Posted by: boomerangcomesback | December 20, 2013

Conspiracy Reading for the Bathroom

“Our Last Stand | Report #3: Stories of Our Cabal Shadow Government Thieves, Global Criminals and a Tale of Treason”

“This is the collective work of a number of Compassionate and Brave Men. Where is the GUTLESS, Immoral and Cowardly Media? So, let’s unleash hell. TRUTH! Have we got any Thinking Americans left to Mail It to the World? Why not hammer the Senators and Congressmen for answers? Who will unleash it all over Wall Street? Who will mail it to the Media? These are a collective series of key issues YOU need to understand to live free in YOUR Land!”

Comment following the report — Eyes Wide Open13 December 2013 12:48

“Spectacular report ! The supporting SWIFT evidence, etc. is certainly needed for skeptical public. Time to mass produce and distribute. Thank you 1000 x 1000 for your efforts to save our necks, wake up and shake up. Believing for results you are shooting for way down the rabbit holes”.

Read this Report at:



  1. I tell you where the media isn’t. They’re not on my corner.

    The other day as I pulled-up with my rig, (being pulled by my new “electric” bike) there were two Channel 4 guys on the corner.

    Feeling pretty pumped I immediately walk up and ask them what propaganda and obfication they were spewing today?

    The camerman asks me if I was just going to burst their balls, to which I answered, “Someone has too.”

    I asked what made them “professionals” and why should anyone give them any respect at all? How could a layperson such as myself know more then you supposed know-it-alls with all your connections to power? Then I told them I’d prove it.

    I looked at the dumb-fuck holding the microphone and asked him how he felt about the murder of Micheal Hastings?

    Too which he answered “Who?”

    By this time a small crowd had gathered and and I really started to rip, and these two phonies gathered their camera and trip-pod and took off.

    It was a beautiful start to what was a beautiful day.

  2. You’re a funny guy in a serious suit, Mr. M! People with a pulse and a clue gotta like your style Brother. You have a beautiful day with your beautiful mind, and keep bustin on the local yokels. Cheers! Thanks for the story.

    • BTW Boomer this includes the Jesuit provocateurs and Bush DVD. You’ll see the Chinese are under the microscope of our Government for this and why Japan was hit. Not a ‘pearl’ safe harbour but a ‘gold’ earring. Read NASARA for the reasoning behind the poker game and why we the people are not holding any cards. The VATICAN has a good hand. They have plans to rob the peoples and promote it as a good thing.

      Francis has (as usual) come in a timely manner to teach us the virtue of suffering, poverty, disease and death.

      Obama wanted that Op. He’s so jealous.

  3. Hastings v Greenwald
    The power shift from war to the next 911. The big event. It’s going to be a homeland thingy.

    This is another in a long line of “ALL IN” for the Casino Royale and what about Leo Wanta? Another sting not covered by the Red MSM and Blue Alternative Streams.

    For those who want the records of “FREE TRADE”


    Greenwald, Omidyar, PayPal and the NSA – BFPRoundtable #02

    Speaking of the Saudi-French the blue team and the googleplex. Like a trip down Amazon.con, you can only follow the money.

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