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Conned by “The Crown”…Probably the Most Important Information an American Can Learn About

No Kidding!  All EO's & any other legislation are therefore VOID!  But then...we knew that.

No Kidding! All EO’s & any other legislation are therefore VOID! But then…we knew that.

Do you wonder why the world, Your world, Our world is the way it is today? You’ll begin to get “the picture” by trading a little of your “Slave Time” to learning how we’ve all been deceived.

First, read Kirwan’s “Spikes of the Trident”.

Then watch this, and BE MORTIFIED!

“The Season of Treason”:

You’ve been fooled until you learn about this CON on YOU!

“Rich Congress, Poor America”, By Stephen Lendman / 1-11-14

How might corruption come about at these levels?
THE BUYOUT OF THE US CONGRESS by American Jewry is now complete. Jews own Capitol Hill and even holdouts like Rand Paul are folding“.

How are things in the U.K. we might wonder?

Latest Passive Protest Innovation:



    Why Is Radioactive Snow Falling In Missouri? CHEMTRAILS AND DUMPING of course. It’s coming from Antarctica.

    Chicken or Egg…It all tastes like shit to me ~March 1, 2010

    • Saturday Chemtrail report: Very low clouds, on the deck, with very heavy rain and wind in the late morning through about 3pm. Rain turned to drizzle, then the same low scudding clouds were being blown quickly across the sky. And WHAT?! I spotted fucking chemtrailers hammering away just above these low clouds. I mean, it “looked” like only 3-5000 up Max! I tried to take some pics, but the scudding clouds allowed no decent pics. As the clouds blew out, and patches of clear blue sky appeared, and opened up, the chemtrailers left off, because they couldn’t hide right above this low cloud cover.

      It is odd that private pilots don’t photograph and post this stuff — because the Chemtrailers were On-the-Deck spraying and hiding. What for? It wasn’t for manipulating the clouds as they were being rapidly blown out, and clear air was incoming.

      As reported earlier, prior to this Fri-Sat precip, Wed & Thursday were horrendous spraying days (as usual, before incoming weather systems).

  2. Civil Unrest Simmering In West Virginia Water Crisis – National Guard Assisting FEMA In Distribution of H2O

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