Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 30, 2013

Twenty One Forty Five

= 3-9-6 /_\

^legendado Agenda 21^



  1. Happy New Year! We’re still here. Sort of.

    • Believe nothing, expect nothing in 2014. It will eclipse 2013 in virtual reality, audio visual polution. Are we here? I expect a winter wonderland of nothing natural followed by an American Spring to nowhere. A reset would be asking too much and if it was to come they would just start a war based on some xbox plot. Not like there aren’t a good half dozen scenarios. Ho Ho Hum.

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    ************************Crappy New Year*******************************

  3. What kind of bird is on the Res’s nose(s)? Its head is cut off on my computer. Looks like a kookaburra. A buzzard or vulture would be appropriate, as would a pigeon (flying rat). Maybe a dodo. Or, of course a Great Horned Owl (babylonian occult meaning). What was the implied meaning of this bird?

    • It looks like a cukoo to me!

      • Very good NA, well done. Would you like to come work for me in private investigations?

        • Lol, if it’s anything bird-related, then yes! I am a bird brain, so that’s how I knew it was a cukoo 🙂

    • I did it for his privacy and not to embarrass him. It’s a Cuckoo of course my friend.

  4. If it quacks like a cukoo, it must be a cukoo.

    • Anybody sitting on that wire has to be cuckoo. Surveillance is the game, Snowden the blame….such a shame. America like the Soviets fall to the committee banking oligarch.

      The 180 has been completed. Putins happy as a cuckoo too.

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