Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 4, 2013

“Titilizing” Sandy Hook 911 Calls

Sandy Hook

Chilling 911 tapes of Sandy Hook massacre released-USA Today

Newtown 911 calls released: ‘There’s somebody shooting in here!’ -CNN

Newtown 911 Calls Released: Sandy Hook School’s Emotional Pleas – Hollywood Life

They failed to include call 4 where the teacher who was supposedly wounded in the foot calls and expresses no alarm at all. Calm and coolly she tells the dispatcher that she did not lock the door.

Listen to 911 call number 4 from Hollywood Newtown Central here.

Mark Geragos on CNN, said that the judges ordered release of the tapes was for “Titilization” only. Chilling? Titilizing? Hardly. The reason they did not want to release these is because they are phony and as fake as the images we have all come to know.

Pop, pop …pop

“Because somebody has a gun. I saw a glimpse of somebody running down the hallway.”

“I keep hearing shooting,” the custodian says. “I keep hearing popping!”

Not from an AK assault rifle in a school hallway. It would sound like an M80 TNT stick.




    “HARROWING” says the Denver Post

    “CHILLING” says CNN



    “DISTURBING” says

    “TITILIZING” says Mark Geragos


    • Interesting that there is no memorial service at Newtown on the anniv….
      Simply the lighting of candles. Guess they just want ppl to conveniently forget about it now(kind of like how they quietly demolished the school) unless any attention involves interviews about how all of the kids are now telling parents they want stricter gun control laws, and /or eradication of guns altogether.


  3. heard some of these fake ass calls..just sad. first thing goes through my head….bet COTO tears this shit to threads. Thanks for being here and doing what you do PD.

  4. the things a person can count on dwindle precipitously in our world today at a discouraging rate……this site is one of the few i have left. Stay well. Stay strong.

  5. Hey you old dog 🙂 Thanks for walking beside us and being our friend. Don’t stray away too long brother.

  6. Obamacare = Death Panels
    Peacekeepers = Death Panels


    UN Launches Drones In Africa: Peacekeepers Kick Off New Surveillance Fleet In DR Congo

  7. Wingate, NC (Charlotte) Lockdown lifted at Wingate University after two killed near campus

  8. Ron Paul: Bitcoin could ‘destroy the dollar’

    Probably not Ron. It will be destroyed on it’s own volition. But it will assist in the demise and create the segue for the chipset currency and credit “Mark” of the beast.

    Listen to this bafoonery. What a douchebag.

    China becomes largest Bitcoin market

    connect the dots and the vector assholes running this ponzi.

  9. Thanks for posting PD. Where is the urgency? Where is the panic in the voices? Mostly, where are the sounds of rapid extremely LOUD gunfire and screaming? I like Rick Thorne, ACTING CUSTODIAN! ha acting custodian or simply acting?

    Listen to the video below at 5:37 in the background.. and you hear a woman say “there’s a rumor it’s fake.” Then you hear the male dispatcher say “Jen, hang up, I need you off that phone” Was Jen that woman speaking of the rumor?

    • Yes “get off the phone Jan” Jan Robinson.

      ‘Two down’

      The state police were notified late. Seems time to get the scene ready for the actors at the firehouse or the church/school nearby to get the state authorities. I am still unaware of the nature of the first responders.

      What is apparent is that in the high tech world there were no surveillance or enough serious cell or land line calls from a crowded school or nearby homes or businesses.

      If this represents all the calls made to Newtown 911, then the reality of 150 rounds going off is BS. I suspect the school was prepped by the ‘acting’ head custodian Thorn and principals whilst and prior to the melee and calls were being made. All being coordinating from firehouse One.

      There’s certainly a subtle laugh by the woman when she hears ‘one shot in room one’ I have played that over and over and that sounds like a smirking laugh.

      • Oh my…
        Jen caught straying from the script!!
        We’ll have none of that…..hang up!!

  10. I wish I had better equipment to hear more of the background chatter. I challenge anyone reading this to listen and see what you can hear within these so very fake calls.


    Look at how the Conspiracy Corporate Criminal Media falls into line here…

    [Immediately after the airing, a CNN legal analyst said the decision to air the recordings was wrong.
    “Other than pure titillation, I don’t see any public interest served by this whatsoever,” Mark Geragos said.

    One of CNN’s competitors, Fox News Channel, also televised some audio clips about an hour after the tapes were released.

    Fox anchor Shepard Smith told viewers the network would “not be airing the most gut-wrenching moments.”

    CBS said it would use some audio clips, but would not present all of the material or anything including gunshot sounds.

    ABC and NBC decided not to broadcast or post any of the recordings, but said they would report on the contents.]

  12. What bs! Gut wrenching? More like puke inducing fakery. We heard all the calls they refuse to play on msm and there certainly was NOTHING gut wrenching.

    How did you find out her name was Jan Robinson PD?. (I thought he said “jen”) Is this woman a dispatcher?

    • Yes dispatcher and actor. 😉

      What lies can you live with?

      • Yeah, I caught that morally bankrupt compromising the lies of Obama. The end justifies the means.

        Yesterday I mentioned to my socialist/liberal landlords that Obamacare was meant to fail to bring on Single-Payer. And they cheered. They saw nothing wrong with lying and bypassing the open democratic process to achieve their socialist goals.

        Seriously flawed people. I need to get the fuck out of here before I hurt somebody.

    • I believe many, many people are sick & tired of the B.S. meme of using “National Security”, or “its too sensitive for citizens to hear or see the ___________”, to cover up CRIMES. The size of the pool they’re fooling is getting mighty small now; a wading pool.

      The destruction (read: erasing the scene of the CRIME, and any evidence if there was any) of S.H. rhymes so very well with the erasing of the WTC towers. Duh? Nothing to see here. WTF!

  13. This is good stuff proving what is once again our glue; the obvious.

    We see this shit. Now I admire those much smarter then myself, that have much more to lose that have spoken out, people such as Dr. Paul Graig Roberts, Gerald Celente, to name just two of many. And many of them were warning us long before we arrived.

    Is this the revolution? The fact that the young in Saudi Arabia are Tweeting their way to cultural and social change, the fact that commonsense may have found a home in the veins of the WWW, is this the revolution? Just the thought that there are people in China reading Thomas Jefferson right now, can this do it?

    Perhaps. But all this can be turned-off with the flip of a switch. But what they can’t turn-off is what has already been absorbed.

    The question is; now what? Obviously we are at a critical point, it’s what we all have been discussing since forever, but we again obviously have never been closer to the collision course of calamity we were born into. All the forces that have been building-up to this crescendo are staring us in the face. All the science-fiction is real. 1984 is 2013.

    So what next? Sandy Hook is as obvious as Boston, as Hastings, as Aurora, as 9/11, as Madrid, as London, WACO, Columbine, Ruby Ridge, fluoride, chemtrails and Fukushima. There’s not a day that goes by that someone doesn’t ask a question about WTC7 on C-SPAN now. It’s all infuriating, laughable and astonishing to listen to the mouthpieces stumble through their responses.

    Are we going to get the percentage of people we need to reverse what looks to be the inevitable?

    I often contemplate being December’s Children. Old enough to remember when the doctor came to your home, and milk was delivered to your door, (stuff that, Obamacare and Amazon!). Proof we haven’t moved forward, but backwards.

    • You still believe in the “in-person” conversation as do I. What the corptocracy and technocracy want is twitter/facebook media conversations. Data Meta mining, controlling the narrative and fabricating reality.

      I have to ask COTO why you cannot find one major kill from Fukushima???????????

      Like SANDY HOAX and the BOSTON FAKED BEAN, Fukushima becomes another very possible psyop. If we do not have inperson observation or conversation with real people we are just getting distortion and interference of fact.

      Obama and the criminal DNC have taken technology to a new level and InQtel. We see now that Barry isn’t allowing photo journalism and they are providing the images directly from the white house. This is the issue we face.

      The Analog to Digital swap was critical. Film in digital is always suspect now and Saudi government is as oppressive as any regime.
      Seems to me this revolution is just an evolution to NWO and like Bitcoin, just a red herring in bluebeam cloaking.

      I am a die hard CT, I know, but my number one rule is [If they are transmitting it, then it is a psyop] Whatever they tout, admit or allow to be leaked is for ulterior purposes and we should be especially critical of the SNOWDEN’s and SECRET SANTA’s that the committee would have us believe, is a problem for them, once transmitted or leaked.

      • Patrick, if the msm was hyping the fuku story, I’d believe it could be a hoax. Instead they don’t even mention it. No one I know even talks about it being a problem. Only my facebook truther friends even know it’s an ongoing thing.

        If it were a hoax, I’m thinking it would be getting a lot more press. I personally, at this time, think it is real. As real as the gulf being poisioned by oil and corexit. Another “event” the msm chooses to ignore.

        • There’s the pictures of the melted starfish. I’d say we’re screwed.

          • Yup. I heard 95% gone….
            A few decades of being a health fanatic, & now taking in all this stuff arriving into Cali from fuku! We’re really fuku’d.

            • Then I expect we see some real evidence soon.

            • Hey Mar… good to see ya!

          • Hey M…or as the case may be fuk’d ……

            • Hiya….well, that’s what I was implying….but was raised not to swear…hah. I check “enenews” regularly…because there’s a total blackout here, and we all know what that translates to.
              If we were ‘supposed to’ feel the fear… would be on the ‘programming’ stations 24/7. But it’s not…..It’s completely hidden. They just passed a bill, for crying out loud, that allows the Japanese gov’t to keep even more info. hidden from the public.
              That was timely….being able to continue to cover-up the fuku truth. I have no doubt, this is going to devastate the west coast, & more. It already is wreaking havoc w/marine life…then fishing farming/vineyards industries & livelihoods. ‘Glad’ I don’t have a $5 million mansion….it’ll be worth zilch. This will be Chernobyl++++++.
              All I want for xmas… a Geiger counter!

        • The co-opted a;ternate media is doing hardly anything but hyping it. They just fail to provide video or digital evidence. FEAR FEAR FEAR and then eveyone buys Nacent Iodine from Infowars.

          • I rarely listen to AJ anymore. I tune in occasionally only to see what he’s up to. It’s become really obvious, as it has to many before me here, who he is is shilling for.

            As for the alternate media, honestly Patrick, I don’t even see them hyping Fuku that much. It’s more about the MIC taking over with their drills and ff in small town Amerika. We may not be seeing much about it anywhere because the Japanese are keeping a tight lid on it as they do. Saving face and all that.

            Having said all of the above, I would not put it past the monsters to be lying about Fuku as they do everything. But why would they? If msm isn’t hyping it, what is the point? The fright factor? But they need the msm to talk about it 24/7 to keep the fluoride heads attention. Again, no one I know seems to even know it’s still ongoing. Too many other places propagated by the teevee talking heads to keep their tiny brains occupied.

            Anytime they want to ramp up the fear they monger it 🙂 They aren’t doing that with this. I just don’t get it.

            Please let me know your thoughts on why they’d do this. I never have a closed mind. But I do need at least a motive to understand where you’re coming from.

            • I’m 50-50 on it right now Deb. I am going to consider a theory and post it soon. If it pans out, the predictions for 2014 look even more bleak.

              • Thanks PD. Looking forward to your thoughts on the subject.

      • I don’t know my good friend.

        I have a hard time believing that the “all powerful” are all that powerful. I believe that at times things do get out of control for them, and they do screw-up on a regular basis.

  14. 10 Reasons Why “Fast and Furious” Star Paul Walker Was Assassinated

    Warning to all whistlers that the war on terror and world trade organization in in fact just the WAR ON TRUTH.

  15. We should ask Patricia she lives in Japan. So does James Corbett… Hmmm… we should check into what he has to say about it.

    • I have been monitoring Corbett. I see articles like Boomers frequently. Wheres the beef? Where are the fish kills, bird kills and whale beachings? I saw Aussie report millions of dead birds. No photos. I think it’s a psyop though not unable to become a disaster.

      • What about the melting starfish on the west coast?

        They never even connect it with radiation from Fuku. Instead, as with “global warming” they are blaming “us”.

        What do you think of Dr Caldicott? I’ve always admired for her stance against nuclear power and the industry. Same with Lauren Monet who has been speaking about fukushima. This youtube has pictures and video of the plant.

        Radiation levels in Pacific:

        • “… one of their “star” attractions …” cute.

          Yeah, it’s our fault.

          Well, in a way they’re right. It is our fault. But not in the way they suggest. We built the stupid reactors to begin with.

          It was Eisenhower that signed our death warrant.


  17. Read this JG. We keep seeing reports like this (web), that describe Disaster, and then tell us that Tepco is going to do something really assinine like pump all the radioactive waste into the ocean, or burn it?

    Either of these scenarios are giant FAILS when we are talking about “containment” of any kind. So, what’s the Truth?

    • Boom, are your thoughts in line with PD, that Fuku is a scam?

  18. Still considering. So much disinfo, so many things (response by the Japanese & lack of response by any international “agencies”). U.S. turns off their monitoring shortly after 3/11? EPA is the agency I believe. Dumbest move ever, unless you’re trying to hide the Con by poking out the populations eyes. Or else, its a eugenics plan, and you want a large number staying put for the mass poisoning?

    If it is of such a Catastrophic nature, then WHY the ho-hum everywhere? I happen to have a family living in south of Japan (about 15 years now, who doesn’t seem to be too worried, even about seafood)

    This is NEW, just put up by Vatic Master. Give it a read, and we’ll keep thinking:

    ” BREAKING NEWS: Earthquake & Tsunami Drill Conducted 3/11/11 at Fukishima by NRC and Japanese Utility Execs
    at 02:00 Posted by Vatic Master

    Vatic Note: Additional and more substantial proof of felony crimes committed at Fukishima, including the NRC and Utility execs from the Japanese utility industry. This is the best evidence that would stand up in court as evidence that this event in Fukishima was a false flag event, which is a major felony crime with jail time as punishment. As usual a drill was going on the same day that the event actually happened. My, what a coincidence”.

    • Oh I totally believe Fuku was a ff. I do believe it is part of the mass die off they have planned for us and that it’s a real event. It was orchestrated by the monsters on high using HAARP. I have NO DOUBT about that. Which is why I’m not getting the fact that PD is saying it may not have even happened. Do you believe the gulf was and is poisoned by corexit? Mr M himself saw the planes flying in the dark of night spraying their toxins. We have seen the suffering of the people in LA over this. We have seen their plight being ignored and BP on tv saying what a wonderful job they have done.

      As far as the Japanese not being concerned. Are Amerikans concerned about the Gulf? Oh hell no. They have forgotten all about it and have gone their merry way, eating seafood and thinking all is well because the teevee isn’t telling them it isn’t. The Japanese are much like the Amerikans in that respect. Head in sand works for them just as well.

      • THEY count on short term memories, and creating confusion by too much “going on” to make sense of, with all of the secrecy and outright disinfo.

        But then, We See this M.O., so We can see They’re Criminals.

    • I’m a little confused by the Vatic post. It sounds as if she’s saying it was a scam however directly underneath she has hatrickpenry’s post which says it isn’t? Maybe I read it too fast as I’m at work and am trying to keep up with this and answer phones and questions to me here etc! lol The good thing is the docs aren’t in today which means I do have some time to play online but not too much….

  19. I meant a family member living there in Japan.

    WHO’s making money on this thing? Cui Bono?

    We can consider this little revelation regarding the Phillipines people —

    If a FF, then we should look for who benefits politically and economically. Who is getting rights-removing legislation passed on them?

    Then again, this is from Infowars so add salt.



    TRANSCRIPTS. Very Interesting…

  22. Shooters, plural. Can’t the public handle seeing the camera footage?

    Why not share that, and the forensic photos too? Oh, you destroyed the entire school? To erase the bad memories? Like WTC’s? Thank you so much for protecting us all (sic).

  23. This Destruction of Humanity’s Universal Rights was a trend, and is moving towards Popular Policy amongst the elites. Notice, The People have no voice, representation. This may have short legs…

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