Posted by: boomerangcomesback | February 6, 2014

Why Read Boring News? Read a Good Conspiracy Story Because it Might Just Be Closer to the Truth…

I found this a whomping fun trek! Its asinine to believe most of the things we take to be “true”, considering the cynical world we live in. So, run off down this rabbit hole, and take in the New Twists on old stories and history we can hardly believe in…

‘Clinton and the Illegitimate British Monarchy’


THAT was rather entertaining reading, aye? Kind of takes historical “reality” and inverts it, doesn’t it?

Here’s some information on a recent “happening” for you U.S. TV-Landers. See if you can spot the CON! The video is done very well.

21st Century Wire says…

In political America, legends and ‘heroes’ are contrived and made strictly for TV. The purpose of these media myths is normally to advance the propaganda narrative de jour…


After assimilating this information, consider how much TV TIME and Public Exposure at “sporting events” Carlos & Jeff have received to further embed the “Official Story” into Americans’ consciousness?! This is GREAT! See the Modus Operandi! Now consider, all the creatures who are behind and controlling this meme. Cui Bono?


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