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JPMORGANCARE $$$ Biotech Bonanza



The SCRIP Intelligence JP Morgan conference review

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JP Morgan conference coverageDear XXXXXXXXX,

The 32nd Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference recently took place in San Francisco. With 276 companies presenting over four days, SCRIP Intelligence was on hand to bring you the news that matters most. With daily reviews, topical insight and post-conference analysis SCRIP Intelligence brings you the full round-up and look ahead at the key points and opportunities raised at this event.

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SCRIP Intelligence conference coverage highlights:

  • Daily reviews, stories and previews
  • #JPM14: Top 10 Tweetable stories, Day 2
  • Headwinds! Truth, harmony and meanings at JP Morgan
  • JP Morgan: Let the RNA Rumpus start!
  • JP Morgan: Biotech bonanza brings bankers to banquet
Your free access to the SCRIP Intelligence JP Morgan conference review site

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Climate Change and Investment Opportunities

Speculators looking to participate in markets that are trending need look no further than in the agricultural (ag) space. We are seeing large trends across virtually every commodity in the ag space. Why?… Simply put weather or “climate change”. Whatever you want to label it the weather across the globe is in flux. When referencing a list of climate extremes recently it becomes clear that our weather is changing and that is becoming the norm:

  • Dry conditions in the southeast and central U.S., California had its worst drought ever while Oregon posted its fourth driest year on record.
  • Pacific typhoon and hurricane season raged and recorded above-average activity (Typhoon Haiyan was the strongest tropical cyclone on record to hit land.)
  • Australia recorded its warmest year on record. ( Australia last year observed an average nationwide temperature rise of 2.16°F (1.2°C ))
  • China and Russia were impacted by heavy rains. (More than 140 Russian towns saw their worst flooding in 120 years. In China, one township received half its annual rainfall in a single day.
  • The United Kingdom experienced its coldest spring since 1962.
  • Here in the US, the so-called “polar vortex”—which occurs when temperatures warm in the Arctic, directing cold winds southward—sent chills through the northern U.S. in January 2014, making Chicago colder than the South Pole.
  • During this year’s melting season, the Arctic reached its sixth smallest sea ice extent on record, while the Antarctic reached its second lowest ice extent.





  1. connect the dots and win the kewpie fetus doll .

  2. Well, the JP Morgan Banker deaths are certainly interesting, and the accounts found at depict something “fishy” going on…

    “Given that criminal charges were leveled against JPMorgan by the U.S. Justice Department for facilitating the Bernard Madoff fraud just 21 days before the onset of these weekly, unexplained deaths – one would expect to hear that the FBI is involved in this matter. (Wall Street On Parade emailed the media relations department for the FBI and did not receive a response.) While JPMorgan was permitted to settle the Madoff charges with a deferred prosecution agreement and a payment of $1.7 billion, the bank now has a rap sheet and the deferred prosecution document contains an overt threat to indict the company if more criminal conduct is detected.

    The Madoff charges were part of a yearlong series of costly settlements for every manner of alleged fraud at JPMorgan: from mortgage fraud, to credit card malfeasance, to rigging electric markets, to gambling with insured deposits in the London Whale debacle — bringing the tally of its get-out-of-jail free cards to $30 billion in a period of 13 months. The company remains under investigation in the Libor and foreign exchange rigging matters”.

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