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That’s quite a title, quite a speculation? All CAPS none-the-less.

News of this Conspiracy has popped up on the alt-airwaves recently. The story here is from —, which grabbed it from

The speculation is: Poison Gas + Super Bowl = Mass Deaths “Live & in Living Color” for a World-Wide audience.

It seems only Socchi with the Winter Games of Olympic proportions might afford a similarly massive “tuned-in” viewing audience.

The extreme security measures enacted at both of these soon-coming events, would show that Nobody is safe or can be “protected” by the gov’t administrators, agencies, and their liberty-slaying policies. So, what’s up with that?!

Also check out, to form your opinion:

There’s a bunch of related “stuff” in the Alt-News column top right at if you’re bored or just need a break from trying to make a freaking living in this economy…

What does COTO think of this/these rising Conspiracies? Post your thoughts!

Found this pic over at Rense. Macabre Humor is about all WE get to laugh about anymore…

The Flying Biting Gefilte Fish Gull

The Flying Biting Gefilte Fish Gull

“Red Team, Blue Team, All of Em Make You Want to Scream; Fuku, Fuku, Fuku, We’ll Throw the Flag on ALL of U!” Loss of Down, Kicked Out of Town, U Forfeit Everything.



  1. Hey Boomer, I just heard about this on Mike Harris’ show last night. You know, I thought it weird that they would bring the SB to NJ in the dead of winter. Why move from the warmer climate or domed stadiums all of a sudden? Found it very strange. I wouldn’t put it past them to stage a false flag on Sunday. But then again, we are always waitng for that to happen at all the big events.

    Not all their tickets were sold out last I heard a day or two ago. Hmmm… interesting. Well, let’s just keep our eyes and ears tuned in for now.

    Btw, I am having more and more trouble just posting a comment in the little comment box here at wordpress. It freezes, and the entire box turns blue and won’t let me type in it. It’s getting very frustrating!

  2. Thanks for the comment JG. I don’t have any trouble posting — virus? malware?

    I read somewhere today, 18,000 tickets unsold.

    Your point about moving the SB from warm clime to the NY area is interesting. Just having it in the NY area is interesting in and of itself, considering the former False Flags and all the ill fellows who populate and feed off of the area and people. I guess we’ll see, aye? I figured, why not run this CONspiracy up the flagpole, and perhaps it would make the ghouls think twice. We know they’re certainly needing another FF to continue their sick course of justifying Liberty for the illusion of security.

    I think a greater swath of the population is more savvy, and more angry now than ever, with eyes on the perps hiding in the shadows. Can’t say there’s any guarantee of safety for the elites following their next False Flag. Many have seen quite enough of this malevolence against humanity, the environment, etc.

  3. I have to say, people are getting really fed up in general. When it hits Americans in their wallets, they become anxious and pissed off, and they start to sit up and take notice of the wrongs being done to them.

    I’ll be watching the SB in particular for the halftime show. Last year with Beyonce morphing demonically and right after her performance, the lights going out was a real doozie! I wouldn’t miss this one for the world 😉

  4. As for my trouble posting here, I don’t have a clue why but it’s an ongoing thing with me and wordpress exclusively that just seems to escalate.

  5. I can hardly connect here anymore. It’s been IP flooding and other NSA doodads. I can surf anywhere else with no problems. It’s not your computer Deb. It’s your IP when connected to WP DNS servers. They have our numbers.

    I did not read the links Boomer but the 48th Superbowl the 48th PResident is based on the Christie move. This guy is dangerous, very dangerous.

    XLVIII, 48= 12 =3
    315111= 12=3
    The event will happen at 8:00 PM.

    I do not suspect a terror event but a MK-Ultra event. The danger is in watching. Those at East Rutherford who watch the big screens and us at home who watch. I will not be watching. It is a military Sigint op with the electromnagnetic/chemtrail from the LEON rising storm. We will have another befor the Basterds Winter Ball is over.

    The Cardinal Climax is upon us again and it means Obama will continue to spiral down to the lowest denominator of Bush Clinton. The move is for Chris Christie and an event to make him presidential.

    The stock market will hit the deck before July 1 and that Spring will bring two events that will provide the means for new surveillance and gestapo actions. We have a Mayday event and another in late June. Yellen will be involved and the market correction will be drastic. Save your gold and silver for a comeback for Fall if they don’t confiscate them when the come for the guns in July.

    Don’t watch the game. Listen but do not watch.

  6. Through May 2014 cardinal climax (Jupiter Uranus Pluto)

  7. Third Banker Commits Suicide Within a Week

  8. A Department of Homeland Security and FBI bulletin sent to law enforcement around the county in May 2013 warns of the same thing happening in a U.S. city. The bulletin describes how “insurgents in India placed improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in the bodies of two police officers who were killed during an ambush . . . designed to target first responders, medical personnel, and medical facilities.” Though this “concealment method” has not been “encountered in the Homeland,” the bulletin warns that the “incident received broad English-language media coverage overseas, which could prompt technically-competent violent extremists to consider adopting the tactic.”


    Aluminum XMAS trees and Snow.


  10. Hi Patrick 🙂 Yea, I know it’s not my computer. It works very well, is quicker and never gives me any “freezing” issues when I’m offline. It’s obvious we’re being tracked. My computer freezes a lot when I’m online and when it “allows” me to type again, right before that there is a “beep”.

    I was planning only on watching the halftime show. Last year’s was a doozie with Beyonce going “demonic” and the lights going off right after her satanic ritual. Can’t wait to see what happens w/Bruno Mars and the red hot chilli peppers.

    Is it ok if I watch between my fingers?

  11. PD, Odd about the bankers. Do you think they were killed or about to lose their fortune?

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