Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 6, 2013

Bill Clinton Has AIDS?


Kaposi’s sarcoma lesions appear on Clinton’s forehead.  (depicted)

On CNN 12/6/13 Wolf Blitzer interviewed Clinton in regards to the death of Nelson Mandela. He was sporting a nice big lesion on his forehead. There have been scandalous reports about him having a secret HIV test in April of this year and though I don’t follow the Star, Globe or any Murdoch rag, I figure they are probably as right as any news these days.

I’ll leave it to you to see the interview later once CNN posts it to their blogs.  I had to watch the jobless figures fraud once again. The 7% figure is fantasy and if it were to be 7% it would mean three percent are underemployed or have just left the planet.

I find it appropriate that Bill Clinton would be on considering he signed off on NAFTA and the sucking sound that were US jobs going across the borders and oceans.  Maybe harsh justice has come.  I assume Clinton knows where he contracted it though as we all know he DID NOT   HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN, but he did with all the others.







  1. How does BC have a phony disease? More like he’s been doing too much cocaine.

    • You can call it immune deficient Cancer

      • LOL… yeah… you could.

        • The Globe is helping him “hide” this condition from Hillary, saying he’s “desperate”? LOL at that.

          • I think she’d like him gone before the 2016 erection. 😉


    Published on Dec 4, 2013
    December 14, 2013, will mark the one-year anniversary of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is partnering with Mayors Against Illegal Guns to commemorate the anniversary with No More Silence, a campaign to honor the victims and show our resolve never to be silent again about gun violence. The campaign will culminate on December 14 with more than 50 events in 35 states. Each event will include a communal ringing of bells—a moment of No More Silence—to remember the victims and to show that the time for silence is over:

    • Behind the Blue Door – TAVISTOCK

      • Please go here and it will download a free PDF book for you to read.I first thought this had to be real tin foil hat stuff until I read it. The photographs offer conclusive evidence that this was an Obama – Jarret, false flag operation. Please read it.

  3. Booms & Shaking reported on in 11 states

  4. Fucking DC and Media hypocrites

  5. 12/6/13 CNN INTERVIEW


    Do Drugmaker Plans To Release Trial Data Go Far Enough? – Forbes

    Data-Mining, The Grid, Fraudulent Data etc, etc.

    The Paxil truth will never come out. Statins as well.

  7. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, as they say.

    From all that I dare to care to know about these cretins that live in the “Eyes Wide Shut” world of perversion I’m surprised they’re not all infected. But then again, these people aren’t counting on Obamacare. And it’s not that I’m being sanctimonious, as a young man I would stand in line to fuck mud, but as I grew older other things matter more.

    As I understand it Bush Jr. is becoming more and more mental also. Good. I pray the wrath of God enacts vengeance upon them by inflicting them all with every decease they’ve been inflicting upon us.

    • Do they expect us to forgive, forget and feel some personal connection? Not to Nelson and Winnie Mandela, that’s for certain. Not to any of them. We should only hope they receive their judgement and fates in the most expeditious manner. I find myself wishing to break into dance at their passings like those in South Africa are doing. Same goes for the rest of the committee mandingo’s raping and killing their people to the north.


    I love when the worm turns on the rulers and manipulators.
    “I read your playbook”

  9. Bill Clinton killed tens of thousands of people with the Arkansas prison blood scandal then managed to hide it from the majority of the American people. Whatever fate God has planned for him is Well deserved. Just ask the widows and children he denied ANY type of justice too. The forgotten victims of his Tainted blood..

    • His kill list may only be surpassed by Obama, but that would be difficult. Clinton denied life to pregnant women, denying justice to the survivors was gravy.

      There may never be a better team of assassins like the Clinton, Reno, Holder trio, though Bush Cheney tried to compete, they kept having to change their underwear too often. Clinton’s team numbers were truly prolific.

  10. I checked the globe link. Removed. Now takes you to blank correction page. I came here looking for a link Hillary might have missed, and the first one which is why I went searching, and from a more accepted source, also disappeared. If anyone finds it, best to screen shot anything like that.

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