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Moving Forward…not so fast Barack


They can’t assassinate fast enough to stay ahead of the truth.

Please Listen to Mr. Vogt on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report dated 12/4/13



Obama Fraudulent Certificate of Live Birth – Updated November 3, 2013

  1. The Miscellaneous Action, Notice of the Commision of a Felony, PDF file of 415k.
  2. Memorandum of Law on the Sealed Affidavit, PDF file of 266 k.
  3. Affidavit for Notice of the Commision of a Felony, Black & White PDF file of 7,601k
  4. Exhibits for the Affidavit, Black & White PDF file of 4,315k
  5. The 2009 Pentagon report on Economic Terrorism in 2008 entitled: Economic Warfare Risks and Responses by Kevin D. Freeman.

List of the errors and forged items on Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth:

The points of forgery:  We used the Reporters copy to do our typewriter analysis becasue the chain of custody was clear and trackable.
1. The first proof of forgery is a forged Registrar’s stamp on the Obama Certification of Live Birth (the short form or abstract) created on or before June 12, 2008;
2. The second proof of forgery is the fact that the registration date on the COLB cannot be August 8, 1961 but must be August 11, 1961;
3. The third point of forgery is the Birth Certificate number on the COLB is out of sequence for a registration date of August 8, 1961;
4. The forth point of forgery is that there was no evidence of an embossed Hawaiian Department of Health (DOH) seal on the COLB and that NBC journalist Savannah Guthrie publicly misrepresented that fact to advance her career;
5. The fifth point of forgery is that the size of the COLB is wrong if it was truly a photocopy of the original;
6. The sixth point of forgery on the COLB is that the age of Barack Hussein Obama, Senior was wrong;
7. The seventh point of forgery is that the typewriter type appearance on the COLB, with holes and notches in the letters, is not what it should look like if it was a copy of a copy of an original;
8. The eighth point of forgery is the “white halo” surrounding the text on the COLBs not caused by the copier but caused by unsharp mask, a feature in Adobe Photoshop and evidence of computer manipulation;
9. The ninth point of forgery is the 150 dpi of the background color of the PDF version of the COLB where as the other layers on the PDF were 200 and 300 dpi. This is evidence of computer manipulation.
10. The tenth point of forgery is the inconsistent line spacing on the COLB which a manual typewriter would not do;
11. The eleventh point of forgery is the inconsistencies of the left-hand margins on the COLB. I compared Obama’s COLB to twelve (12) legitimate COLBs acquired from Hawaii none of them illustrated the same random left-hand margins;
12. The twelfth point of forgery is lower case letters found above the baseline — an impossibility on a manual typewriter;
13. The thirteenth point of forgery is that the word spacing on the COLB does not fit a six point grid across the entire length of the form line;
14. The fourteenth point of forgery is the inconsistent placement of the punctuation (commas) which should be in the exact same place all the time;
15. The fifteenth point of forgery is the “kerning” on the COLB is impossible to obtain with a manual typewriter;
16. The sixteenth point of forgery is that the “letter spacing” throughout the COLB is demonstrably the result of a cut and past job except for some very common words that were lifted from other COLBs;
17. The seventeenth point of forgery is that there are sixteen (16) different typewriter fonts or size differences on the COLB which is impossible if the Hospital used only one typewriter to type up Obama’s COLB;
18. The eighteenth point of forgery is that the Obama’s COLB was not perfectly flat on the glass when the forger scanned it so some of the lines are slightly curved up on the left-hand side starting from box line 7a down to about box line 13. The problem is that the typewriter line is straight but the form line below slightly curves down so we see a half to one point difference where there should be no difference;
19. The nineteenth point of forgery is the manifest errors on the Registrar’s stamp on Obama’s COLB that should not be there but was put there deliberately. The reason and significance of those errors are explained in the accompanying Sealed Affidavit of Douglas Vogt;
20. The twenty-first point of forgery is the use of “JBIG2 compression” on the PDF version of the COLB which is evidence of computer manipulation to cover-up the bad letter placement and multiple typefaces used by the forger.
The PDF Copy:
18. 9 layers to the PDF that should not be there, Our PDF did not have near that many layers. Not by optimization.
19. There are three different dpi resolutions on the different layers.
20. The certificate number has two resolutions, 200 and 300 dpi.
21. No department of Health Seal on the PDF copy just a slight distortion on the green copy layer.
22. The white halo was created by unsharp mask.
23. The presence of green color values on some of the words and date stamps.
24. Both grayscale and binary in the same pdf file—caused by the process of using JBIG2 compression.
25. The last 9th layer was cropped 1/8” by the pdf printer drivers to fit the color printer.

Read more to see how Mr. Vogt has crafted this filing of two affidavits to the Federal Court here in Seattle Washington. This radio interview is very interesting on many levels and well worth the time in my opinion. It should also rings some bells in other areas.

Statutes of Limitation – Not Applicable 

There is no statute of limitations for federal crimes punishable by death, nor for certain federal
crimes of terrorism, nor, since passage of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act (2006)
(P.L. 109-248), for certain federal sex offenses.




    Obama shill, Dr. Conspiracy or Abercrombie

  2. Anyone that listens to, and observes Bwak! would know he is a fraud from the get go. His role is to subvert this nation from corporate D.C., ruin it in every capacity possible. He’s been doing a great job with all of the treasonous help he’s gotten from the band of traitors to humanity. He’s like a shark, and leaves a bloody stain where his policies have trodden. Again, all WE have to do is look at how Fubar’d everything is that has been “administrated” by these klowns. Destroyers, not builders.

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