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Report on the Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School



2 It should be noted that potentially important evidence, i.e., a computer hard drive recovered from the shooter’s home, as of this date remains unreadable. Additional insight could be gained should efforts to recover data from the hard drive ever prove successful, which at this time appears highly improbable. It is because of this improbability, coupled with the current determination of no accessories or co-conspirators that the case is being closed.

4 Over 270 evidence designations were used, many grouping related items as one number.

Consistent with Public Act 13-311,10 exceptions to the state Freedom of Information Act11 and C.G.S. Sec. 17a-101k(a) 12 this report will not list the names of the twenty children killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School, nor will it recite 911 calls made from within the school on that morning or describe information provided by witnesses who were in the classrooms or heard what was occurring in the classrooms.

It is not the intent of this report to convey every piece of information contained in the voluminous investigation materials developed by the Connecticut State Police and other law enforcement agencies, but to provide information relevant to the purposes of this report.

12 Sec. 17a-101k. Registry of findings of abuse or neglect of children maintained by Commissioner of Children and Families. Notice of finding of abuse or neglect of child. Appeal of finding. Hearing procedure. Appeal after hearing. Confidentiality. Regulations. (a) The Commissioner of Children and Families shall maintain a registry of the commissioner’s findings of abuse or neglect of children pursuant to section 17a-101g that conforms to the requirements of this section. The regulations adopted pursuant to subsection (i) of this section shall provide for the use of the registry on a twenty-four-hour daily basis to prevent or discover abuse of children and the establishment of a hearing process for any appeal by a person of the commissioner’s determination that such person is responsible for the abuse or neglect of a child pursuant to subsection (b) of section 17a-101g. The information contained in the registry and any other information relative to child abuse, wherever located, shall be confidential, subject to such statutes and regulations governing their use and access as shall conform to the requirements of federal law or regulations. Any violation of this section or the regulations adopted by the commissioner under this section shall be punishable by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars or imprisonment for not more than one year. To conclude that all such information, including the basic facts of the incident itself is confidential would prohibit even the disclosure of the children being killed. Such an interpretation would be unworkable and is not taken here. It is concluded though that the C.G.S. Sec. 17a-101k(a) is applicable in the present case and will be applied in the manner described.

13 On December 13, 2012, the student enrollment was 489. Official attendance had not yet been recorded as of 9:30 a.m. on December 14, 2012. The staff for the school is 91, but on December 14, 2012, there were nine staff members absent. The staffing was at 82 for the day.

15 Intercom system could be accessed from nine phones located in seven rooms. These telephones and rooms were three phones in the main office, the principal’s office, the nurse’s office (room 57), room 9 conference room, room 29, room 32 and room 60. The “All Call” which opens the intercom to the entire school was accessed by pressing “#0” from the telephones mentioned. The All Call-except quiet rooms was accessed by pressing “#1.”

Both Dawn Hochsprung, age 47, and Mary Sherlach, age 56, died as a result of being shot. Both wounded staff members shot in the hallway were later evacuated to the hospital and survived.

9:36:06 – Newtown Police Department dispatcher broadcasts that there is a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The exterior of the main entrance door way had a call box, buzzer system with a video camera. The call box was installed in 2005. The video camera did not record, but the video could be viewed live on three monitoring systems on the secretaries’ desks in the main office, with no recording capabilities. The electronic unlocking of the front doors was done by using a “key button” on any of the three monitoring systems.

27(9) dead 270 (9) evidence designations (9) members absent (9) conference (9) Victoria Soto, age 27

Dawn Hochsprung, age 47, and Mary Sherlach, age 56,  Rachel D’Avino, 29, =11

You can read this fiction and recall many things. It will be a nice exercise for COTO to remind ourselves and others what a fantasy official story has been delivered to the public. What the camo man with the cell phone was doing is obvious. From there it all goes downhill.

Stephen J. Sedensky III, State’s Attorney November 25, 2013

Full Report 44 pages





  1. Hey! What happened to these two “witnesses”? “Both wounded staff members shot in the hallway were later evacuated to the hospital and survived”.

    Their testimonies would be highly important to the tale…

    • They had recorded video from a dozen sporting stores and convenience stores but theirs was not recording.

      I’d love to see the parents of undead persons sue the CT school district. Wouldn’t that be a coup?

  2. Where is the video of that skinny autistic kid weighted down with all those weapons and ammo blasting through the school window? Where are any videos that show anything at all happened at Sandy Hook elementary other than a planned drill?

  3. Their video cameras didn’t record.. LMFAO! Really?

  4. It’s an easy read and fiction at it’s best.

    Here’s the next step in the SNOWDEN triad. This was almost predictable and you can connect the dots on Obama’s tanking of the honest military patriots.

    I should have been able to predict this. Private sector.

    U.S. generals now take action to watch Obama

  5. This is a win~

    [Facebook removed Network on November 12, 2013 without a solid reason as to why. In fact all sites on the server were gone. A chemtrail monitoring page, a HAARP Status Monitoring Page, a Southern California Weather Page, and the National Weather Page. All pages totaled over 100,000 likes.]

    I wonder if it’s contagious to WordPress?

  6. NINE Menorah illuminates Washington

  7. Zionist Spies in Hollywood? Of Course!


      Barris’ first wife was Lyn Levy, the niece of one of the founders of CBS. Together they had a daughter, Della, who sometimes appeared on The Gong Show. Della died of a drug overdose from alcohol and cocaine in 1998 at age 36. By the time of her death, she was also HIV-positive.[6] Barris later married Robin Altman and then Mary Rudolph.

      Clooney, the holyrood hit man ran interference. Don’t mess with the spooks, they’ll kill your family.

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