Posted by: dawnatilla | January 19, 2014

Hollywood Sacrifice

this video differs from alot of the hysterical videos to be found on the tube…in that it contains taped phone conversation and anonymous call information from two insiders. put to some clips that display what is being said..I find it to be pretty powerful. comparatively.

long time no see family!

truth be told I also NEEDED to come here and send my love and wishes to the baddest crew on the planet or even local galaxy! COTO KNOWS ❤ LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

P.S. (Patrick: working on a nano article, and also a piece how to recognize advertisements for pedophiles in common everyday ad campaigns.)

"Rock and Roll is the devil's music.. and no one can convince me otherwise." David Bowie



  1. get the goods on Tiger Woods!!!

    • We have uncovered many sacrifices but none is greater in the illuminati than your OWN. GHW Bush did with GW Jr. He’s a casualty living but death in Connecticut is a good one as well. The there was the “HOOK”:

    • As stated in the chapter, the intent of the orchestrators of this ritual—which took place on 12/25/2011 in Stamford, Connecticut—was “to honor the final annual rebirth of the sun of the old age, and to foreshadow their actions on Black Christmas—revealing how and when they planned to celebrate the first dawning of the Sun of the New Great Age: by fire on Christmas Day.” – SK Bain

  2. and one more…talk about a one sentence summation of the industry..thanks Bob!!

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  4. Good to hear from you Dawn. : )

    • You too!!! man!

      Sent from my U.S. Cellular© Smartphone

  5. Hey Nico, good to feel your presence amongst us again. I am sorry for my sabbatical as of late as well and appreciate Boom and you keeping the house clean of cobwebs.

    I know your transition was a challenge and all our transformations are creating a strain on our TIME and ENERGY. Great stuff and we need your imput desperately because the holyrood phenomenon has just begun and the real TRANSFORMATION will be heavily influenced by this cult. Beware the ides of march as we pass Mars for Jupiter. We have a spectacle awaiting us soon. Mark your calendar for the American Spring, it contains the sacrifice supreme.

    They control the energy and that includes everything but the soul which remains dormant until activated. Your thought may be outside the the EM network if we continue to rewire. Keep up the holyrood beat because it is a major energetic and force in sheepledom. I refuse to eat the poop.

    Love to you and mom.

    • I love the heck out of you Patrick.sorry its true 😉 you want more Holy wood then that’s what’s going to happen! Believe it!!!:)

      Sent from my U.S. Cellular© Smartphone

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