Posted by: jerseyg | December 15, 2013

The NSA is comin’ to town……..



    Canada passes mask ban bill
    Time Reference: 00:50

    Japan state secrets law: parliament approves contentious bill
    Time Reference: 01:03

    China Passes Law for “Real Name” Internet Registration
    Time Reference: 01:31

    Obama passes law restricting free speech
    Time Reference: 02:06

    Virginia Nullifies the NDAA (New World Next Week)
    Time Reference: 03:18

    Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions (1798)
    Time Reference: 09:30
    Time Reference: 09:51

    Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century
    Time Reference: 10:02

    Thomas Woods: Nullification a Tool We All Have
    Time Reference: 10:19

    No Water = No NSA Data Center #NullifyNSA campaign from OffNow org
    Time Reference: 18:59

  2. NSA inks landmark deal to share information with Central Banks

    [Market Assistance Directive [MAD]

    In the past, only employees at the NSA, their friends and families were able to trade and profit using the confidential information captured in NSA’s confidential PRISM surveillance sweeping activities. The funds these individuals were able to devote to these insider trades were insignificant to the global markets. However this new agreement, [called the ‘Market Assistance Directive’ [MAD] will allow the Central Banks to use their unlimited resources to trade and profit based on inside information on an almost unimaginable scale.]

  3. Did Sandy Hook Murdered Children Show Up At Super Bowl?


    • Hi Patrick. Saw this over the weekend. Some look dead on, others not so much. What do you think? I wouldn’t put it past them to pull a stunt like that.

      • Most definitely “not so much”. And what would be the point of it.

        Am wondering about the other Boston fake narrative today.
        At least they solved that one…Tamerlan took one too many boxing blows to the head it seems, & then ‘became’ schizophrenic! Court dates for that one coming up in Feb.

      • The reality is ludicrous. The truth is equally absurd when psychopaths run the reality. I suspect the existence of this axiom and proposition.

        There is power in this type of stunt for these freaks.

  4. 😉

    • Love it EOW!

      Does anybody now doubt the Glen Greenwald SNOWJOB and the financial TRIAD?

      What a limited hangout for ultra-maroons.

  5. Igor Stravinsky
    The Rite of Spring – 1913
    Part II: The Sacrifice

    • Thanks stranger for coming by. You have been missed. Thanks for the interpretation of Obamacare. The sacrifice is on.

  6. hi Jersey:-) pc crashed lost mails, why you havent heard from me lately.
    shared this with mates in aus..suggesting we swap NSA to DSD (defence signals directorate) our eavesdroppers.
    hope youre all not snowed in.

    • Hey Oz ! 🙂 Good to see ya. Haven’t been online much myself lately. Been crazy busy. Did you have a spare pc or did u have to get a new one? Not snowed in but freezing cold here. More snow coming tonight into tomorrow but they said only up to 3″. It’s obvious they don’t have a clue what the weather will be………….

  7. Check this video out JG! Especially listen to the eyewitnesses starting at 2:44 in:

    • Trash cans “exploding”.. really? I thought we were told it was those backpacks that exploded? If those guys were so close to those horrific explosives.. how’d they live to tell about it? What BS the amerikans devour as if it’s apple pie.

      • I have seen this video a while ago, and was just discussing the subject of trash cans @ BMB yesterday when someone brought it up.
        Because the feds & Gov. Patrick say they have the ‘video’ of T. putting his bag in the trash bin. They haven’t showed it to date….maybe they are finishing up ‘working’ on it. But that directly contradicts Jeff B, and his ‘looking into the eyes’ (or eyeglasses I guess he meant) of T, before he left it at his feet, just before exploding. Personally, I think it might have come from inside the stores there…not sure….it was a holiday after all….they weren’t all open, & the way the windows blew outwards, towards the sidewalk…

        (Was there even a bin there?…..I saw a mailbox where Dzhokhar allegedly was).

    • When looking for a needle in a haystack, once you have found it, it hurts. Too bad sheeple have such a low tolerance to pain.

  8. Something positive here:

    • What an ‘original’…Oh how we miss you, G!!!! ~ Martha


    Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow, Bambi

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