Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 5, 2014

Basterds Winter Ball



It’s nice to have power back. Yes indeed, Friday AM sometime about 2am, the committee controlled weather program called for substantial gusting here in Appalachia. So a large Red Oak came down on the wires bringing down the pole that resides on my properties edge.

I awoke at 5am blowing condensation from by mouth in bed like something out of the Exorcist. I crawled to the fireplace and made fire and coffee from the makeshift camp I set up there.

It took the Smartmeter boys from Duke Progress Energy sometime to make the trip due to icing and other benees from the weather control center at Gakona. So I had a chance to go into code red survival scenario with the hand cranked shortwave radio, pirated cellular and a choice of emergency propane generated or Kerosene heat. I chose to handle it from the fireplace with battery fan for distribution.

Meanwhile battling the ChemCough and Mycotoxic assassination trails from previous days spraying which came down in the two inches of glitter snow. The culling has begun. The mysterious illness is no mystery to COTO. The aerial vaccination program is not what the Snowden Snowjob is portraying as an assassination tool coming from HAARP, though it can target a person or area for ELF ranges in LF. What my measurements were for the prescale before and during the storm fluctuated from 3Mhz to 9Mhz as if it were sweeping the range of the front of the storm.

Fungal nano tubed death fallout aside the radio frequencies are the triggering method. The morgellons antenna and fiber length play an important role in the frequency changes when the signals drop under the HF to medium range transmissions. It appears Texas and the central southern bible belt targets are primed for this assault and others in the northeast may get theirs as well. Whether the cocktail supports an RFID tracking function is still a guess but I suspect the color coding may play a role in the function as well as the fiber monopole antenna length.

These weather chaff concoctions are the tip of the iceberg. The combinations may be there or done at different times and locations. The chemtrail UAV’s may carry the spectrum of compounds and provide for strategic release and monitoring via the chaff ferrous nano particulate which has a dual function in exothermic and radar processing to low altitudes. Once the pathogenic fungal and PhRMA creations have been dispersed, the assault could move to the ELF frequencies which play roles in stress levels for human beings. These range from 10-30 Hz. Well withing the committee’s range.

I have seen three people here showing the Morgellon skin purging phenomenon but have been unable to get them to provide me samples. The ChemCough is abundant along with Sinusitis, tinnitus and eye and ear problems. (which I am having as I speak)

Hospitals are full, Obamacare is full swing,  frigid global Gore and Blood warming is in effect and we have only begun 2014, the Year of the Culling. So we can expect the full Monty of CDC tripe along with the usual MSM UHF and digital blow. Stay healthy and avoid GMO immuno-suppressant  liquor and foods.  Mystery Illness? Fuku you, committee scum.

Once Amazon and Microsoft develop the vaccine delivery drone the vortex will provide for the panic and stresses with well crafted false flags to initiate the sheep into herds of crazed cuckoos and meme narrating bores who will pump and dump the redistribution of the markets towards the real economy of death assets and population liabilities. This is where it gets real fun for the committee.

I suspect they will have a better vector for Full Spectrum Surveillance to range in the 2.4 to 7 Ghz and provide the teleplay to ISS servers and Colorado underground data centers for posterity under the brave new world. Something like the Nation’s Pride from the Nazi paperclip for the benefit of these Peu glorieux bâtards.




  1. What’s to worry? It appears Hillary made it official today … she’s running.

    That is if we make it to the (s)elections.

    You want worries, I’ll trade with you. I’m living in a house with an armed, 375-lb. pathological psychopath, that has already been convicted of knocking out his half-his-size, 75-yr. old father, who has now focused his attention on me as being the reason his life is fucked-up. I’m sitting here as I type with a weapon in my lap.

    This son-of-a-bitch, and his mother is, has his entire family petrified. I told the mother today that she’s got to do something before I become responsible for something I’ll let the courts sort out.

    Seems every time I reach a point where things look to break good, some bat-shit-crazy fuck-wad intercedes.

    Are these the bot-zombies? Are these the low-level minions getting triggered to seek me out and torpedo my work? Am I paranoid?

    How come this shit hasn’t effected our ability to see the obvious?

    I do what I can to clean out and keep out the poisons, but when it’s to the point that we’re breathing in spores and nano-bots, what really is the point?

    Hell, Fukushima alone is going to kill us.

    More and more I believe in God. The problem is, is my belief born out of the belief in knowing that it’s beyond man’s ability to reverse the damage done and only divine intervention could now save us, and nothing else?

    I know that there’s something more than this. I don’t know what the hell it is, but I’m extremely puzzled as to why the destruction of this world could be a good thing in the larger scheme of things.

    • Michael, is there somewhere else you can go for now? I’d get away from that deranged person if I could. He sounds too big and too crazy to mess with 😦

  2. Stay safe M! If moving out is an option, then do it.

    I purport that this wide-scale disaster of our mother earth and civilizations by evil entities is for demonstration purposes. Considering the “modifications” of the former USA Republic into a House-of-Horrors demon machine; it appears we get front row seats to “see” how these creatures run the “Show”. COTO sees the Obvious through the chemtrailed landscape, and we see that these creatures are “destroyers”, not builders or creators of anything remotely worth inhabiting. So, extending it to spiritual matters of the biblically apocolyptic stylings, if one accepts Satan/Lucifer and his minions as real entities, we see they’re all about tearing down this Creation, and mankind in every way possible. According to the Bible, these creatures have but a short time “at the wheel” in this End Time, and then will be Judged according to their crimes. Something along these lines seems to be playing out. With the destruction being wrought upon this earth, I can see why it would be burned up and remade. A small contingent seems to be responsible for the horrors, for shitting in their own nest (this world). Yes, it does look to be beyond mankind’s abilities at this point to remedy the situation. Divine Intervention will be Welcome. Beware the BlueBeam False God(s). This is a pitiful movie we’ve been watching… Most of humanity would NOT order up what we’re seeing go down.

  3. Good observations Puddy. Keep the fires burning. Super Cold is on the way. Reports of HAARP attack circulating on the web regarding this unnatural cold “snap”.

  4. so like an arrow swift he flew
    shot from an archers bow
    so did he fly so after him
    as swift did fly Monroe
    six gentlemen upon the road
    beheld our General ride
    Monroe behind the chapeau gone
    the broadsword by his side

  5. What do you think of Any validity to this?
    I really want to believe there is something we can do to protect ourselves. Maybe a Royal Rife machine that can kill nanotech frequencies!

    • I have not researched it as much as some other health issues, Morgellons I mean, but MMS (the miracle mineral supplement), which is just a marketable name for activated Sodium Chlorite is some powerful stuff! I used it to eradicate some warts I had by taking it internally and using it topically. Amazing stuff. But be careful it is a chemical and there is controversy about it’s use. After all it does a great job of keeping your pool clean. Lol. Powerful diseases sometimes require powerful treatments.
      I’ve also seen videos of GSE (grapefruit seed extract) being effective against Morgellons, GSE is a powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in it’s own right and relatively harmless.

      • Hey sodium chlorite the chlorine they use in pools? You drank that??

    • Never Always ! Haven’t seen you in ages. Glad you are back 🙂

      • HI Jerseyg!! Thanks:)
        Between my busy toddler, and losing my wordpress password (oops), I wasn’t able to post on coto for a long time. That, and the fact that I took a summer vacation with no computer, and enjoyed peace away from all this depressing crap! But I can’t avoid it forever, haha. It’s always here, right in front of us.
        Hope you, the kids, and grandkids are doing well! Please tell your daughter I said hi! 🙂

        • Glad to hear you and your family are well, NA :). Yes, I totally get backing away from the computer and all of this crap we talk about and see with our own eyes every day. I do it from time to time myself. I will tell my daughter that you said Hi 🙂

  6. Hello, hellooooo……..from ice covered, chemtrailed New England. Puddy, you’ve got the crud………I’ve got the chemtrail cough hack and everybody else I know is seemingly either ill with something OR is dealing with something similiar to Mr M.’s ordeal with a psychopath with attitude. I saw ‘the change’ just after xmas and attitudes are everywhere, just like the crud!
    I’ve had a morgellons type of lesion on my leg for years, gouged it out, and it regrows. I also have one under my foot that I’ve been getting acid treatments for, that keeps regrowing. That one came to me while walking barefoot, grounding with mother earth 3 years ago.
    Trying to stay healthy, trying to stay optimistic, trying to keep my head out of the chemtrail skies and stay grounded. It ain’t easy!
    Good luck to all my fello COTO friends!

    • Hi MsD :).. do you get those colored fibers in your leg and foot?

      • Yes JG, my leg had fibers. Funny thing about them were that I couldn’t ‘shave’ them off. I YANKED them off with tweezers. Hurt like hell, and blead a lot. Now you can see something under the skin, small dark lump, but nothing open like before. The foot is weirder. Feels like a pebble, no fibers, keeps growing back even after having it burned out with acid at the podiatrist multiple times.

  7. Well it’s sad to see we all have the siqns of El Harrpo Nino and chemtrail blues. It’s not unexpected for this year 2014 will drive the climategate campaign into the channels of Sheeple Mind Control.

    This Winter is the peak of the cycle and they have waited for the opportunity to enhance it to the fullest benefit. With little effort the jet stream and nono are well under the control of NASA vortex enmod.

    Sorry michael, you must have quite an accelerated stress level lately. Take care of yourself. I’ll keep you in the prayers along with those I know with serious issues going on. I keep the Morgellons on the fron burner because it’s the final solution in my opinion. We all have it, some more than others but we all have it.

    There’s not going to be much information this year. I believe they have plugged all leaks and run all disinfo, yet we will see a major event before May. I expect the ISON dust may come into play and Fukushima as well but know in my soul the chemo-trails are the major issue as they cover the weather, health and our mental faculties. Whatever you can do to keep your immune system at it’s highest possib;e ;evel and as CP has done like me, we have become our own science, pharmacist and doctor. NO OBAMACARE for us.

    • My wife turned on local talk radio this afternoon for a minute or 2 after we came out of a store. It was the Thrush Limburger show. Anyways, a lady was talking to him about a chemtrail story of hers. She had just recently become “aware” of them {What?!}, and had starting calling senators, blah, blah, or other local officials to bring “Chemtrails” to their attention. Nobody returned her calls. {Nooo!}. But she finally got ahold of some “official” of some kind, and the guy tells her that if she is to proceed any further with the Senator, she has to fill out a “Privacy Form”? WTF? is That?! Now, she’s fearful and fretting that she’s on “the list”, but still plans to fill out the form if it would “speed up the chain of command”. She has MS, and feels it is due to the chemtrails…don’t know her locale. Howza ’bout some radiation with those chemtrails for a double dose, with GMO’s for dessert?

      Here in the frozen tundra of upstate SC, the Chemtrail Crews decided to show up this afternoon flocking around from the east, and moving west. Gotta keep that “cold” on the ground you know!

      • Hey Boomer… what does your wife think about chemtrails? You guys on the same page with all this stuff?

        • Absolutely. I observe, I point it out, its incontrovertible, it ain’t health food. The usual is chemtrailing in front of oncoming storm systems with precipitation. Absolutely predictable now, on that point. The Obviousness of the M.O. is written starkly in the skies for all to observe. Its a FACT, and cannot be dismissed, or explained away with any subterfuge. THEY are laying this shit down upon us like we’re bugs!

          The manufacturers of the chemicals, the transportation personnel, the offloading, onloading crews (read “line” folks versus the “staff” directors upline), everybody associated with getting this shit to the planes, on the planes, flying the planes, dispersing the “product”, the flight path designators, etc, etc., ALL of these facilitators, and the armchair Directors are culpable for this ongoing Globalized shitstorm! WE KNOW IT!

          What is Humanity going to DO about it? That’s the question. Waiting around is getting quite idiotic as we can surmise…

    • Patrick, sorry you feel like crap (who doesn’t these days?). I must say, your house w/fireplace, fresh coffee and crank radio sounds kinda cozy 🙂

      • Miss you Deb. Sorry to hear you and MsD having issues. Talked to Korny recently. He still has computer woes since leaving home.

        What he is dealing with is a friend with MRSA. This is a huge issue with the Chemtrails and subsequent fungal and molds. This viral bacterial issue is causing morgellons sores with the possible wound issue that diabetics suffer. The MRSA/Staph will transmit from person to person and looks to enter the body through open sores or mucous pathways.

        This is serious and the conspiracy regarding the overused anti-biotics plays heavily in surviving the ordeal. My warnings are to protect cuts, sores and sinuses Folks with low immune systems and disease are dying.

        • Missed you to Patrick. Korny has been writing to me too and said to say hello to everyone here. MRSA seems to be everywhere…very scary. I just read that a little boy died from the flu after receiving the flu mist vaccine which btw passes the flu on to others..People I know that run to the drs for every sniffle have been taking stronger and second rounds of those stronger anti bs and they aren’t working. When will they ever learn?

  8. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

    Today we are joined once again by Kevin Ryan of to discuss his new article, “The Risks of Trusting the Snowden Story.” We talk about the questions we should all be asking about the Snowden affair and the way it is being reported, and Ryan outlines the reasons that the documents should be released in their entirety.

  9. 一图胜万言

    “A picture is worth a thousand words”

    • Where did they find all those 6’2″ chinese? That was the tallest out of the 600 mullion ready for duty. Look at Gates puss. Wow he looked right at home. Oh wait, he was home.

      • Where was that pic w/the giant chinese soldiers taken?

  10. Good point on the tall cheese. Classic photo of a psychopath. Coulda been Cheney or some other putz. Don’t we all feel safer? Don’t pay any attention to the Chinese on U.S. soil rumors, or the alt-news stories ’bout the Chinese buying up our Nat’l Parks, and other significant real estate. They do laundry and build railroad tracks for the globalists dontcha know some centuries back. Can’t imagine they might hold a grudge.

  11. Once the realization that we’ve lost the Pacific reaches a point were the Corporate Owned News (CON) can’t hide it and the panic sets in, it’s over.

    Sounds about right that it would take about another 2 or 3 months for this to happen. In very fast succession I can see financial collapse, food-riots, Martial Law, and nuclear war.

    You just can’t write-off the Pacific Ocean. And we for sure won’t have to worry about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Taking a chuck out of the echo-system as large as the Pacific makes what happened in the Gulf of Mexico with BP almost acceptable.

    Even in a best case scenario, lets say the CON manages to fool the masses until the masses start dying in earnest, and more and more two-headed whales wash-up on shore, eventually there will be panic world-wide.

    But yeah, as much as I dislike predictions, I’m always surprised we’ve made it this far, 2 or 3-months before the Gates of Hell swing wide-open.

  12. Happy New Year everyone ! (she says with marked sarcasm) What all of you have posted under this thread (and the thread itself) sounds like dialogue from characters in a Stephen King novel. Maybe that’s exactly where we are. Living in a Stephen King novel. I used to think it was “1984” and “Brave New World” combined but it’s waaay more than that. It’s also way creepier. So Stephen King it is.

    So happy to see all of you (from the heart with NO sarcasm). I needed a break. I wanted to enjoy Christmas with my family. It may be the last one. But I’ve said that before too. I also started with a sore, scratchy throat, headache one of those choking kind of coughs where you need to reach for the hottest or coldest drink you can find to stop the irritation in your throat. Today it’s turned into a head cold, sore throat and headache gone. Hopefully it’s on it’s way out. I willed it to go away. Maybe there’s something to that? I actually finally saw for myself those particles that come raining down on us from the chemtrailing. I’ll post it when I upload it to youtube. I took it before Christmas on a clear, still night. No mist, no rain, certainly no bugs. But yet, there is this crap swirling around by my back door light just like a swarm of tiny gnats in summer…hmmm.

    Everyone has or has had some chemtrail induced illness over the holidays. Be it respiratory or stomach flu. It’s bitter cold here too… where isn’t it bitter cold today? Yesterday morning it was 60 degrees.The temp dipped 50 or more degrees by nightfall. Today it reached a high of around 11 with windchills -17 or less. But how can I complain when midwesterners are living in a frozen tundra.

    How can anyone think this is normal? Polar vortex? Really? Meanwhile, I happened to turn on abc this morning while getting ready for work to see what the drones were saying.. Wtf was I thinking??!! Anyway that little scroll they do on the “news”(haha) shows on the bottom of the screen said something that caught my eye. I had to hit rewind to make sure I saw it correctly. It said NY group intends to place a 7′ statue of Satan in the Oklahoma capitol building.

    Baphomet with the little children by his side. Reading some of the comments it seems most think it’s just in response to the ten commandments being there first. But we know better………

    • lol … and why not? It’s an Alice in Wonderland world. Criminals get rewarded, law-abiding people get punished, and the answer to nuclear disaster is to build more nuclear plants.

      I’m just pissed we had to destroy this world to get to the next one. What if there is no next one? What if this is it? We’ve run out of real estate, or the next inhabitable planet is 118-billion light-years away. Pack a lunch. Will you be there? I would hate to think of you not being there.

      It’s getting real hard to keep-up the spirit. Fukushima has pretty much taken the wind out of any sails that would have given us any sliver of hope.

      yeah … happy new year … (sigh)

  13. Yes darlin’ I will be there. We will all be there. We are endless, recyclable energy. Do we end up in some sort of heaven/utopia if we choose? I think we do if that’s what we want 😉 But then, we won’t know till we get there what’s really “there”….

    Fuku has been on my mind endlessly too. My god, how can it not be? It means the end of the world as we know it. Again, humans are not doing this. Oh no, this isn’t the act of mere human psychopaths. They are part of the plan but not the instigators. There is definitely terraforming going on and it ain’t being done by humans.

    • I remember once my Mother asking me in all earnest if there is a God?

      I was maybe 18 – 19, and thought it odd, and I was stoned out of my mind, and I gave her the answer you pretty much gave; “Mom”, I said, “I believe that if you believe there is a God, then there is a God. I believe your mind manifests whatever you wish to be.”

      I didn’t know what in the hell I was talking about, still don’t, but it seemed to appease my Mom.

      And not to infer that you were trying to appease me, nor I you.

      Is it Reptilians that thrive in a toxic atmosphere, or inbreed psychopaths on a suicide mission?

      I would like to believe it’s the latter, as if that would be any degree of comfort. But given my already fatalistic pessimism I am now forced to pray to God for divine intervention, if we indeed are fighting the former.

      It wouldn’t be the first time.

      I sure hope He’s there.

      “Mom! If you’re up there, would you please put a bug in God’s ear, things are getting pretty weird down here. I love you Ma.”

      • Your Ma and mine and the dozens of other relatives and friends of ours that have passed on know the truth. Let’s hope they are working on their side of the fence for us along with God. Yes,I do believe at this point that we do need divine intervention. I do believe in God. I just don’t know what form he takes. Only those dead relatives know that answer for sure.

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