Posted by: boomerangcomesback | December 26, 2013

Lying Around at Christmas Time

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As I sit this Christmas morning day-after, under a completely chemtrail flocked sky (accomplished whilst the population of upstate SC were asleep in their beds, but a continuation of that which began the afternoon of Christmas Day), I come across this article by Devy Kidd, “A NEW 9/11 REVELATION – COVER UP CONTINUES”.

Read this as additional info to Mr. M’s recent post regarding 9/11.

“While America has been focused on Christmas shopping, parties and the Duck Dynasty controversy, a new revelation about 9/11 slipped quietly past the notice of not only the American people, but every major “news” outlet from the “Big 3” to all the cable networks (FOX, CNN & MSNBC) who to this day are enablers of the U.S. government’s blatant lies about 9/11. After all, we have to remember this:

“Ryan Mauro: You have devoted a lot of your time towards covering Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. Can you tell us about him and why he warrants this attention?”

Read the article at the link above. Decide this day, that you and yours will no longer accept LIES from ANYBODY! Decide that LIES constitute war against you and yours in the most devious and vicious manner. Decide to DO something about it. Do not “sleep” under the chemtrailed skies a moment longer without letting your voice be heard denouncing the class of vermin that LIE to US ALL as policy.

Continued reading this a.m. reveals “another” article on the Saudi theme, this by Gordon Duff of Veteranstoday, which was posted at

Knowing what we do, it is therefore important to consider why this Saudi meme is now floating to the top of alt-web-news. Mr. Duff is often considered a disinfo agent, so this should be taken in stride. Jeb Bush’s involvement can be solidly noted, as the entire Bush clan and their business “associates”. The burying of all the incriminating information and evidence (Twin Towers rubble for instance) can be considered complicit “treasonous” activities by every individual involved, whatever their position or status. The “state secrets”, “national security” pronouncements are nothing but “cover-up” tricks used to blind the Public to Truth. Reject them outright.



  1. Started at 6am here. Twenty trails by eight. The pathogenic type which are lighter and more translucent. Everyone here has the ChemCroup. They sound awful and look like death warmed over.

    I have been wearing the particle mask while splitting wood. Trying to avoid it over the last week. There’s another HAARP alert for the Phillipines and expect a sizable quake in the area or A-pod.

    Lovely holiday. Santa should have lost several reindeer traveling these skies.

  2. Get the dark grey ones lately. Family notices and points out they’re like “black” clouds. Read about the lithium chemtrails internationally before. There was a good youboob video documenting it from a scientific viewpoint.

    Who are these pilots and crews going up on Christmas & the day after for a spew?!

  3. Hi everyone!
    Christmas Day had clear blue skies, but the next day, the skies were streaked and X’d up. I guess the pilots had off for Christmas, but back to work as usual the next day. I do not notice as many chemtrails this year as the previous years. I wonder why?

  4. Thank you for posting NeverAlways, and the update on your locale (not sure where that is…).

  5. Final Report on Sandy Hook Killings Sheds New Light on Gunman’s Isolation

  6. Yes, how appropriate of a comment Mr. Puddy for this thread — “Lying around…”. They wrapped it all up, put a bow on it, and then erased the entire crime scene of the school site. Poof! Gone into history. Not…

  7. the day after GDuff’s piece, Kevin Barret shed more light at VT:
    “the redacted pages of the 2002 Joint Congressional Investigation really do show that one or more foreign intelligence agencies planned and executed the attacks of September 11th”

    2 congress critters (1D, 1R) are trying to get that de-classified. the Saudis are being fingered by AIPAC etc. oh, and the SArabs can now be sued by victims families, woo-hoo!

    the dots just connect themselves

  8. Vaccine Drone Strikes?

  9. Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism


    • Yes, cheers to Dr Wakefield !!!!

  10. I’m glad you support Wakefield, because I do too. My youngest child is unvaccinated, and I’ve stopped any future vaccines for my oldest.

    • NA.. as you know from the other forum, my daughter and son do not vax their kids either. Dr Wakefield is a real hero to me along with the others doing real research into the dangers of those toxis that receive nothing but scorn from Big Medicine.

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