foe can foil it. For it is reached humanity-wide proportions, and the Pissedness is now nigh a tsunami waiting to break upon the heads of the former PTB! A yellow rain is waiting to fall, pent up in the bowels of humanity. When you gotta go — you gotta go! And, that is going to be SOON! I can feel it — can you all?

    • Or as Howard Beale would have said …

  4. Really good to hear from you and the street M!

  5. COTO readers might enjoy this “break-down” on Rand Paul’s position on the “Ukraine” coup. Wish I’d wrote it myself! Entertaining and enlightening…

    “Rand Paul: Degenerate, Liar, & Warmonger”

  6. Seeing the Obvious just requires the ability to suspend “belief”…

    Its hard to argue this case folks. Other “real” women state that Michelle’s “structure” is that of a man. What are the implications of this fraud being perpetrated upon Americans and the world?

  7. Let’s see if wordpress will allow me to complete a sentence or two here for a freakin’ change !!! I haven’t been here lately due to the frustration I go through when trying to post an article and especially a comment. Why is this the only place I encounter such resistance to my typed words??

    Hello, M, love your passion that never wanes. You get discouraged but can never be counted out. Keep up that momentum, darlin’. ❤

    M, speaking of people from the medical field on the streets in NOLA…have you come across any orthopedic surgeons in your travels this week? They are down there for a convention and the two docs I work for are attending.

    I've been a member of your PP(lol) party for quite a few years now. It's not an easy tag to bear since so many as Patricia states "ignore everything.". But we are gaining momentum as far as our numbers. People in general, are quite pissed. Whether it be their financial situation, their health care (haha), the aberrant weather or their children's non education (common core), they are feeling that something is just not right here.

    Hello to all of you that I know and love here. Hope you are all well and weathering every damn engineered storm they keep throwing at us. It went from the 60's early last night to 20 with a wind chill of -3 early this morning. And people think those stripes painting the sky are contrails. IDIOTS.

    How are you Patrick? Another great header, as is to be expected ❤

    I'll leave you guys with a video I watched at 4am this morning regarding weather..this guy is good especially in the way he uses the split screen to illustrate his point…

    • Oh, yeah, I’ve been talking to the surgeons all week long. How knows, I might have talked to your doctors.

      Just got off the streets after 12+ hears. I got caught in the Italian/American parade and must have paraded with my rig in front of 25,000-people. I was signing-up people for the PP on Bourbon Street an hour ago.

      I need these damn screens!!! Live-streaming this shit would be the truly real reality broadcasting. Here I am on Bourbon Street with my Obama Wanted Poster Tee on, with street-thugs high-fiving me. And people ask if I’m worried about being shot.

      Being crazy is fun. Not always, but when it is, it can’t be beat.

  8. Perhaps you were wondering if Karen Hudes is legit, or disinfo?

    Check it out:

    I’m going with deceiver.

  9. Pee Pee Pee is me Michael. Coping mechanisms are abundant. Yours is the best medicine for the malaise and we here at COTO can surely diagnose and prescribe.

    Hi Deb, Boomer, Pat and Ms. Pulliam. Sandy Hook has gone airborn and we can solve the mystery of the vortex by simple math

    fl 11 =2
    fl 93 =3
    fl 175 =4
    fl 77 =5

    fl 370 =1

    757-767-777 All are 200 extended range (200’er’)
    Required when they to be diverted for covert means. Greenland, China, and other secret landing strips. All models require shortest runways as well.

    Don’t be fooled by the limited tracking meme and psyops by MSM. There are dozens of alternative and unpublished tracking measures as well as private passenger phones and devices. Airlines don’t invest in aircraft without nickel and dime beacons and ACARS type spread spectrum frq hoppers.

    The USS Kidd is likely laying the debris of the coming report that the plane went down. I suspect the passengers are needed for further experimentation of project bluebeam and the transformation we can all look forward to just before the whole pot spills over.

    • Patrick, I reckon they gassed them all at the start. Someone was likely to notice and try to do something. Probably 99% of them had a cell phone and an itchy finger. I don’t know whether the newer cell phone systems would actually put through calls. Apparently they are supposed to. I don’t think the puppeteers would have wanted to risk that possibility.

      • Maybe Pat. Maybe altitude depressurizing/air filter system etc. with the thieves using private air. The timeline is long enough for many scenarios. The plane could have landed, been modified or disguised as well in this time frame.

        In the TRIAD, this has it all. Deflection, Diversion, TSA field day, Money transfer, stock market manipulation and false flag opportunity.
        The Market continues to dangle on the thread and it is as hinky and volatile as never before. I’m all a tingle anticipating the next episode of Holyrood Reality..


    “Son of former head of Goldman Sachs and MF Global (Also Gov NJ) Jon Corzine, found dead (suicide ?? in Mexico)”

    Musta been the “water”…

    Appears to be another one of those “messages” by the banking mafia.

  11. Climate Change –

    When the spillover occurred, The gloves came off. That’s the reason for the whole fake PRESIDENT OBAMA program. What is happening is becoming crystal clear;

    Even the criminal CONGRESS is realizing they were duped. Barry Soetoro aka Frank Marshall Davis [Barry Davis] works independent MI6 as does Russian Royal Freemason Vladimir. Yeah, certainly buddies (maybe butt buddies)

    The Basterds Winter Ball includes such diversion of cold war when in fact the climate change is Fukushima and two other weather modification zones for depopulation. It is certainly apparent now that the southern hemisphere is where the criminals will migrate. The winners are buying up the real estate in massive amounts and getting ready to retire to their castles when comes the bluebeam and manufactured ‘storm of the millennium’

    A game changer for humanity is ready to slide in as slick as 911 and patriot act. The script and teleplay already written and the new world order and UN have prepped and prepared. Keeping it all under the lid has forced the global committee to spy on everyone. Poor Feinstein now finds herself under the scope of the ruling governance. They thought they were exempt? Ha!

    When MSM began to realize that they are not exempt, the reality finally started to set in. Barry and Vlad can play the game but the coto nose can smell the rat. It has an Ozone odor and Fukushima and global chem2trailing can continue to effect ENMOD WMD and solar blocking effects. The dimming is real and sheeple continue to dim along with our environment. The Malaise continues.

  12. Piss Party Anthem

    “Urine the Money, Urine the Money”

    • I don’t know CAZA my firend….It “DEPENDS” 🙂

  13. Michael, I wish I were going to N’Orleans! But I do really look forward the live-streaming when you get that going!

    Deb, I’m glad to see you here! Goes for the whole crew. I’m no stranger to communicatus interruptus.

  14. Look at this:
    “A resident of the Moscow Region, Nikolai Lesnikov, has won a lawsuit he had filed a while ago demanding the removal of the cell phone tower that had been put up just 20 meters away from his home. He argued that the company had abused his constitutional right to a favorable environment.”
    “Such complex signals as 4G may prove far more hazardous than the ones that have existed so far,” the daily Novyie Izvestia quotes the chairman of the Russian National Committee for Protection from Non-Ionizing Radiation, Oleg Grigoriev.

    Russia: We hate them for their freedoms!

    • We are freezing in ENMOD yet you and I know Pat, that we are being slowly cooked from inside. Detox from excessive micro, X-band is essential for health with all the other assaults we are facing.

  15. Here’s something that might help:

    • Yes! Powered by pee! Hence forth the Piss Party will be powered by pee!

      As opposed to the shit we normally get.

  16. As an unfettered urinater I concur completely with the irresistable incontinence instigated by the irresistable urge. Let fly My friends,stay thirsty my friends,recycle renal refuse profusely with gusto. You go M.

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