Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 6, 2013

Obamacare: Buy Health Insurance and get laid

Death Panel Funeral Tax

brought to you by Agenda 21, Big PhRMA, and your friendly Corporate Banker and Insurance team.

‘Forget About the Price Tag’ Wins Obamacare Video Contest

One healthy young invincible stood out above all the rest.



  1. Cha-Ching Cha-Ching Cha-Ching.. Bla-Bling Bla-Bling Bla-Bling!!

    • This is nothing new. Prescription drugs in this country have always been outrageous compared to Canada. That’s why people for years have been mail ordering them. Disgusting and disgraceful that seniors have to choose between food or medication they need to live.

      This isn’t about obamacare though they will kowtow to big pharma now more than ever since it was their industry that wrote the law.

      Maybe if this poor guy stopped getting those expensive toxic flu shots he wouldn’t need so many prescription drugs …lol.

      • Deb, the point is that It was a plan to overprice healthcare for since 1993 by PhRMA and Insurance companies. It was agreed under Agenda 21 that the govt and lobbyists would provide the means for these slugs to screw people while creating the hegelian dialectic for an unsustainable health care system in private sector.

        They timed it for the increase in baby boomers so that Medicare would fall into the same model. Once the triad peaked (20 yrs) they were set to initiate the Clinton plan from 1993 with a host of added death knells.

        The plan to prevent the fair trade of the GATT and WTO would prevent RX affordability and interstate/international selling of Medical and Pharma competition. The same thing with insurance plans.

        Once the redistribution of massive amounts of overpriced care and drugs had been realized over the twenty years, the Insurance and pharma will now have to take a cut in profits on the OBAMACARE model.

        But that will be offset now by rationed care and death panels in high deductibles and copay and the soft kill program of Agenda 21. So in reality the cuts to profits for the cabal is offset by the cost to these scumbags.


        One example of the criminal activity was the INGENIX price fixing scam perpetrated by United Healthcare and the other insurance companies who used this pricing system and underpaid claims to the tune of billions. You should take a look at that example.

        Here is some other clicks and crimes

        from Disney/Monsanto to Obamacare, the dots connect like Canis Major.

        • Yes Patrick, I do understand Agenda 21. However, drugs in this country have ALWAYS been outrageously higher than other industrialized countries. I remember needing a facial cream for my son for a rash on his face when he was just a baby back in ’73 and was pissed off that such a tiny tube (like the smallest tube of crazy glue) could cost us $75! My husband was self employed and we did not have insurance. So, Big PHarma was screwing us way back before even 93.

    [I am a President Obama supporter! One of my friends sent me this attachment about the President’s health care plan is this true or a lie? (Please read below).
    Mr. Kirk E.

    Home Sales Tax becomes effective Jan. 1, 2013
    The National Association of Realtors is not pleased with this new tax and hopes this information is forwarded to every voter prior to the election in November.
    It doesn’t matter which side of the political fence you sit on – it will affect ALL of us. EDUCATE YOURSELVES!
    When does your home become part of your health care? After 2012! Your vote counts big time in 2012, make sure you and all your friends and family know about this!
    HOME SALES TAX I thought you might find this interesting, — maybe even SICKENING! The NationalAssociation of Realtors is all over this and working to get it repealed, –before it takes effect. But, I am very pleased we aren’t the only ones who know about this ploy to steal billions from unsuspecting homeowners. How many realtors do you think will vote Democratic in 2012? Did you know that if you sell your house after 2012 you will pay a 3.8% sales tax on it?

    That’s $3,800 on a $100,000 home, etc. When did this happen? It’s in the health carebill, — and it goes into effect in 2013. Why 2013? Could it be so that it doesn’t come to light until after the 2012 elections? So, this is ‘change you can believe in’? Under the new health care bill all real estate transactions will be subject to a 3.8% salestax. If you sell a $400,000 home, there will be a $15,200 tax. This bill is set to screw the retiring generation, — who often downsize their homes. Does this make your November, 2012 vote more important?

    Oh, you weren’t aware that this was in the Obama Health Care bill? Guess what; you aren’t alone! There are more than a few members of Congress that weren’t aware of it either. You can check this out for yourself at:]

  3. If you haven’t noticed lately, billions of dollars are going into the Agenda 21 program. Obamacare and it’s sneaky bailouts and exclusions are being funded by the Soro’s and Koch’s of Agenda 21.

    Here’s one such campaign like the ACA onslaught of 100% USDA Bullshit from team “Death Panel”

    [Media Matters founder and Hillary Clinton ally David Brock has co-authored a 90-page e-book called “The Benghazi Hoax,” a tome intended as a counterweight of sorts to criticisms of the former Secretary of State and President Barack Obama over the 2012 attacks in Libya.]

    Read more:

  4. Firstly that girl singing the song is adorable but has shit for brains. Nuff said.

    As you know, I am no obamacare advocate and I think the man is a freakin android. However, that letter and the blog it refers to is disingenuous. It makes it sound like everyone that sells a house will be taxed 3.8%. But this is what is stated in the blog referenced:

    Beginning January 1, 2013, ObamaCare imposes a 3.8% Medicare tax on unearned income of “high-income” taxpayers which could apply to proceeds from the sale of single family homes, townhouses, co-ops, condominiums, and even rental income, depending on your individual circumstances and any capital gains tax exclusions. Importantly, the “high income” thresholds are not indexed for inflation so will reach increasing numbers of middle-class taxpayers over time.

    First it says “could apply”. They don’t even state what high income earners they are referencing… I believe BO states 250,000 as a high income earner. That certainly does not apply to most middle class people going to sell homes. This looks like one of those republican smears by someone still caught up in the left/right paradigm. Talk about fear mongering.

    • It always begins that way and then changes. The tools of the trade are transition. The liars and porksters know the drill. Set the goal high and work their way back.

      The strategy has always been to propose the worst possible breach of human rights or tax and then work it back to a point where you think you won. In all cases you have not won just settled for the lesser which seems like a win. Precedence set and then by degrees.

      This is the Clinton Plan in Obamacare. Healthy Start immunization guarantees the future illness of the population.

      Step One is to kill Baby Boomers at accelerated rates.
      Step two is to get tax base to fund it
      Step three is to insure the youth are innoculated in the HEALTHCARE futures Market.

      This is driving the RX, Monsantos and other soft kill industries to create the markets for survival while driving down the middle class to third world demographic.

      NWO complete.

      • I should titled this “Buy Insurance and get laid twice”

        • OR with or without insurance you will get screwed ! They got us comin’ and goin’…. bastards

  5. Puddy, the title says, “let laid”. So you might want to change the “l” to a “g” if you mean “get laid”.

  6. I like it. Kind if a catchy tune, easy to dance to. Kind of sticks in your mind, I can see me humming this all day long.

    I give it a -8 on the made me want to puke scale.


    Its a minefield for citizens, where they’re personal information is Exposed to predators. And this minefield is government sanctioned — No, make that “Mandated”!

    Practically a Billion Dollars spent on just the website. Fire them ALL with extreme prejudice!

  8. …their personal information is exposed.

  9. Ms. Pearl Harbor says Bush Cheney were the pros at squandering tax monies on no bids and embezzlement for KBR, Dresser, Halliburton, Dyncorp, ENRON and other Zapata-Zakheim futures, but Barry has shown some real gumption in this arena as well. NWO needs your money so you all sign up for healthcare now…

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