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With “Leaders” like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Nelson Mandela: Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Blair – Tributes of Shameful Hypocrisy


There seems to be much confusion among people on whether Nelson Mandela is a hero to be admired, or another icon “created” by the spinmeisters. You’ll have to decide. Perhaps readers here will add links to information that will help in this regard? Yet, with admirers like those listed at the top of this thread, Mandela is getting more lizard-like by the minute as Known lizards step up to the MSM propaganda machine. What’s that quote about “the company we keep”?

3) Netanyahu, and Obama pay tribute…
4) Rumsfeld reflects on Nelson Mandela’s grace, courage …

Time for a commercial from the NWO reptiles. Check the Header on this page, and then read the article about Geo-Snow:

I thought I’d see if Mandela ever went to the Wailing Wall and sported a yarmulke, but I didn’t find a picture of him. However, there’s a bunch of other people you might recognize found in this montage:

So, why the reservations folks might ask? Observation, I suppose.

Box gang

Obama Awards Bush Sr.

Obama Awards Bush Sr.

Knight-of-Malta-Nelson-Mandela (See Eyesopenwider comment)

Knight-of-Malta-Nelson-Mandela (See Eyesopenwider & Puddy’s comments)


“Previous Open Your Minds SA (OYMSA) investigations have uncovered that Nelson Mandela is a Freemason, as was Oliver Tambo. Below the smoking gun. The ANC stalwarts caught on film partaking in the secret Freemason handshake”.


“As OYMSA put it: ‘Mandela, lionized by the Western Press, is a life long Communist activist and a known terrorist criminal. Mandela acquired power at the helm of the South African government by arrangement with the heads of the llluminati’s Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Oppenheimer dynasties. In exchange, the Illuminati cartel holds exclusive rights to South Africa’s mineral rich assets of diamonds, gold and platinum.'”

The following blog link is interesting in that the writer, Cecil Nkayi supposedly cannot discern if Nelson Mandela is Illuminati.
I would say this is a DisInfo piece of work here. Mr. Nkayi touches on Freemasonry, stating that Mandela was never “initiated” into the group. Yet, just above, you see Mandela using the Freemason handshake front and center. Then, Mr. Nkayi points out that Mandela was aligned with Rev. Billy Graham (a supposed Christian). However, I can personally attest that Billy Graham is a 33 degree Freemason. Not withstanding any web research you do, should you Google Directions from some point to the Charlotte, NC airport, you will find that you take EXIT 33 off of I-85 to access the Billy Graham Parkway going to the airport. This hit me square in the face once upon a time when going to the airport. You gotta have some “pull” to get an entire “Parkway” named after you, and THEN, to have your namesake Parkway accessed by EXIT 33! Do recognize that at these higher levels of Freemasonry, these people understand that they are worshiping and paying homage to “Lucifer”. See:

You can also use your search engine to find background info by searching the terms (freemasonry + 33 + lucifer), or just click on this link —

More Info in the comments!

Update 12-11-13:

Source —

Obama Laughs It Up At Mandela’s Memorial Service

Mandela Service




  2. With leaders like this, who needs leaders?

  3. LOL, Touche’!

  4. Oh-Oh! Mandela received the “Nobel Peace Prize”, just like Obama.

    3:07 into

  5. Mandela a Knight of Malta?

    In other news…A clothing line? …46664 Fashion (apparently his prison #)…

    The mis-leaders of the world sure do seem to be stepping up the pace…

    • He is a 33rd degree Freemason, Jesuit Knights Hospitaller, Knight of Saint John in the Order of Saint John sworn to make widows and Orphans.

    • Fun with numbers. See: (read down through the comments a bit to see additional info — especially “Cluas” comment, “Logic Bomb’s” comment, “orbandsceptre27’s” multiple comments, especially “lateral_v’s” comment, etc.

  6. On the bright side CNN closed the comments section because of all the people bringing-up the terrorist, and tool Mandela was and became.

  7. This by Corbett, whom I like, found at

  8. Dane Wigington site Geoengineering dot org is the best. Col Bearden has the answer to the issue but the pedophiles at NASA are one step ahead.

    Damned, you’d think these vermin were planning to leave very soon. I figure they have a plan to return at some point in the future. I can’t let go of the Montauk Project and when Colonel Jessup said “you can’t handle the truth” it knocked me off my seat.

    The earth will heal but we will not unless we decide to change the experiment.

    As for Mandela, when Condoleezza Rice pushed for his drop from the terror list in 2008 the African National Congress (ANC) and the South African Communist Party (SACP) were the ones that were to be dropped from known terror organization. Mandela like Bill Ayers had retired from active terror and new recruits were there to fill the spots.

    They, just like the IRA and Sinn Féin terror, the ends justify the means. It’s to the degree that your means will allow. It’s not that they may not be fighting for a cause but once you step over the line of killing women and children in random acts that you lose me. But since the Bushes, Clintons, UK leaders, Obama and every other attendee of this funeral have had no problem with killing innocent civilians on record, I am not surprised to see them fawning over one of their own.

    • She lives down the street from me….aren’t I lucky!

      Think I remember a parade for NM in nyc when I was there…but can’t recall that far back. (yikes)
      I always had put him in the ‘hero’ camp….and those tunes to free him were pretty catchy, couldn’t help but sing along.
      But… everything else now, am reconsidering that & just who the heck he was. It’s pretty clear once he because prez who he worked for, and it wasn’t the regular peeps, as promised.
      The mega-hype of the media is the main reason….since anything that’s true/good, isn’t mentioned/hyped.

      • Also surprised to learn that he came from royalty….

  9. This info popped up online today, as a confirmation, with a few other names named at the end of the short piece, and a pic of mandela on a stamp in his Knight of Malta garb —

  10. Is that stamp ‘real’??

    Did you know (before all the media hype) that he came from ‘kings’??
    I totally agree with the comment in that link, that like jfk, if he was a ‘real’ threat to the establishment/empire, he would have ended up like JFK.
    Y’ just don’t make it to 95 or so, unless you go along with the program.
    Had chalked it up to him being too tired, after 3 decades almost, cooped up/put away….but never had considered that he was workin’ for the Crown, or whoever….’the controllers’. Til now.

  11. Yeah Marmarn, who’d a thunk it? We’re to the point where WE need to be suspect of pretty much all history “presented”, and peel the onions, and look under the foundations of the houses to see what’s buried there. (A friend of mine just got back to me regarding Ben-jammin-Franklin, and how a certain number of adult bodies and a certain number of children’s bodies were exhumed from under his British residence. I can get the link to the site he found the info at if you want. Anyways, this weird shit has been going on for a loooong time, except “We the People” are not in control of the presses or propaganda).

    “If only we knew?!” might be humanity’s new saying…

  12. Nelson Mandela the Myth and the Reality

    (sourced from

    Posted By: SARTRE
    Date: Monday, 9-Dec-2013 18:44:36

    Seldom does a cultural test so clearly delineate the rational from the imbeciles. The interminable eulogizing of Nelson Mandel is an unambiguous sign of the lack in historic perspective and understanding that passes for public consensus. The mass media would have you believe that Mandela is a hero, when the evidence and particulars tell a very different story. Let no fact get in the way of making a New World Order icon. Simply put, the elites created Communism as a step towards imposing a universal authoritarian dictatorship.

    Read the entire article on the BATR archive page

    Subscription sign-up for the BATR RealPolitik Newsletter

    Discuss or comment about this essay on the BATR Forum

  13. “Hawaii Health director who approved Obama birth certificate dies in plane crash”.

    She was the only passenger out of 8 to die. Hmmm…

  14. I’ve stated clear in my blog, “Illuminati in South Africa”, that it is difficult to prove that Mandela was an Illuminati or not. I am a born again christian and believes in the same Lord that Dr Billy Graham preaches. So if you say Billy Graham is Illuminati you are missing the big part of the truth. I’ve noticed that powerful man of God like Dr Graham are accused of being satanists. I believe what made Mandela to have a change of heart is because of the power he received when he was in correspondence with the Billy Graham organisation. That power is known as Christ not satan. Another fact is the release of Mandela from jail was planned by the Broedebond, a secrete organisation in South Africa, not by Masonry. You are right on some facts about Oppenheimers. During CODESA 2 it was agreed that the mineral resources be privatised and was the decision taken in consideration to global economic policies. Mandela was representing ANC in those negotiations, the majority political party in SA. If you say Mandela was an Illuminati that means the ANC is Illuminati. Of which I disagree. Mandela was not an Illuminati he just yielded to the Illuminati plans to control the world. The ANC still does but that does not mean they are Illuminati they are just Illuminati controlled.

  15. I want to reblog this, but I’m too afraid to ruin my blogging path I’ve chosen.
    Especially in this (Mandela)week whereon the 18th July RSA will be celebrating Mandela Day.
    See I want companies that look at my blog to find stuff that is highlighted in my CV/Resume.

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