Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 10, 2014

Bend Over America

Obama Surgeon General Nominee Wants Doctors to Ask Patients About Guns in Home – Include Info in Obamacare Database – Gateway Pundit

[Vivek was the co-founder and president of “Doctors for America,” which began as “Doctors for Obama in 2008.”]

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There’s a prescription for psychotics and a free script for Cialis for anyone who turns them in.  You can’t make this stuff up.

PD (back from the wilderness and two weeks of teepee living)




  1. The Enemy of My Enemy (Video)
    Posted by Corbett

    “We’ve seen the rollout of the MSM propaganda using over-the-top hyperbole and flat-out lies to try to demonize Russia in the lead up to the “new cold war.” But is this just part of the dialectic, trying to get us to buy into one side or the other in a rigged game? Should we devolve into mere spectators choosing sides in a squabble between #TeamObama and #TeamPutin? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore whether the enemy of our enemy is indeed our friend.”

  2. Video of the Year Seriously, what?! Kerry tells Russia ‘you don’t invade a country on completely phony pretexts’

  3. welcome back D, a fortnight in the wilderness will help calm the waters and see clearly into the reflecting pool. many vectors at this time, i’ve got the Yaesu tuned into 0xA2 with the squelch up high
    – . – . – – . – – . – . – – . – – . – . – – . – – . – . – – . –

  4. oh, what 2do, what 2do? I need healthcare, am destitute, and all I have to do is trade my privacy and health freedom for surgery. what 2do, what2do… maybe wait till the March 31 deadline b4 enrolling.

    • I hope you decide on your terms Rady. Whatever you need I hope you get, but hope that you are understanding the real meaning of death panelling.

      We are wiser than the average bears but I still question the ability for COTO to connect the dots of depop and that the NSA, Googleplex, Ancestry and Medical info are merging into the Laviathan of world order and their target numbers. We can onlycontemplate the complex algorithms they are utilizing in order to steer the UN-natural selection process.

      The Ukrainians can kiss their asses adios as we and the Afrikaners can as well. Genocide comes in flavors and frequency for the Butch Baskins of committee eugenics. (It’s a target date for cleansing 100 years)

      Use extreme caution on surgery Rady.

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