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Spring 2014: Mr. Swift Pen and Swift Phone


Airplanes Sprayed Mysterious Substance Over Ukraine Days Before Pneumonic Plague outbreak

-posted by Jersey Girl 2009

Prior to the Arab Spring (planned for America and Ukraine)

Puddy Dunne
September 7, 2008 at 7:47 PM


1st and 4th Amendments – FISA 1978 warrantless wiretapping, Military Commissions Act of 2006-The immunity granted to those who engaged in torture before December 2005. Immunity for crimes against FISA (1978)
Title 18 USC 371 and 1001 – falsifying or misleading statements regarding
Iraqi threat and WMD
Federal Anti-Torture Laws and Geneva Convention
habeas corpus article one,
Violation of FOIA
Article 2, Section 2 , the pardon of lewis Libby
and ignoring or rejecting congressional subpoenas under executive privilege to avoid the impeachment for these high crimes and misdermeanors.
McCain has voted or endored 91% for Bush administrations violations of laws on the books through ingoring the laws, signing statements, and broadening executive powers beyond the oversight of Congress the Judicial branch and the American people.

Rhetoric is for pundits. I represent neither party if you were assuming I assert Obama and Biden as better qualified to lead.As to which
amendments to the original constitution should be scrapped my answer is none. I would however repeal the:

1. Military Commissions Act of 2006 – All immunity to prior crimes
2. War powers act – X-RAY military tribunals and restoration of habeas corpus for detainees
3. FISA 2008
4. Eliminate the private sector in Defense, Strategy and intelligence (PNAC, the Pearl Harbor incident)

Lew, assuming you believe McCain- Palin are better suited to lead this country, how would you want McCain and Palin to address the issues of constitutional concerns I have mentioned that the current administration has managed to circumvent and thus lead us into a war that has come to light as a case of mistaken identity (WMD) and has turned out to be a police action in a volitile civil and secular war in a once soveriegn country?
Keeping in mind that Al-Qaeda followed us there?

Again I state the same thing as earlier. I want debate that indicates just how these candidates view the human rights, death penalty, the acts of GWB, their willingness to do the same in Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Sudan, China and a host of others Bush could find reason to invade. They must decide to speak openly and with conviction. Unfortunately they have to by association (GOP). All the domestic energy, education and tax reform come second. Sorry for the rambling but you asked? Have a good week.

Debating McCain or Clinton, Obama or Romney the amazing TRIAD of left right is a syncronized takeover by the global elite running the program. (try to break through to a right turn wingnut about the difference between invasion and spring)

What an amazing breech of Constitutional Law. This is apparent now to even the lamest of sheep that the GOP-DNC are in tandem with the Agenda 21 and transformation.  Amazing to see the GOP lay down for the man with the Golden Pen



It’s almost beyond  belief this is happening, but it is and if you do not have good Russian and Nazi history, you may not even notice.  Simply incredible.  From the laboratory of Ukraine to America. The assault is the same. Just in a slightly different frequency.



  1. Yesterday a beautiful blue morning-sky was turned into a murky tapestry by the heaviest bombardment on chemtrails I’ve ever witnessed too date. And today I had a half-hour conversation with a two commercial pilots that had not a clue.

    And this the beginning of Mardi-Gras, with hundreds-of-thousands of people from around the world coming to see the Greatest Free Show on Earth. Can you think of a better way to spread a virus?


    Patrick, it’s okay to take the Info-wagon deal down. It’s been over for some time. Thanks.

  2. Last 3 days in upstate SC; heavy chemtrails mess up an otherwise blue sky. Temps kept down because of the occluded sky. I took a few pics of a couple of giant chemtrail air tankers which flew overhead in the afternoon. Looked like 6-8 nozzles versus the smaller planes. Horrifyingly massive chemtrails left behind by these monsters. Again, this a.m., chemtrails continuing. I’ve noticed that they hammer down south & east more so, towards Columbia, SC and beachward for whatever reason.

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