Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 26, 2014

An Exercise in Futility (you can’t make this stuff up)

Reality calling. Is anyone home? NDAA, renewed Patriot Act, Fast & Furious, Media Censorship, IRS targeting, Benghazi, Death Panel and Assassination. When will he have time to address this? Right after he kills another million jobs. You gotta scratch your head once in awhile to make sure you have not lost your mind. Anyone want to sign up to be a target? Maybe I should send this to Lois Lerner.


Washington Times Reports: FBI Kept Information From 9/11 Commission to Discredit Whistleblower

Take Action!

Washington Times Reports: FBI Kept Information From 9/11 Commission to Discredit Whistleblower.

Washington, D.C. February 26, 2014.  In an exclusive report, The Washington Times reports that important information regarding the FBI’s counterterrorist achievements was never given to the members 9/11 Commission. The fact that the FBI had placed a human source in direct contact with Osama bin Laden in 1993 and ascertained that the al Qaeda leader was looking to finance terrorist attacks in the United States, was revealed in court testimony in a little-noticed employment dispute case.

The Agent responsible for finding and cultivating this source, and successfully thwarting terrorist threats in California, is FBI Supervisory Special Agent Bassem Youssef.  Mr. Youssef was the FBI’s highest ranking counterterrorism official to “blow the whistle” on the FBI’s gross mismanagement of the War on Terror. He was also the highest-ranking FBI agent who is fluent Arabic.  In spite of his qualifications, after the 9/11 attacks the FBI irresponsibly questioned his loyalties due to his national origin and blacklisted him.   When he alerted a Member of Congress and the Director of the FBI to the discrimination he faced, Mr. Youssef was subjected to more severe retaliation, including the denial of promotions, punitive transfers and stripping him of all his prior operational counterterrorism duties, which had resulted in the successful infiltration detailed in today’s Washington Times.  The retaliation against Mr. Youssef continues to this day.

The National Whistleblower Center issued an Action Alert calling on President Obama to give credit to Supervisory Special Agent Youssef for his work in one of the most significant triumphs in the war on terror and to tell the FBI to stop the retaliation against him. Please join with the NWC and take action on this critical issue.

Take Action!

Read: EXCLUSIVE: FBI had human source in contact with bin Laden as far back as 1993




  1. In the words of James Brown “reality is the place for Me” perceived reality will melt away when the electronic currency takes control of the lives of the lost. Empty shelves and road blocks. I just saw hundreds of miles of cables being installed in the median on highway 37 between Corpus and San Antonio. Cordoning and relocation the coming “smell the coffee” moment for millions.

  2. All the daze the sheeple graze the spiders weave their webs.

    How ’bout Ukraine being lit up like the Arab Spring things? Listen not to the U.S. media jellyfish for their stings lie beneath the waves of froth —

  3. When I saw this story, I thought, yeah, another brick in the wall.

    But so what? The 9/11 wall is already as thick and high as the Great Wall of China.

    And now, here in the home of the alcoholic Peter-Pans, in the mist of Mardi Gras. Reality is the last thing in the world these people want to see.

    Fuck em’.

    “Whom God wishes to destroy, He first makes mad.”

  4. Bro Nathaniel offers an explanation on what’s going on in Ukraine:
    “How The IMF Will Loot Ukraine”

    Again, We Notice the Khazar Konnections of the “policy makers” working their Dark Magic behind the scenes. In this case, right there in front of everybody’s faces. And Obama has the temerity to tell Russia to “not interfere”. You can’t make this insanity up. Its a World Stage and these Bad Actors need to be sacked immediately and their Show rolled up and shit-canned.

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