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Insider Chemtrail WhistleBlower ALERTS Humanity to the Genocide Being Perpetrated

Geoengineering Whistleblower ~ Ex-Military ~ Kristen Meghan

Contact her at:

Comments under the Video on YouTube:

1 day ago

NOTE Since this video has been posted, I’ve been inundated with mis / disinformation TROLLS. They’ve come out of the woodwork like termites, which tells me this information has hit the nail on the head.

Some of the techniques trolls use to accomplish their objectives are:
*Pithy put-downs
*Name-calling and insults
*Ad hominem attacks that try to negate an opinion by alleging negatives about the person supporting it
*Impugning others’ motives
*Emotional rants
*Bullying and harassment
*Completely off-topic posts
*Posting inaccurate “facts”

Please know that I don’t have time to engage in senseless banter with you and for this reason you will be blocked and your comments deleted.
Good Day.

1 day ago

There is a highly organized team of trolls funded by the evil whose job is to attack anyone that puts up chemtrail videos. The geoengineering agenda is something that has been kept quiet in the public and thats how they need it to stay so as to achieve their goal. Hence they are doing their best to have these trolls pounce on anyone who talks about the truth. The best action is to totally ignore them…BLOCK them and remove any of their comments. You will notice most of their channels are void of any videos. Some will make out they have an interest in aviation. They are a disease which make our job harder but truth will always win in the end.

19 hours ago

+peekay22 They are probley just as puppets serving the devil. I don’t have time for trolls either and I will block them permanently. They are just brainwashed fuckers who are unworthy in the world.

Laurie Hansen
2 hours ago

lol, do they keep you busy? All you have to do is look up! Maybe they can explain why they edit chemtrails into old movies? Just tell your kids they’re Fairytrails! (y)

This is "A.O.K" with the "leader puppets" around the world.  Let that sink in...

This is “A.O.K” with the “leader puppets” around the world. Let that sink in…

We Watch You Sanction Chemtrailing of our Skies and Environment -- and Lie to Our Face About it!

We Watch You Sanction Chemtrailing of our Skies and Environment — and Lie to Our Face About it!




  1. ENVIRONMENT. iN THE GEO-ENGINEERING aspect we are under the chemotherapy of fungi. Like any DARKNESS and MOISTURE the entire population are nothing but mushrooms. (in the dark and feeding on bullshit)

    The reality of my two weeks of research has been interesting. From the high mountain perch with ebay equip that I converted, I have been able to find the subtle and drastic changes in the Mangneto. The Reality 101 does not require MIT education. Years ago I posted some info on OPED spews that they rejected. I kept commenting on the need for FARADAY safe room. I said metal floors were a good start and was lambasted by the liberal mushheads.

    Since we cannot prove the towers came down by the same energy they direct on CLIMATEGATE we have to look for clues. The fact is that the ELF to VLF are the point in the spectrum where the changes occur. We are subjected to the magnetic flux. The dB, dA and dF are managing to disrupt the dNA. The E-motional factors are of no concern to the PTB. We are merely electrons to be flung in the flux.

    Yes the earth is now nothing more than a large generator. The magnetos place strategically around the surface. The energy we thrive on is Agenda 21 and BLUEBEAMS control. There are plans by the gang to provide the total spectrum surveillance and dominance. They will achieve it and on that I have no doubts.

    Whether you accept the Sunblock/Fungi/nano transform theory or not you can sense the changing flux by their mere changes in velocity and vector. Physical examination will reveal that if you shut off all the distraction and alternate currents and fields, the sounds are audible at times. Filters and amplification are not required but are helpful. With directional antenna and power injection you can find the source. Induction of the assaults are serious business.

    Tesla and Lenz can offer some clues and the virtual surface signs are there. What is unknown are the internal effects. I suspect the capacitance of each is key and anyone who looks for countermeasures will help themselves immensely.

    This woman knows simply that WEATHER means CLIMATE means and ENVIRONMENT means LIFE. What system of radar they have created is not limited in the spectrum of the livable environment. Death Panels cannot be a mere buzzword, but now must become 911. As if they were marching down the streets with guns and mowing citizens down, this BLUEBEAM project Agenda21 depop and Full Spectrum Generation will be worse. Don’t be helpless and fight the flux.

    ε = × ⋅d ∫ v B s Oppose, COTO!

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