Posted by: dawnatilla | February 3, 2014

Give Me Celebrity

You guys Ive been unable to properly configure the hard drives in my new I have been restricted to smartphone abuse…so I in the meantime I’m going to post someone else’s content if it is moving or relevant somehow.
‘Unenslaved’ uploaded 92 videos these past two weeks…this is the first one I watched, and I liked it a lot. Yes I feel its important. because its been made and we have allowed, it to be our world, our entertainment..the sooner people can turn away from this, the beast will be crippled significantly I think. not that I am expecting some long, arduous struggle for national or global change..because I feel the Universe, and in particular Earth, has her own protocol…



  1. What a CLIMAX!! Sperm and egg. I’m happy to say that I did not recognize any psyop in the mix yet I find it all so familiar. For those who have nothing, they can now claim this cult and the follow in the meteor trail like specks of insignificant ice crystals and dirt.

    Get that hard drive synced Nico and get some more dirt on the Holyrood gang. Soon their brightness will burn out like the comets and stars of the universe. It’s not by chance they burn the brightest just before the end. Good montage by the author. I feel the sour stomach and choking that comes with these images.

    • totally!~ and guess what yes I am now hard drive configured!!! whoot!!!! had to call for support troops, naturally they came and fixed it within ten minutes..!!
      ill be back with DIRT of major proportions, like I promised…I wont let you down this time…

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