Posted by: Mr. M | February 16, 2014

Maiden Voyage and Many Clashes!

IMG_1107screen-shot-2014-02-17-at-72058-pmpng-16b5d7d85b5e9f61Maiden Voyage and Many Clashes!

Say what? Now this is happening a few blocks from where I travel to Pete’s shop, through the most heavily populated area of Obama partisans, and some other nutcase shoots-up an artists paintings 4-blocks from where I normally set-up?

I must be out of my fucking mind doing what I’m doing.


As would be the fashion the first thing that happened was a clash with Officer DeFrillo, my arch-enemy.

He once again refused my help to drag him out of his misery.

My next clash came with the crew from CNN filming a documentary on “income inequality.” And still abuzz off of caffeine and my brush with Officer Misery I ripped into them without mercy. And to their credit, they took it all like gentleman, even after I spit at their feet.

It’s a wonder I’m alive.

The city is swamped with police presents because of some basketball thing. I got to speak to Bill Russel’s daughter. She liked my work.

All in all the rig handles okay, but it will need some modifications before I feel comfortable putting the electronics on it.



  1. The real shock & awe campaign.. 😀

    Great work Michael!! Keep stickin it to em..

    • Thank you sir. It’s been a labor of love and a journey that has just begun.

  2. Give em the works M , “war is over if you want it” I am holding the line here in Corpus.feeding the homeless and speaking the words of life to anyone that will listen.Each of us has his part to play. Peace the final dividend. “The lion shall lay down with the lamb” Life is good.I have found a woman full of good works and with a heart of gold. Love has found Me with arms open wide. All My love to the crew and Patrick our fearless leader. “the son of righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings” “Where the spirit of God is there is liberty” Feeling free down here with love for all mankind. “Sieze the day” cartoonist dude.

    • Wow, what love will do. Good for you.

    • Best wishes to you and your new love JN. Another hero of mine, feeding the homeless. Coto from Patrick on down are the best freakin’ group of people I know.

  3. Nice work smackdown man! My hero ❤

    • Still a work in progress, my dear.

      Actually there was a man that road his self-made bicycle with a solar-paneled trailer all the way up from Florida that showed up at Peter Stanley’s shop last week. (Pete’s the guy that made this rig.) Pete said the guy’s rig was crap. I didn’t get a chance to see it, but I was impressed none the less.

      Going to make some changes. We’re adding a hold-down-or-up butterfly-table. I can really see this turning into a huge business. Mobile solar-paneled merchant stands, band stands, light delivery, it goes on and on.

      Here’s Pete’s Facebook, check out his work.

  4. Looks Great M. I expect the security is for March Madness NCAA. Obviously a TERROR EVENT situation.

    Talk about income inequality. Universities make millions off the players and they can’t take a free lunch without suspension.

    Do you have Michelin’s under the wagon? 🙂 I’ glad this venture happened and I am happy you laid into CNN. Made my day.

    Korns in Love! Way to go Hoss. Happy news is nice and in short supply around here.

    Smackdown Man lives!!!!

    • Oh, yeah, New Orleans was an armed camp. Seemed like every State Trooper in the state was on the street along with a heavy city police presents. But that didn’t stop this from happening;

      I was 4-blocks away from this when it happened, and rode past that spot around 7PM, not knowing this had occurred.

      This is totally spooky. The guy that did the shooting was sitting next to the guy for an hour mumbling and then gets-up shoots? And this guys art is fairly good touristy-type stuff. Not the spit-in-your-face provocative shit I have.

      Totally fucking weird. I’m telling you I had at least 3 uniformed cops within 50-feet of me all day, I talked to maybe a dozen of them. I don’t wait around, I approach them. I make a game out of calling out the plain-clothes guys. All these cops and they didn’t have any cops in Jackson Square?

      • “All these cops and they didn’t have any cops in Jackson Square?” Yea wtf. What happened to the shooter? Staged? Another example of scaring the hell outta the populace?

        • The shooter was sitting next to the artist for an hour mumbling, then calmly got up and shot the pictures and walked off. Someo0ne followed him and flagged down a cop.

          • Probably just some poor hallucinating szchizophrenic, M.

            • … or a very demonstrative art critic.

              • lol…. yes… as evidenced by the extreme mumbling to himself. Probably an unappreciated artist himself who no longer had money to buy the paints necessary to show the world his talent. He grew angrier and angrier sitting next to that imposter. He thought, “how dare he call himself an artist and display such shit to the world as my talent goes totally unnoticed due to lack of funds!” He then proceeded to blow that shit away ………

                • How do you know so much about how crazy people think?

                  BTW, I often feel that way about the so-called “art” around J-S myself.

                  • Because I know lots of crazy people.. One of them certified! 😉

      • Be careful Michael. We know what you are doing is serious business. Obama has taken the gloves off on Military and Gestapo action against dissidents. Stay alert my friend.

        • PS. (1) MK-Ultra and (2) the welding job looks to be top-notch.

  5. Entertainment for the tourist

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