Posted by: Mr. M | November 24, 2013

People get ready – there’s a train a`coming …


Three to a flat-car.

And now this article tells us where they’re heading. To a neighborhood near YOU!



  1. I live by the tracks. Lots of army trucks and plenty of closed cars.

  2. Seeing that is really creepy…even though we’ve seen those long trains of military vehicles all over the county. That these are in La tells me something is going down there because of those gunboats that were patrolling Eden Isles jabout a month or so ago Where are those vehicles headed, M? Any idea? Anything on the local news about this?

    • This isn’t uncommon, but what made this different was it being displayed like a huge billboard. People were pulling over and giving WTF’s?

      Those gunboats could have been part of drills they run down here from time to time.

    • LA fits the perfect Venue for all three components of the false flag triad. There are natural, man-made and demographic that is suited for the event.

      It also fills the useless eater bill to a tee.

  3. Check this out M….. a compilation of the military drills and military buildup across the U.S.

    • It’s just a matter of time.

  4. what ..are you their f****** cheerleader now?

    • Say what?

    • Hey Nico, whaz up? How’s the family? How about an update from the Frisco Nicole?

  5. Dawn… What? Who are you talking about?

  6. It’s a program that allows added revenue o the Defense Department. I have seen tons of surplus going to local agencies. Where are they getting the money in this economy? Likely from the secret offshore accounts they keep under their second set of books.

    Just like ENRON and JPMorgan have two ledgers, so do the folks that keep sending us higher vehicle registration fees and property taxes. We have paid nicely for our funerals, don’t ya think?

    Boreas, god of North Wind is sending chmtrails to the ground with this years H1N1 and respiratory virus. Get ready for the infection COTO.

    • I remember a conversation I had with a soldier some 4-years ago. He said your guns won’t matter.

      I tried to get him to elaborate, but he wouldn’t go any further then to allude that any weapons we could have would be useless.

      • I have to agree. The weaponized chemo and unseen scalar technology makes it all a mute point should they decide to go to defcon2. Certainly an info blackout to precede it.

        FEMA will be a figment of ones imagination, but we know the deal and you specifically know how that goes Michael, eh?

        • The only slim hope might be those that push the buttons don’t. But I’m not making any bets that happens. All in all it all looks grime.

          As far back as I can remember I’ve been a fatalist, and nothing I’ve experienced has given me any reason to change my mind.

          But God knows I keep praying I’m wrong.

          • We can tak comfort in the fact that this life is always fatal. What’s next, the mystery for the ages.

  7. Yea, PD I try to run between the raindrops knowing the hazard that is within them 😦

  8. The power we have is in our numbers. If only ALL would wake up and stand up. I’m still betting on a counter coup. It’s not gonna be easy or pretty but my very strong intuition tells me there are powerful people working behind the scenes. Of course, they’re not revealing themselves or their plan. That would not only be stupid but would mean instant death to them and possibly their families.

    • One can only hope that there are people doing what you say. It sure would be nice to see some of these cretins mysteriously dropping dead.

  9. I just spent half of my free time last night arguing the safety and efficacy of vaccines with my niece that graduated from Bryn Mawr. She’s such a bright girl and I love her dearly. But she is the classic case of an academic imprisoned by walls of books that are full of lies.

    • Family and friends are the worse, you know that. All we can do is plant seeds and hope they grow.

  10. I know how awful things are and getting worse. My god, Fuku alone could kill us all with or without chemtrails and the gestapo blowing us away. But I am not a fatalist. Honestly M, I don’t think you are either. Fatalists don’t do the kind of work you have been doing for years. Why would you bother if you think it’s not gonna change a thing?. No, you believe you can make a difference. You don’t give up. It’s what I love most about you.

    I’m definitely not a fatalist. I’ve always been more of a “this too shall pass” kinda woman. And if in the end, I’m wrong… what have I lost ? Living my days in desperation and despair over the spectre of the oncoming apocalypse? Nah, I choose to have hope.. I know PD and Dawn think it’s a dirty word. I don’t. It’s what keeps the human spirit alive. It’s what keeps me going.

    Oh and if I AM wrong, I’m ready to exit stage left 😉

    • How many Turkeys has Obama pardoned? More than Clinton and Bush combined. He’s close to the kill numbers as well. He’s a lil devil, that Barry.

      • Barry doesn’t have the emotion of a devil.. He’s more like a cyborg programmed to take orders from the real devils 😉

    • Believe me dear heart, I am a fatalist. Just because I fight doesn’t mean I believe it’s worth the effort, it’s because it’s just how I’m wired. I’m always reminded of Rev. King’s statement;

      “If I knew the world was going to end tomorrow I’d still plant a tree today.”

      • And why would he plant that tree? Because the future is ALWAYS uncertain. Life can change on a dime and you know it as well as I.

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