Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 11, 2014

Pax Attacks


Winter Storm Pax Update: South Prepares for ‘Crippling’ Ice Storm, Heavy Snow Wednesday – Weather Channel

New Storm Has South Bracing for the Worst –

Expecting PAX to make Cleon look a wimp, HAARP Central has created a Gulf Jet event to push the fronts of arctic dip through the south and southern states can expect a situation that will involve the National Guard. It is focused on Atlanta as NWO capital number two along with Denver, CO.

This storm should bring one inch of ice which will bring power down over a swath effecting millions potentially.  I’ll tag this simply by tracing the executive orders and training programs we have covered here from the MIAC, Urban Warfare, Vigilant Guard, Urban Shield, NSPD-51, HSPD-20, National Level Exercises (NLE)

Time for a biggy. I remembered this and scrounged it up. The National Guard is on alert and the game is on.



  1. Valentine’s Day Massacre: Britain gets ready to another great storm on Friday

  2. Yeah, the storms coming ‘cross the USA, have been walloping Britain across the Atlantic. Info on the alt net regarding HAARP readings pumped up as a causal/exacerbating force for these southern storms. Probably for all of them. Certainly seen the pre-storm chemtrail activities occurring without fail.

    That bluebird looks mad and cold! I feel sorry for the vulture flocks around here. Poor things are perchers, and gotta sit in their sleeping trees exposed to the elements. Then, if lucky peck at a frozen roadkill squirrel carcass for a breakfast snack. Damn!

    By the way, have you seen the Ice Storm video of Slovenia? Ugly.

  3. Hey guys, good to see ya both being denizens of the south & all 🙂 Hope you all stay safe. Being a denizen of the mid atlantic-northeast, I too am waiting for Pax-Roman Goddess of Peace to rain (& ice & snow)down upon us. Pax..a nod to the Vatican perhaps?

    I’m amazed at the names of snow storms. I guess when we have one named Lucifer we’ll know it’s game over!

  4. Thanks for posting PD. After listening to Alex interviewing that lt Col, I was in a very bad mood. Wanted to just slap the crap out of that programmed drone for the MIC.

    As for Dylan, he made a bargain with the chief commander..nuff said about that sellout that I used to like…

  5. Of course, all of COTO knows this storm and it’s snow is full of heavy metals from the chemtrails above and produced by those that want to bring us down. But I’ll leave this for the visitors who are still learning with links in that article to the actual documents that prove it.

  6. Btw, It’s really difficult for me to type here. My screen keeps going to blue and freezes the cursor so it’s VERy hard to write a sentence.

    I do love that angry little bluebird and am sick over how the creatures outdoors are suffering through all this 😦

  7. Power outages in BOOMER COUNTRY. Expect casualties and wait to see the NG on it’s NLE. We should be in for the year of Gore & Blood again. New wrinkle Climate change.

    DUKE and CAROLINA basketball game postposed. That’s serious! We can hope for minimal carnage but hope sinks like a rock. I wonder what the situation is in NOLA? They have compared it to Katrina and the early reports are substantial.

    The MSM weathermen are calling the snow glitter. Ha! Wake up stooges. It’s aluminum and barium, courtesy of Reynolds. Quite explosive!

  8. They are calling the snow “glitter”? Wtf?

    • No “Thang” in upstate SC that can’t be handled by not being stupid.

      Bread aisle at Ingles wiped out yesterday, along with a lot of beer missing from the shelves, and a goodly amount of eggs gone a’walkin.

      Yesterday, roads were tough. Today, the Big Melt, not a problem. At this time of evening, still not freezing.

      Full Moon ascends…

      • All we “storm troopers” can identify with this lil bit of comedy…..*it helps to laugh

        • That ’bout explains the nutso fears folks have regarding getting supplied up. Thanks for the laugh JG!

    • Never heard of the movie Ice Twister. Waiting for one to blow through any minute now…….Scifi = fact.

      • jg …

  9. THAT was interesting. Dr. Freeze Zone, courtesy of Mad Scientists.

    Chemtrails, and engineered storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, and such like have already been created and exploited. Variations on the “Theme”.

    Time to throw a wrench in the works.

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