Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 15, 2014

Exploitation: Neil Young Speaks Out Against Canadian Oil Sands. So what? Who Cares?



  1. I like his music a lot Boomer but I hate his politics with passion. An agenda 21 gun from the camp of Gore and Blood.

    These oil scabs are scumbags for certain but Young backs the eugenicists. His grandchildren are fed and watered a;right but he wants to run the world on biomass organics while Monsanto feeds us GMO. We cant feed the planet with ethanol and lithium. Crazy Horse!

    • P.S. Remember that these are just the kinds of toxic capitalism that George Soros and Maurice Strong fund and benefit from just so they can push the agenda 21 spear through the American heart.

      • Thanks for the comments and info. I’m really only aware of Young’s music, not his political views. So, thanks for the Wake Up!

  2. The hundred year war. There is a need for change at a rapid pace. On the Anniversary of WW! false flag we need a good triple cross to catapult the the new mycotoxin flu to aid in a triad of 1914 woes for the world.

    If anyone can explain the delay, I’d love to know. The Russia proxy is itching as are the Japanese and Chinese. Time for our eastern prussia move. knight to king’s bishop 3 and the triple entente.

  3. Drive through West Virginia and see slumdog millionaires kill the coal and kids

  4. Record Numbers Line Up for Flu Shots as Media Hypes the Flu ‘Epidemic’
    Melissa Melton

    – See more at:

    Take the shot, knock your immune system for a loop and then spray em with fungus. There’s your dead ducks.

  5. Benghazi: Cover-Up By Both Parties?

    Close but they are still missing the single piece to the puzzle. Iran/Israel

  6. What? Understanding that damage is being done by the fossil-fuel industry but to listen to some ass-clown use global-warming to bolster his argument turned me off immediately.

  7. And what statement at 14:58? The video is 14:51.

  8. I don’t know. Fuk this thread M. Obviously, I wasn’t listening closely to Mr. Young, nor do I know anything about his politics or his eugenics leanings. Sometimes, I/we put up stuff that “sounds” good, just to get the COTO grinder working on it. Limited time and energy prevents me from even looking deeper into the issues raised here. I haven’t heard doodly from JG on anything, nor from anyone else. So, I guess we’re pissing in the wind, probably a gale coming directly into our face. Sorry for the negligence, but life makes it so sometimes its all one can do to hold it together for one more day.

    Anyone who cares, can piss all over this post. I’ve got no personal stake in it. I was superficially looking at, “Neill didn’t like the tar sands, they’re fucking up the environment, and he said so, and he has the ‘Neill” platform”, so that was about it. All the rest is beyond my pay grade which is ZERO.

    Ms. Charlotte Hoather liked this post, and that’s all that matters. {grin}

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