Posted by: boomerangcomesback | February 15, 2014

Sandy Hook Lies Crash Down! Ex-State Trooper Exposes Cover-Up, Is Threatened



  1. I listened to this the other day. It is absolutely worth listening to, especially if you are interested in Sandy Hook. I didn’t research Sandy Hook when it first happened, because I automatically assumed it was a false flag event. However, it seems that it was not even a real event, but a total hoax. Very fascinating indeed!

    • Wow… refreshing, some ‘truthiness’ starting to get out there.
      This guy is a hero, a “real” whistleblower….unlike the other snowjob ones.

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  3. FINALLY!!! A qualified expert doing a real investigation. THANK YOU for posting this Boomer… great find.

    His questions are the ones most of us here have been asking since day 1 and beyond. It was obvious to many(including me) after initially looking into it, that no children or adults had died since there was absolutely NO shred of evidence to prove any killing went on that day at SH and that it was a staged event. The only criminal event that happened was the setting up of the movie set and the moving into Newtown the various actors in the play. THe biggest crime was the, once again, duping of the Amerikan sleeping sheeple.

    I am very concerned for this brilliant and brave man’s life. If anything happens to end that life, it will most certainly not be a natural event. May the force of all that is good be with you, Wolfgang.

  4. As I was typing this comment, my cursor is freezing and words are superimpozing over my words as I type.

    I wanted to click the “like” button for Boomer’s post but it’s either no longer there or just not available to me !!!!

    • Deb, love the hot new pic! Hope you and all whoever read this had a nice V day

      • Hey CR ! Really good to see you. Hope you and your wife had a lovely V day yourself ❤

    • “Wake Up To Find Out That
      You Are The Eyes Of The World”

    • lol … has your computer been drinking?

      Lady, I was on the verge of damning the weather to check-in with you. Glad to see you here. Saved me the trip. See ya this Spring.

      All news to all COTO. Tomorrow is the launch of the Info-wagon. Less the electronics. So for now it still looks like a merchants-wagon. But it will be impressive. I’ll take some pictures and post them tomorrow. Right now I’m just dog-tired. Worked on this thing through the nite, took a 4-hour nap and, and was at it all day today into the night, and still.

      • Hey M ❤ My computer appears to be possessed~ Actually, I only have a problem posting things here. I'm on facebook posting scathing commentary on the vile creatures that rule and it doesn't happen there or anywhere else I leave comments…

        I know PD has had problems before but am I the only one that is having this issue on COTO? I'm feeling really lonely and singled out 😦

        M, does this mean you are coming to NJ in spring? Btw, looking forward to seeing those pix. Did you ever get any more contributions?

        Last Friday, my daughter sister and I attended a get Agenda 21 out meeting. Expected something much more rousing. The speaker spent the bulk of his presentation talking about how global warming is bs and showing how that was used to push their agenda.

        Didn't even get to raise any other discussion because it was in the library and a voice came over the loudspeaker saying that we had to be out within 5 minutes.. lol So all and all a useless meeting.

        • Don’t feel lonely. COTO is a troubled page. And now that Comcast has gobbled-up TW it will most likely get worse.

          And I would be insulted if the PTB aren’t fucking with us.

        • Wolfgang calls it out. I feel for him also. I’ve been experiencing the same sluggish page-loading problems with the COTO site for some time now. I just assumed it was because the site was so chock a block full of great information!

  5. Weird! Talk to Puddy or a local computer guy. Good Luck!

    • Thanks Boom. Patrick is aware of the problem. As stated above, it’s not my computer, otherwise it wouldn’t just happen here. It’s very weird. Maybe my computer has a probably with wordpress itself.. lol

  6. I thought someone here had posted this guy before?

    Must be that other group of misfits I hang out with.

    Indeed, Wolfgang is defiantly is COTO.

    I love it when people ask me what qualifies me to say the things I do, and I say; “Nothing. But I listen to people that are.”

  7. Good answer M ! They just can’t shut COTO up 😉

  8. ../../1997/henkin-mamet/wag-the-dog/

  9. Very good Nicole, though Columbine was a staged event as well. My brother was on the scene before the cops. It was a stand down like Cheney and 911. Such Bullshit.

    I have six computers. Three laptops and three desktops. It’s the PTB and WP that are screwing the page. F;ooding the IP’s of select contributors obviously. I benchmarked all six and they vary but they are all slow due to the metadata collection and IPsec flooding. Hang in there COTO we have our day coming but not before Obama is set for trial.

    • Patrick, the difference with Columbine was it was back when they really killed people unlike Sandy Hook.

    • Thanks PD. I knew, as you mentioned before, that it wasn’t just me and my computer.

  10. Public Schools Are Preparing America’s Children For Life In A Police State

    GET UNDER YOUR DESKS.! said the pedophiles.

    • My grandson is in kindergarten this year. My daughter has been toying with the idea of homeschooling him for quite a while now and has finally done her due diligence. She signed up with the law group that defends homeschoolers, ordered her curriculum she intends to use after doing much research and is pulling him out after today when she sends her certified letter to the school. She got her act in extra high gear when he came home last week and said the school was locked down and a scary man was peeking in the windows.

      They’ve been scaring school children for years. With me it was duck and cover and the atom bomb. Now the terror is everywhere.

      • The youngest looking grandma I’ve seen….!
        Yes, I feel sad for the kids these days, & the piles of stress & the imaginary ‘terrrrrrrrrists’ lurking around every corner, or schoolyard. Never experienced any of the stress they have to deal with…

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