Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 10, 2014

Celente “Goes Off!” on the Trends for 2014

Warning: Ranting, Raving, and Strong Language. Accusations and Complaining. Facts, Figures, and General Fomenting at the Mouth regarding the state of things in the former Republic of the United States, and abroad.



  1. Good one Gerald. DUCK DYNASTY is North Korea.

    Red Duck/Blue Duck …Dead Duck/Lame Duck. It’s all about the Dynasties The Clinton machine is chugging on. With New York and Virginia in the bank. the war will begin this year. Whether Ted Cruz and the fringe get the war in Congress started again it will be ugly regardless.
    Libyan Deputy Industry Minister ‘Shot Dead’ in Sirte

    Let’s not have any spring resolve itself by free flowing oil again in Libya. Keep them on the edge as long as possible until Africom get’s it momentum. Another payday for the R.O.W top tiers.

    Look for another IRS assault. Christie’s bridge to nowhere is NWO term for a view to the future. It’s like Nero tuning his fiddle. I love the metaphor.

    • That’s Hilarious Puddy! “Red Duck/Blue Duck…Dead Duck/Lame Duck. That would make for a Terrific header. Any one of those Ducks followed by the word “Commander”.

      Red Duck Commander
      Blue Duck Commander
      Especially, Dead Duck Commander, and
      Lame Duck Commander.

      You know what to do!

      “Like Nero tuning his fiddle”, that’s quality too.

  2. Arafat’s murderer dies.

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