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Christmas in the Park (in Botswana)


Another Attack from Botswana Obama, the jackal may be on an all time low but expect some domestic event in the triangle and something abroad. Coordinates are posted below.

Mozambique Airlines Flight 470 Crash (11)
Passengers 27 (from 28) 9
6 crew (6)
Killed 33 (6)


The wreckage of the missing Mozambique Airlines plane has been found in northeast Namibia, and there are no survivors in the crash, according to a local police official.

The plane crashed in a game park, a remote area that is home to wildlife including elephants and lions.

“The plane has been completely burnt to ashes and there are no survivors,” Namibian Police Force Deputy Commissioner, Willy Bampton, told Reuters.

Flight TM 470 left the city of Maputo on Friday for the Angolan capital, Luanda, and lost contact with air traffic controllers.

In Maputo, Mozambican Airlines, LAM, issued a statement revising the passenger list down to 27, rather than the 28 earlier reported, along with the six crew members, AFP reported.

The search for the wreckage started on Friday, but was canceled due to bad weather.

One Chinese national was on the plane, quoting the Chinese Embassy in Mozambique. Also among the passengers were 10 Mozambicans, nine Angolans, five Portuguese, one French person and one Brazilian, Xinhua news agency reported.

Mozambique Airlines plane crash kills all on board
Plane carrying 33 people crashes in remote Namibian national park near border with Angola

“We could not really tell how many people were on board [at the time], because it was just bodies and plane parts scattered all over the place. All the bodies were shredded to pieces, it was an ugly scene because none of the bodies were [intact],” said Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Willie Bampton, who was one of the emergency and security personnel first to arrive at the scene.

Namibia’s aircraft accident investigation unit is leading the investigation, which comprises of seasoned investigators from civil aviation authorities from Mozambique, Angola, Brazil and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), an independent United States federal agency.

Reminder: The NTSB covers all assassinations, false flag or HAARP downed aircraft. This one is no different and highly suspicious. Why no passenger manifest has been released adds to the confirmation of a sacrificial execution.

“We have mobilised Kenyon International, a global specialist disaster and emergency management organisation to assist in the search and recovery of the victims remains and also their personal possessions. For the families, this is important, as it will enable the positive identification of each person who was on the aircraft. The Kenyon team is en-route from the UK to the accident site and by tomorrow we hope to have a clear assessment of the situation there,” said LAM Chief Executive Officer Marlene Manave yesterday morning.

This indicates that there was sensitive material on board from one or several of the passengers requiring Obama Crime team and family to handle the scene.


                                         Bama’s Mama (1961)

Angola accused of ‘banning’ Islam as mosques closed
Human rights activists condemn crackdown though officials in largely Catholic nation insist reports of ban are exaggerated.

A targeted hit? AfriCon agenda? A Sacrificial for Saturnia? Likely all of the above. More information is needed but may not be forthcoming. Why is the US Embassy to the Vatican closing? Don’t believe the “moving” explanation but the GPS and date. 

Counter Strikes may include Hawaii,  California, Brazil, China,

São Paulo, Brazil – Salvador, Brazil – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Houston, Texas
Burbank California
Lisbon, Portugal
Porto, Portugal
Lagos, Nigeria
Cape Town, South Africa
Luanda, Angola
Windhoek, Namibia
Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
Maputo, Mozambique – (Planes departure)
Tahoua, Niger
Johannesburg, South Africa
Cairo, Egypt


The Committee Khansa - Fake Islam, Fake Jew and Fake Christian
A Jesuit Vatican Hit.


The Chinook

What was the Chinook? Dead Osama and the 33 Seals? The warning, like BOTSWANA that Rick Perry, the Vatican Assassins and the DVD gang killed a ghost and the ghostbusters. The sacrificial ceremony for the newly anointed.

Historic Outbreak of April 27, 2011





  1. ‘Before the fall
    when they wrote it on the wall
    When there wasn’t even any Hollywood
    They heard the call
    And they wrote it on the wall
    For you and me we understood’

  2. Fourplay

    Four dead, 63 injured after NYC-bound Metro-North passenger train derails in Bronx

    Read more:

    Troopers: 4 dead in southwest Alaska plane crash

    Paul Walker dead at 40: Celebrities react to his death

    Read more:

    Bali Run

  3. Saudi Arabia Deports 50,000 Ethiopian Workers

  4. Botswana: New Figures Reveal Poaching for the Illegal Ivory Trade
    Activists seek to stop illegal elephant ivory trade
    Egypt Called Major Hub of Illegal Ivory Trade

    Businessman, shake my hand
    Tell me lies, but hide your eyes
    Hang on real tight to your briefcase
    If you should lose it, you’ll have To stand naked like me

  5. France sends 200 new troops to CAR A thousand more to come

    Somalia’s Shabaab ‘still far from defeat’

    Outages in Tripoli as minorities block power output: government


    The Militarization of Africa

  6. Liar in Chief convicted by own words:

  7. 12-03-2013 = 3-3-3-3


  9. COTO DOES KNOW!! Here’s what I know: how much I miss you!

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