Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 7, 2014

The Virtual President Gobsmacks the Virtual Congress with Real Logic and Facts on Gun Control

This Bill Whittle “Virtual President” video came to my attention from a friend who is Not a Sheep.

Truth to Power is spoken here in a powerful way. This intro following was also presented to me, and makes a logical point —

“This is 7 minutes of one of the best speeches I have ever heard. Please…..please watch it all the way to the end. “Guns are a lot like parachutes ~ If you need one and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again“. The best presentation on gun control yet. Even if you don’t like guns, watch this!”

bear arms

cannon shot

1984 orwell cover

Shooting the Bird

Shooting the Bird

You gotta like David Dees’ art, folks. This from 1-08-14 where they regularly feature Mr. Dees’ artistry:


Question the Insanity

Question the Insanity




  1. Great speech in defense of the right to bear arms! (love the pic w/the bear arms 😉 While I don’t like guns and wish we would evolve past all the violence, it ain’t gonna happen. So, I defend anyone’s right to own a firearm to defend themselves and their family.

    Only bones I have to pick with his speech is that he needs to question false flags like Newtown and Aurora and the holocaust numbers which are ridiculously inflated. I’ve been spending a lot of time researching the holocaust and have come to realize how I’ve been brainwashed by the zionists my entire life regarding that subject. My eyes are now fully opened.

    • He can’t comment anymore JG. I believe he was “silenced”, permanently.

      • Boomer… u mean ….offed? Too much of that going on these days 😦

  2. Christopher Story used to use the word “horizontalized” which ended up happening to him. So; yeah, we grok the true grit. I could be wrong here with regards to Mr. Whittle, but I heard he is no more.

    Just ran across this. Interesting. Not advocating, just observing. But must note…what are oppressed people left to do?

    Citizens Storm Town – Arrest Cops! They Take Back Their City! with video: “It’s not about the guns,” he said. “It’s about the control.”

  3. Where’s Tim White on this subject? I’m sure he’ll weigh in at some opportune point…

    We the People see that LYING has become “institutionalized” among the body politic. Therefore, their numbers are skewed, and resemble nothing close to the TRUTH. Read the comments on the above Infowars piece. Just for a cursory grasp of the tenor-of-the-times. The Gun sales over the last few years are astronomical. Who has what, and how many, and their willingness to use them to protect themselves and their families is grossly underestimated. Evil will come up against the Will-to-Live, the desire for Real Freedom, and the will to reject this bastardized form of wage and debt slavery. All bets are OFF! That’s why the militarization of every agency, including the Federal Reserve, the Post Office, and the IRS is happening. These ripoffs are SCARED. And they should be.

    True Blue Americans…normal working “stiffs”, will not capitulate and walk gently into the night, or into the gauntlet. Something revolutionary awaits the criminals. They can think on that. The American People know they’ve been conned, poisoned, ripped off, marginalized, and FUBARed. There is no denying this FACT. Those policy-making cretins, and their ilk, and their “police” forces will come up against a truly pissed off, ready, and sharp-shooting population. This is an observation. Yet, I think, an accurate one. The Names and Faces of the treasonous ones are indelibly inscribed across the vast pages of media propaganda. Wouldn’t want to be one of THEM, when TSHTF.

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