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Manipulated Mankind

“You are only seeing what they want you to see,” said Lucy Dalglish, the dean of the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland.

“White House spokesman Josh Earnest defended the release of photos and videos, saying the practice helps Obama live up to his pledge of transparency (HaHaHa — What a load of crap!) by allowing the public to have greater access to the inner workings of the administration when it’s not feasible for news media to be in the room.

What we’ve done is we’ve taken advantage of new technology to give the American public even greater access to behind-the-scenes footage or photographs of the president doing his job,” Earnest said. “To the American public, that’s a clear win.” (Its as if administration puppets, cronies, or actual bots can say anything, and it magically is supposed to become the Truth! Truly, a farce wrapped in a flatulent framing of a fragment of their figments. Crazy by reality’s standards).

He said the news organizations’ protests were just part of the natural tension between journalists and those they covered”.

“Obama administration imposes gag order on all government employees and contractors involved in creating” There’s a couple of links and descriptions at the link below:

From James Kirwan:

“A $11.4 million federal grant will be used to set up a system to detect nuclear and radiological threats around the greater Los Angeles region, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced today.

The Department of Homeland Security’s “Securing the Cities” grant will fund the purchase of nuclear and radiological detection equipment and set-up of an analysis lab and command center based out of the Los Angeles Emergency Center, Garcetti said.

The goal is to set up a nuclear detection “ring” or “halo” around the Los Angeles region to monitor potential threats and develop a response protocol”.

We’ve seen this many, many times; Throwing money at some B.S.), “program” (like Obamacare, that is never intended to work). Do you think the Controllers would evacuate The City of the Angels if they were alerted to a coming radiological event? We must consider, that since 3/11, THEY have TURNED OFF all the radiation monitoring equipment (at least for the population to witness) along the West Coast of the U.S., and elsewhere. Why would that be? What does the historic record tell us of Their actions in the Gulf of Mexico?

What about 3/11? For a different “take” on the events of 3/11, read this, “Bogus Fear Porn on Fukishima radiation, Used to threaten California AGAIN”: Jim Stone’s theories are presented…

Witness that these, according to THEM, are just exhaust trails of jets. No worries, people!

11-23-13 evening Chemtrails in upstate SC

11-23-13 evening Chemtrails in upstate SC

Sky Mess 11-23-13 in Upstate SC

Sky Mess 11-23-13 in Upstate SC

Can't Breathe?

Can’t Breathe?

So, Where’s the WARNING systems for Chemtrail poisonings? The “meme” says chemtrails are just condensation from jet exhausts, and are “normal”. So…there is No Need for any monitoring whatsoever — get it?!




    READ FROM BOTTOM UP…………………..

    From: Dr. Stephen C. L’Hommedieu, D.C.
    > To: “‘Tim White'”
    > Received: Wednesday, July 22, 2009, 1:51 PM
    > Well, about that photo. I had that checked by Boeing engineers and was told that it is NOT modified for that purpose. Those modifications are used to new the aircraft. However, you never know, it could be that the CIA is using something similar. But as far as that picture is concerned there is no way you can verify it is as you claim.
    > There are also other elements put into the atmosphere which no one knows about. Because I have found these elements on patients I knew which to test for in ICPMS testing, which I have done but not publicized, at least at this time, for various reasons.
    > Keep up the good work.
    > Dr. L
    > From: Tim White []
    > Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 2:40 PM
    > To: D.C.Dr. Stephen C. L’Hommedieu

    > YUP Stephen…I’m aware of ALL of it since I’ve been involved in EXPOSURE at the very BEGINNING of this operation…I’m also the guy to post all over the I’net the photos you may have seen of the CHEMTRAIL AIRCRAFT INTERIOR and those planes are modified by the CIA front EVERGREEN INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES at Pinal Airpark in Marana Arizona – I first exposed this back in August 2003 by posting to more than 200 Yahoogroups…of course Evergreen is NOT the only modification outfit doing this but they ARE the largest CIA front doing it…modifications are also being done at an “out of the way corner” at MOJAVE AIRPORT in California…
    > Tim White
    > — On Wed, 7/22/09, Dr. Stephen C. L’Hommedieu, D.C. wrote:
    > From: Dr. Stephen C. L’Hommedieu, D.C.
    > To: “‘Tim White'”
    > Received: Wednesday, July 22, 2009, 1:30 PM
    > There are many purposes behind chemtrails. Up to this point destroying the public’s immune system is only a part of the picture. Creating climate is a very important part, as well as developing DARPA projects such as surveillance systems of areas over land in 3D that rely on the particles they put into the air. Of course, compromising public health is necessary for weakening resistance and instilling fear of disease in order to generate pharmaceutical profits and a dependency on conventional medicine.
    > Dr. L
    > From: Tim White []
    > Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 12:11 PM
    > To: Dr Stephen C. L’Hommedieu D.C..
    > Cc: Shawn Mann
    > — On Sun, 7/12/09, Tim White wrote:
    > From: Tim White
    > Cc: “John C Hammell”
    > Received: Sunday, July 12, 2009, 1:29 AM
    > George,
    > I’ve been looking at some of your photos of chemtrailing and aircraft – and “other” types over Sharon Connecticut and elsewhere and some of what you have written–great work…I’m born and raised in Waterbury CT but left for the USAF in 1966–barely ever going back younger sister lives in New Milford-about 1 mile East of Reservoir # 4…her husband is an astrophysicist/aerospace engineer/senior project manager for BF GOODRICH AEROSPACE/Danbury Optical Division in Danbury CT (formerly owned by HUGHES AIRCRAFT and then RAYTHEON) with an ABOVE TOP SECRET security clearance he holds…he works on electro optical/infrared remote sensing systems on SPY SATELLITES for the NRO/CIA/NSA/USAF/NASA so needless to say….he CAN’T talk to me and I’m quite SURE that he’s been “visited” by the CIA/NSA/FBI about his “crazy brother-in-law” in Colorado….I hope we can share some info in the future…
    > regards,
    > Tim White , Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
    > Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower
    > from the NWO Capitol of the West-DENVER
    > now a Refugee from BUSHitler’s 4th REICH
    > Vancouver British Columbia
    > — On Sat, 2/21/09, Tim White wrote:
    > From: Tim White
    > To: “Joe Dunnbar”
    > Received: Saturday, February 21, 2009, 11:58 AM
    > Joe—I personally know Clifford Carnicom ..he came to Denver specifically to meet me back in June of 1999 in the company of my friend Dave Peterson from Aspen Colorado…..David is who paid $ 7,000 out of his own pocket to bring William Thomas to Aspen CO in order to do a lecture/slideshow which didn’t turn out as hoped –I thought Aspen was the entirely wrong venue and think Glenwood Springs would have been far better…I met Thomas in Denver later that same month at the GLOBAL SCIENCES meeting where he did the same milquetoast presentation in which he was stating that just KC-10 and KC-135 type aircraft were the chemtrail culprits–he showed only about 20-25 slides – all of those NOT very good photos…after this he had a book signing and I patiently waited for about 30-40 people to get through the line so I could speak with and show him my list of maybe 20 aircraft types I had observed–some unmarked–some military– and some of the obvious passenger carrying airline operators I had jotted down in just the previous few weeks of chemtrailing aircraft over my custom cabinets-millwork/countertops shop in central Denver…when I caught his attention and started to speak with him–I put my list before him but as soon as he saw what I had–he just pushed it back at me while telling me “BOY-I’ll bet yer just FULL of information–aren’t you” ?..I then KNEW he was a DISINFO PLANT into the chemtrail exposure venue and providing COVER to the REAL perpetrators who he NEVER names and Clifford Carnicom and David Peterson later found out this for themselves….
    > Tim White
    > — On Tue, 1/27/09, Tim White wrote:
    > From: Tim White
    > To: “Scott Stevens” , “Lynn Bartels” , “Peter Boyles” , “”Dr” William W Storms” , “Joe Calhoun”
    > Cc: “Smokey Belveal” , “Polly Cady” ,, “Jon Carlson” , “John Caylor” , “Alex Christopher” ,, “Col Larre Draper” , “Todd Brendan Fahey” , “Darlene Fitzgerald” , “Matthew Fogg” , “Yolanda Gibson-Michaels” , “Dan Hamburg” , “Mary Hartman” , “David Hawkins” , “Gianni D Hayes” , “Sander Hicks” ,, “Lt Col Shelton Lankford” , “Lt Col Jeff Latas” ,, “larry macphale” ,, “David Martin” , “Lt Col Dan Marvin”
    > , “Lt Col Field McConnell” , “David Peterson” , “John R Prukop” , “Drew Raines” , “Lt Col Guy Razer” , “Tom Reisinger” , “Scott Ritter” , “Tim King…Executive Editor Salem-News” , “Maj Gen Darrol Schroeder” , “Tom Larson” , “Lt Col Ken White”
    > Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2009, 3:21 PM
    > Are Asthma, Chemtrails, and Storms Connected?
    > [Editor’s Note: Tim White lives in Denver , Colorado and spends a lot of time digging up information over the Internet. He participates on more than 100 chat boards. His phenomenal memory, coupled with an intuitive nose for detecting things rotten, allows him to connect the dots better than most. He told me that he immediately noticed chemtrails in the skies over Denver when they began the aerosol spraying operations in 1998.. Before he had access to a computer or even had an e-mail address, he was trying to make noise with local media to get them to cover the chemtrail story which, as we know, most of them will assiduously ignore with a fierce determination. It’s not just a matter of blindness, of course. Mainstream ‘reporters’ (an oxymoron in and of itself) are adhering to a strict dictum from higher ups concerning what they can and what they shall not cover. Thousands of American citizens have written, faxed, e-mailed, or telephoned their congressional representatives over the past seven years inquiring about chemtrails only to be ignored, stonewalled, or put off with moronic denials such as ‘chemtrails are just ordinary contrails’ etc. Of all the deceit, disinformation, misdirection, obfuscations, and outright lies being perpetrated against the people of the United States by their own government, the official denial of chemtrails seems to be the number one item at the top of the ‘deny at all cost’ list. Even the government’s role in coordinating, engineering, and enabling the attacks that took place in New York and Washington DC on September 11, 2001, is less vigorously denied and stonewalled than the chemtrails story. Why? Because chemtrail spraying is a world wide operation of GENOCIDE on an unparalleled level. To be sure, there are other objectives for chemtrail spraying including the short-circuiting of higher consciousness development, but the main goal is the gradual and CONTINUAL destruction of the body’s immune system so when highly virulent bioengineered pathogens are introduced into the environment by the covert jackals laboring on behalf of the Illuminati and their directors sitting on the Committee of 300, the vast majority of people (around the world) will succumb to these laboratory produced diseases due to a depleted and compromised immune system. Of course, there are air heads out there reading this who will immediately shoot back that “it can’t be so because the politicians cooperating with the Illuminati’s genocide agenda would die too” etc. But no, the Illuminati would never deploy a bio weapon into the general populace that they themselves did not have the antidote for or some other means of being shielded and protected from its effects,including the effects of chemtrails. We’ve learned long ago from inside people like Al Bielek that the secret government had available to them, as early as 1953, age regression equipment obtained from aliens that could reverse age any living being back in time. If you have equipment that can reverse age someone, that means that you can bring the body’s cells back to a state prior to them being damaged or compromised because of a disease condition or a toxic exposure. So in addition to becoming younger, the body would also become free of disease. In fact, an Italian by the name of Antoine Priore had stumbled upon this very sort of technology back in the 1960’s after having been funded by the French government for seven million dollars. According to Tom Bearden, who helped to line up financial backers for Priore, when the Illuminati Big Boys found out about Priore’s successful trials with animals, they got all the backers to pull out and Priore was soon reduced to a poverty existence and quietly suppressed into obliviousness

    > Tim White also made a discovery in July of 2000. He participated in a 1.5 hour radio interview about chemtrails on the morning of July 28 with a hostile radio host by the name of Peter Boyles who had attempted to sandbag Tim and make him look foolish, but the attempt backfired and the show received a tremendous amount of response from listeners. The interview was set up for Tim by his then girlfirend, Doreen Bishop. According to Tim, Doreen is a victim of mind control and is in frequent communication with none other than George Soros, who appears to act as Doreen’s handler. The morning following Tim’s radio interview, a Dr. William W. Storms of Colorado Spring’s Asthma & Allergy Associates shows up on a Denver TV show encouraging viewers to contact his clinic if they have been experiencing any symptoms of asthma-like respiratory difficulties. Tim finds this a bit too conincidental and tries to get a contact number for Dr. Storms from the TV station, but is given the run-around. He eventually gets a phone number for Dr. Storms from the show’s producer after threatening to make a stink about it with the newspapers. What happened next is revealed in Tim’s March 3, 2005 e-mail to Dr. Storms that is reproduced below. Tim had cc’d the e-mail to me along with about 30 other people. In his original e-amil to Dr. Storms, Tim had attached a long article about chemtrails titled ‘Ozone Hole Leads to Special Measures for UV Control’ (and subtitled ‘CHEMTRAILS OVERVIEW’ by Tim White) that was supposedly written by an “Oak Ridge Whistleblower” using the name of “Jim Phelps”, a likely pseudonym. I didn’t include that overview here both due to length and inaccuracy. While the ‘Phelp’s’ article contained a ton of info about chemtrails, it also contained a lot of misinformation and disinformation as well, but you can still read it at this link if you’re curious.

    After speaking with a military intelligence operative named ‘Paul’ who answered the phone at Dr. Storms ‘office’ on July 29, 2000, Tim realized that Storms’ TV appearance was itself an intelligence gathering operation for the CDC to monitor the fallout effects from chemtrail spraying. Dr. Len Horowitz discusses the CDC’s role as data collector, monitor, and coordinator of the Illuminati’s many genocide operations inlcuding AIDS and chemtrails in his book on chemtrails titled Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare. ..Ken]
    >> From Tim White
    > March 4, 2005
    > —– Original Message —–
    > From: “Tim White”
    > To: Dr William W Storms
    > Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2005 3:50 PM
    > Subject: Chemtrails, from an Oak Ridge Whistleblower, message to a “doctor”
    > Dr William W Storms,
    > I was on the Peter Boyles Show here in Denver (KHOW 630 AM) back on July 28th, 2000 talking about CHEMTRAILS for 1 1/2 hours. The station was swamped with calls late into the evening about this show. Not so coincidentally, you were on the 6:00 a.m. Channel 4 (KCNC) program here in Denver the very next morning [July 29th, 2000] and asking for info related to asthma and allergies. The Channel 4 program was a DIRECT result of my radio show the previous day, but it was made to look like a regularly scheduled show for you. NOTHING could be further from the truth. You and I both know this.
    > Since you were requesting info, I went to extraordinary lengths to make contact with you at that time, but NO ONE was cooperating. That is how I KNEW this was a set up. Now,all these years later,I have this to stick in front of your face.You can also give this to your “friends” with Air Force Intelligence and also the Counter Intelligence boys with the 10th Special Forces at Fort Carson. That’s the place that your “friend and employee”, Paul, is from,right?

    Oh, Paul is the guy that answered the phone at YOUR office when I finally got through to your office on the afternoon of July 29th, 2000. He said he was “fixing a door knob” at the time, but other info that I got out of him that day told me that HE was a plant in your office SPECIFICALLY to take my call.

    I now see that Asthma and Allergy Associates [2709 N Tejon St, Colorado Springs, 80907 – (719) 473-6673] has many branches around the country besides Colorado Springs and it is very apparent that you and your country wide “associates” are tracking the health effects from this dastardly and evil CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING PROGRAM and now I will spread this all over the internet to expose this MUCH further. It is also very apparent that your “clinic”, like ALL the others, are linked to the CDC, the NIH, the Battelle Institute, and other like minded Rockefeller funded organizations that are at the forefront of the plans to depopulate this planet by any means necessary and THIS is definitely being used for that-it has only just begun and you are part of it. HOW can you sleep at night? I know much more than what I relate here, but I am daring you to answer this.
    > Tim White , Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
    > Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower
    > P.S. Your mind controlled associate, David Root, told me this “doesn’t exist”. Oh REALLY?

    William Storms Allergy Clinic:

    Block all results

    Email info [at] stormsallergy [dot] com … The William Storms Allergy Clinic is a full service allergy clinic which provides the following … Dr. William Storms …

    Please arrive to the clinic at least 15 minutes prior to your …

    Dr. William Storms
    Dr. William Storms. Dr. Storms has practiced in Southern Colorado …

    About Us
    About Us · Providers · Staff · Locations · Colorado Springs …

    Skip to main content. Phone 719-955-6000. Toll-free866-615 …


    Tim White wrote:

    I had the distinct DISpleasure of talking to this NASA/CIA/NOAA/NCAR/EPA mouthpiece and fool Patrick Minnis back in May of ’99 when his name first started to come out as the debunker for us CHEMTRAIL WHISTLEBLOWERS.He started to give me his standard bullshit when I told him “STOP RIGHT THERE YOU LYING SACK OF SHIT” ! I happen to be ex Air Force,a Viet Nam Vet who is VERY familiar with aircraft and I take extreme resentment of you not only lying to me but to all of your victims who are clueless and also insulting my intelligence .Your bullshit will NOT work on me so don’t continue. I will do my utmost to expose you and this whole program for what it is. I know a lot more than you realize so why don’t you jamb it and pass the message along to your buddies at that other 3 letter agency at Langley across the way from you”. His next question to me was “What group are you with”? I answer “I’m not with any group. I’m independant of any group. Why do I have to be in a group to have enough initiative to call you as an outraged individual,as a Concerned Citizen”? He responded,”Well,well,a Conceerrned Citttizenn huh….hmmmm? You just don’t want to hear the facts do you? All you conspiracy theorists are all alike-you are all ignorant. Just run your mouths with no facts. I think you’re the problem”. My response,”I sure hope that you’re proud of yourself and all your Project Paperclip Nazi buddies should be too because this IS Nazis at work so take your lies and shove them Minnis,I’m done with you”! CLICK. Gee,that son of a bitch hung up on me! What cheek! I guess he didn’t want to hear anymore,do ya suppose?

    Tim White, Viet Nam Vet/Concerned Citizen

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    Chemtrails are real, Geo-Engineering is real, De-Population is real.

    • Good Stuff, Tim. Now you’re talking!

      • GUESS WHAT I’VE GOT ?…I’ve got ALL the patents with patent drawings/text of explanation of systems operation of the equipment/tanks/piping/computer controls installed on CHEMTRAIL AIRCRAFT and those patents were ASSIGNED to CIA front EVERGREEN INTERNATIONAL AVIATION…one of the inventors lives in the same small town in Oregon that my brother lives in – just about 8 miles from EVERGREEN’s headquarters in McMinnville……………………………….

        • Nice! How to get that “out” in a strategic forum should be explored.

  4. Obamacare (MTBF) mean time between failures: 2200 hours

    Rewrite coming

    “I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer universal health-care program. I see no reason why the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14 percent of its gross national product on health care, cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody.”

    “Everybody in, nobody out. A single-payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. That’s what I’d like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately.”

    (keyword Basic.) Hospice is a better term with a “everything you own deductible”

    Mortgage derivative collapse II
    Credit Collapse Moodys to FICO
    Debt Ceiling Default
    NSA to UN Global Governance
    Climategate/cyber Event

    Time Stamped:

    CENTENIAL COLORADO 100 yrs 1913 Federal Reserve Aldrich Plan Jekyll Island.

    Apparently the banksters have been agreed to terms regarding billions stolen from American taxpayers and local governments.

    Going Live next year, all aspects of Full Spectrum Surveillance and Dominance will be realized. Medical Information, FICO, Banking and Social profiling will be globally available to your new Masters.

    Completion of the Hegelian Master-Slave Triad includes the scripted FUXNET by the government to fail the open market for a government single payer, single banking cartel. LIBOR algorithm swindle funded. Bailout insured and tested we will have no choice as we are being made sick in project bluebeam. Not only physically ill but mentally challenged, memory holed and dumbed down into submission.

    How soon to MTBF for the next event? 3600 hours. With Leap years in mind Nov 28th is a good day for another big event.

    Can the Federal Government and EU raise 600 trillion dollars? Not with their FICO score. I expect killing 6 billion people is more feasible.

  5. Been an active week. Very shallow 5.+ activity. If it gets more active or intense I will look for Japan and West Coast assaults in US. Yellowstone included.

    37km SW of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran
    2013-11-24 13:05:40 UTC-05:0010.2 km
    41km N of Mandali, Iraq
    2013-11-24 13:03:12 UTC-05:0010.2 km
    26km SW of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran
    2013-11-23 18:26:20 UTC-05:0010.0 km
    21km SW of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran
    2013-11-22 13:30:58 UTC-05:0014.0 km
    26km W of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran
    2013-11-22 01:51:25 UTC-05:0010.5 km

  6. Boomer… It’s amazing to me that the truly willfully ignorant are still ignoring chemtrails as contrails. After all, the govt has already stated that they are geoengineering to counteract global warming… haha… yea right.

    • Hey JG! I took pics this a.m. ’round here. Rain is expected this evening and through Tuesday. Of course, they’re spraying massively ahead of the incoming precipitation (coming west to east). Maybe I’ll put these pics up as well? Don’t want to bore folks though.

      Saw jets in the air with NO contrail; saw a jet with a “disappearing” contrail (normal), and then the massive laying of chemtrail lines by the Bastards. Also, many of the chemtrails have a starting/stopping point with the On/Off. Also saw the same 5 military helicopters this a.m., that I saw last evening (took pics).

      There is no dispute on chemtrails. Observation is all the analysis needed.

      • Whaddaya know?! I heard helicopters, and just ran outside, to see another 5 Military copters flying by in the same direction, NE.

        • From: Tim White
          Subject: Fw: reply from H Michael Sweeney / RE: BLACK HELICOPTERS are NO JOKE
          Received: Saturday, September 3, 2011, 11:46 AM

          I think you’ll find this very interesting…as well as what I can tell you about “connecting certain dots over my landline business phone” related to “certain locations related to the underground bases/facilities/entrances on the Front Range to the S/W and West and to the N/W of Denver Metro and under the entire Denver Metro area which includes much of the downtown Denver core/Capitol Complex and then all connected to DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT”….got CUT OFF in MID WORD when I was talking about all this and my friend Mike Floyd in Erie Colorado who I was speaking with and I BOTH lost our dialtones for maybe 20 minutes – WHY would “THEY” do that ?…N-o S-uch A-gency or C-riminals I-n A-ction did this to me MANY times in the past and I regard this as PROOF of what the hell I’m connecting – and Denver is LOADED with Intel Agencies goons…USAF-OSI is also a major player – can’t forget MI6 operating out of the British Consulate in downtown Denver at the World Trade Center either – which then brings up QUEEN ELIZABETH II ownership of HUGE tracts of DENVER METRO and COLORADO land/properties under the psuedo of “ELIZABETH HILL”…this brings up TRIZEC-HAHN…….of course I do know that other 3 letter agencies ARE very much watching me and have been for at least more than 20 years when I fought the IRS and one of it’s ARMED Revenue Agents who showed up at my door back on July 22 1991 to eventually “win” a Pyrrhic Victory against them in 1991-1992…and this also includes being GANG STALKED by GOONS from WACKENHUT(or others) which has large operations in Denver and Colorado….I was talking about ALL of this stuff on my landline business phone and I sure can say – I had LOTS of “listeners for better service and quality”………………

          Tim White

          — On Sun, 8/7/11, Tim White wrote:

          From: Tim White
          Subject: reply from H Michael Sweeney / RE: BLACK HELICOPTERS are NO JOKE
          Received: Sunday, August 7, 2011, 11:34 AM

          reply from H Michael Sweeney / RE: BLACK HELICOPTERS are NO JOKE….


          I had a twin piston engined Cessna (I’ll find the type but a late 60’s model) – all white W/ red fuselage stripping and wingtips and no markings…NO ‘N’ serial number that could be seen by 600mm telephoto lens…with an approximate 30″ x 30” CAMERA BAY just aft of the main wing trailing edge…this plane came over my shop – at maybe 700-800 ft MAX… at LEAST 40 TIMES that I’m aware of over a period of maybe 2 years…I’m also looking for a particular photo of a Swearingen/Fairchild C-26 Metroliner twin turboprop that I had above many times – at no more than 1,500ft AGL – that was carrying several types of RADAR….looking through my 600mm lens,I could clearly see 2 large radome bulges under the fuselage – which I figured was ground-penetrating synthetic aperture radar (to see BURIED objects like ARMS caches).. and an obvious SLAR long bulge on the starboard side…that’s SIDE LOOKING AIRBORNE RADAR and I also noticed a number of blade type communications and/or sensor antennas – this plane was doing an approximate 3 miles x 8 miles repetitive racetrack pattern that I could clearly see the entire flight-route while on the roof of my shop….then there’s the COLORADO NATIONAL GUARD UH-1 Hueys from BUCKLEY AFB that would pay me a visit too – did so several times even to the extent once of hovering at about 400ft DIRECTLY OVER my shop for more than several minutes – if a plumb-bob was dropped it would’ve hit me right between the eyes…then there’s a VERY quiet dark red/cream PIPER TURBO SUPER CUB that would do 1 mile diameter wide circles – with ME IN THE CENTER – and do these circles for maybe 2-3 or more HOURS at about the FAA minimum of 800 AGL…..this plane did this surveillance on me at least 20 times that I noticed and never during the day – ALWAYS coming over at twilight and into the late evening and many times shifting his circular pattern to come directly overhead of my shop…..


          — On Fri, 8/5/11, H. Michael Sweeney wrote:

          From: H. Michael Sweeney
          Subject: Re: BLACK HELICOPTERS are NO JOKE….
          To: “Tim White”
          Received: Friday, August 5, 2011, 1:40 PM

          Same here Tim, of sorts.

          Every week for about a month three Chinooks would circle my home as if in a landing pattern (3 passes), door down, troops in the back. VERY LOW – est 150-200 feet. These were NG units, not black, but there was a string of black ones flying across the valley earlier which I reported, about 12 birds, mixed Chinooks, Black Hawks, Cobra gunships, Hughes 500D (observation), and Bell Jet Rangers. These were on course toward CIA front Evergreen Aviation in McMinnville. The encirclements took place in 2003 while I was very active pointing out on Web and radio that 9-11 was an inside job. That same year a white Jet Ranger with camera mount hovered at about 100 feet and encircled the Gas Station I managed, nose constantly aimed at me, until I gave them the finger, and then they dived at me a bit lower and flew off.

          The black choppers were a few years earlier when I was being harassed by the FBI over my Flight 800 shootdown Web and radio activities. In that same period I was also regularly overflown and escorted to/from work (at distance) by US Navy SH-60B (their Black Hawk) equipped with downward looking side-radar array – very unusual. This is 80 miles inland and 180 miles away from the nearest Naval station. The side-looking radar employs ISAR (Inverse Synthetic Aperature Radar) technology to show only moving objects and is quite useful in tracking vehicle movement.

          I’ve not been troubled since, or so I thought, until a couple of months ago when a large dual rotor helicopter was heard hoovering somewhere low and quite nearby. Before I could get outdoors to figure out just where it was, it flew off. Since I worked on helicopters for the USAF, I’m pretty certain about the sound and that it was within a few hundred feet of my home. There are no civilian dual rotor helicopters in service in the greater metro area (50mi radius) other than some Chinooks owned by Evergreen and, in other parts of Oregon, by logging firms.

          On Aug 5, 2011, at 10:11 AM, Tim White wrote:


          I’ve had ALL FLAT-BLACK CH-47 CHINOOKS(with rear ramp DOWN) and ALL FLAT-BLACK H-60 BLACKHAWKS – each with NO markings whatsoever and dark tinted Plexiglas – no personnel seen – 5 passes from different directions in 2 days less than 150 feet over my custom cabinetry-countertop/corporate awards shop in Denver…which was located just 2 miles to the S/W of the Colorado State capitol building…this was the last weekend in June 1997 during the G8 Summit held at the Denver Public Library…LOW(less than 150ft) and SLOW(less than 20kts fwd airspeed) to let me KNOW – WE ARE WATCHING YOU…mind you – the FAA minimum FLIGHT LEVEL in CITY/URBAN areas is 800 feet AGL….and I won’t – at this time – even get to the details of the 5 YEARS of AERIAL ELECTRONIC and PHOTO SURVEILLANCE by several different aircraft types that was done on me at my shop location from December 1996 to August 2001…I am a former Weapons Fire Control/RADAR Technician on F-4E PHANTOMS (C & D models too) and I am also a military aircraft historian who keeps up with current states of aircraft and technology development so I usually KNOW WHAT I’M LOOKING AT when I observe any aircraft above my head….

          Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)

          Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower

          Low Flying Helicopters Over Boston For Urban Warfare Military Exercise As Military Movements Continue To Increase Low Flying Helicopters Over Boston For Urban Warfare Military Exercise As Military Movements Continue To Increase
          The Intel Hub August 4, 2011 In the last two months we have witnessed a huge increase in military movements that have some believing that something sinister is in the works. Whether it be numerous black helicopters, large scale military exercises, or massive train convoys, military movements have increased tenfold. On August 3rd, a concerned citizen… [Read more of this review]

          H. Michael Sweeney,

          investigative and fiction author both ebook and in print,

          The Professional Paranoid personal privacy/security ‘how-to’

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          Who’s Killing the Bilderberger An international murder mystery conspiracy (fiction) which, like Fatal Rebirth, seeks to expose real-world conspiracies in the telling. Some of the World’s most powerful and evil men are dropping dead like flies. A lot of people want to know why, and so will you! Project projected for the Fall of 2011.

          The Infinity Gate Trilogy:

          In Mindless Times World’s 1st ERGONOMIC BOOK

          In Priceless Times in works

          In Endless Times slated

          Editor Proparanoid Newsletter, FREE SAMPLE on PCT on request

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          Founder Free Will Society to aid targeted individuals

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          Twitter @proparanoid general Twitter dialogs

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          Political Control Technology primer

          Twitter @pppbooks Author and publisher’s personal connection on Twitter w dialog on books, music, movies, and projects

      • Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2008 23:55:24 -0000

        — In,

        ……in the skies over DENVER on more than one occasion….ESPECIALLY in
        the mid-evening on June 8th,1999.I was at a meeting at the home of
        Mike Russ who lives in Morrison Colorado.There were about 40-45
        people at this meeting and the speaker was ALEX COLLIER.The meeting
        was held in Mike’s 2 car garage with the garage door open to the
        street because it was a very warm evening.The meeting started at 7 pm
        and no sooner than it started,our group was being spied on by a
        Jefferson County Sheriff deputy in his cruiser who drove past REAL
        SLOW about every 6-7 minutes and OBVIOUSLY trying to see what he
        could.Mike then dropped the door down to about a foot off the
        floor.We were SURE that the plate numbers of everyone’s vehicle was
        taken down because I am SURE there were spies already in the
        neighborhood to watch everyone show up…I went outside for a few
        minutes to see this SPYING GOON do his thing and caught him glaring at me
        as he drove past.

        Alex spoke for about 1 1/2 hours and then Mike called a break
        for everyone to go out on his deck to dig into a great spread of food
        and munchies.The sky was a brilliant azure blue with a scattering of
        cotton puff clouds with NO chemtrails and NO planes in sight-ANYWHERE
        in ALL directions.I had an approximate 270 degree field of view with
        my S/W blocked by the rise of the Morrison Formation-which is known
        as THE HOGSBACK-this formation,in Morrison, is where the very FIRST
        dinosaur fossils were found in the United States by Andrew Roy
        Chapman from Yale..a perfectly preserved specimen of a Stegosaurus
        was first to be found and which can be seen at the PEABODY MUSEUM at
        Yale(I spent MANY hours as a kid in this Museum).The air was filled
        with the distant sound of top fuel/funny car dragsters from the Bandimere
        Raceway 3 miles away to the N/W-tucked up to the lower level of the
        HOGSBACK(East side) which is on the exact opposite side of the
        HOGSBACK where RED ROCKS AMPHITEATER is,1/2 mile to the West.To the
        direct North is Golden where the worlds’ largest brewery is,that
        belonging to COORS.About 2 minutes after I walked onto the deck,while
        I was wolfing down salsa and chips,I was looking directly East and I
        could literally see to the Kansas state line about 180 miles away-the sky was so
        brilliantly clear that evening – the Sun had just set behind the ridge of the Hogsback…MOST unusual considering the MASSIVE
        chemtrails that had been layed down nearly every day over Denver in
        the previous 7 1/2 months after the C-trails started in mid
        November,1998.Well,lo and behold,I see coming from about 30-40 miles
        away,shining from the setting Sun,one single aircraft.It was flying straight

        to our location.While it is at least 10-15 miles away,I recognize the T-tail profile to

        be a DC-9/MD-80 or 82.It takes about 1 1/2 minutes to get DIRECTLY overhead
        so that if a plumb bob was dropped,it would have hit me between the
        eyes.At this VERY INSTANT..out of two dump nozzles at the tail end
        comes short plumes…. DASH-DOT-DOT-DASH and continues on it way.When I saw
        this plane,it was NOT doing ANY C-trails and NOT after it left it’s
        direct overhead position.Now,I KNEW what this MEANT INSTANTLY.In
        MORSE CODE,dash-dot-dot-dash means X and CERTAINLY I GOT THE
        MESSAGE….X MARKS THE SPOT.There was one other person to see this
        and he was standing next to me,Jeffrey W Swedenburg, a now PROVEN TO
        BE CIA CONTRACT GOON/AGENT PROVACATEUR who had been very close to me
        since mid September,1998.

        Now here is the MEAT of the matter and it relates to just who Mike
        Russ is.Mike,in the company of 3 other friends of his-ALL of whom I
        know personally too,Bob Gibson,Steve Young,and Doug Chambers–are the
        4 guys who took PHIL SCHNEIDER and ALEX CHRISTOPHER(pseudonym,real
        name Vickie Morgan) to the DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT 2 months
        after it opened in April of 1995 and the report that came out about
        this “MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR” can now be found on the I’net titled;


        “Alex” is also the author of PANDORA’S BOX and

        PANDORA’S BOX II – The Denver International Airport Story

        both books are self published and virtually IMPOSSIBLE to find

        …..and the photos that Alex Christopher took during this investigative
        trip are now ALL over the internet and plagiarized by 1,000’s(Dr Len
        Horowitz PLAGIARIZED these photos and are in his book,”DEATH IN THE
        AIR” and those photos now have HIS copyright on them !).Right after
        this is when PHIL SCHNEIDER really began his lectures telling all he
        could about what he knew of UNDERGROUND BASES and his knowledge of
        the TRUE NWO AGENDA.As we all know now,Phil Schneider was MURDERED 7
        months after this trip to DIA….on January 12 approximately,1996.ONE
        MORE the doubters of what my visual observatory skills eyesight is a PROVEN 20/15 or BETTER….numerous people have
        told me that my visual acuity is regarded as PILOTS’ EYES.

        Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF),Concerned
        BUSHitler refugee from the 4th REICH
        Vancouver BC

        — In, “dbootsthediva”
        > Rick:

        But that just doesn’t explain the other anomalies in the
        > 2nd pic further down of 1/25/08.The AEROSOLS HAVE LANGUAGE SCRIPTS
        > IN THEM. No building of lighting to blame it on. I am finding
        > the same scripts in the ground around me, in the dirt. Definite
        > font type letters,numbers, symbols. Also in the dust, dirt on my
        > vehicle and windows.
        > Do not write this off. This could be part of the signature of
        > the energy we are all fighting. Everything leaves a footprint of
        > its action, whether its sound, movement and of course so would
        > something that is being used as a projection screen of our
        > atmosphere in their information war technologys.
        > Give me a chance, people. Ever consider their might be more
        > evidence of this in other photos? Probably even in our own
        > photos.I SEE IT IN MY LOCAL NEWSPAPERS PHOTOS TOO, on vehicles and
        > on the ground, and in their cloud pictures WHEN THE BACKGROUND
        > PHOTOS.
        > Dee

      • Boomer, our skies here have looked the same as yours for a very long time. They are RELENTLESS in their campaign to block out the sun…or something…. This morning on my way to work.. there were two trails shaped into a V and in the center it looked like a head…as if it were a teradactyl headed straight for my car. If I had my camera with me I would have stopped and taken a picture of it. Most interesting formation I’ve seen yet.

        Those helicopters..what color were they?

        • They were black, one rotor. Huey-size.

  7. Hey Tim…. great info there. What can you telll us about morgellons? Is that happening through the chemtrails or the gmo frankenfood ? both? neither? something else?

    • sorry JG…I don’t have anything on Morgellon’s since I’ve not spent time researching that and also I can’t compete in that area with known experts so I take what they’ve uncovered…but I can say that chemtrails contain MANY different pathogens of the bacterialogical,viralogical,mycological,etc varieties which I’m sure have been sliced/diced in US ARMY bio-weapons labs to create God knows what…..

      • Thanks Tim…. yea, I’d like to slice and dice the bastards that are experimenting on us like lab rats.


          Erich Traub – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


          … as the lab chief of the Nazi’s leading bio-weapons facility on Riems Island. …. Traub visited the Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) in New York on at …

          Germs Gone Wild: The Horrific Secrets of Plum Island – What Is on …


          Through Operation Paperclip, German scientists were brought to work in the U.S. after WWII including Erich Traub who researched animal disease vectors.

          Plum Island, Lyme Disease And Operation Paperclip – A Deadly …


          Hello, Jeff – This is an excellent historical documentation of Plum Island’s history …. Fearing brutal retaliation from the Soviets for the Nazis’ vicious treatment of …

          Weird History: What Is Plum Island? | Villains & Vaudevillians


          Jun 25, 2009 – Well, Plum Island is an island, and it does have some plums on it, but that’s … Sure, it was dubbed Plum Island because of the succulent beach …

          Nazi’s Ufos Camp Hero Plum Island And Harrp Machines Of Long …


          Oct 15, 2013 – Plum Island has been called Monster Island as well as killer Island- due to the work that was done in the lab concerning animal diseases as …

          Did Lyme disease originate out of Plum Island? – National infectious …


          Many in the Lyme disease community and so-called “conspiracy theorists” have been making this claim for a long time. While no surprise, the Department of …

          Nazis, Lyme Disease, and Plum Island, NY – LunaticOutPost


          Oct 18, 2013 – 15 posts – ‎3 authors
          Lay of the land. First let’s take a look at the Plum Island research facility on a map…

          Shutter Island & Plum Island and the nazis – David Icke’s Official …


          Jan 26, 2013 – 1 post – ‎1 author
          Shutter Island & Plum Island and the nazis Hidden Science / Advanced Technology / Top Secret.

          Plum Island Animal Disease Center – Cryptome


          The Connecticut victim of anthrax lived in Oxford, CT, across Long Island Sound about 55 miles west-northwest of Plum Island Animal Disease Center

    I have mentioned over the last few years the morgellon nanofibres and infection would create tinnitus and jaw or dental pain among other symptomology. Here is the latest from Clifford Carnicom 11/15/13

    When Patents Attack – PDunne

    Patents are on

    • EVERGREEN INTERNATIONAL AVIATION did NOT file for “Chemtrail Dispersion” technology – EIA was ASSIGNED those patents by the inventors listed here below……

      Inventor: Hale, et al.
      Date Issued: October 26, 2010
      Application: 11/681,147
      Filed: March 1, 2007
      Inventors: Hale; John C. (McMinnville, OR)
      Harris; Christopher B. (Amity, OR)
      McCune; William D. (Tehachapi, CA)

      Assignee: Evergreen International Aviation, Inc. (McMinnville, OR)
      Primary Examiner: Lee; Benjamin P
      Assistant Examiner:
      Attorney Or Agent: Davis Wright Tremaine LLPRondeau, Jr.; George C.
      U.S. Class: 244/136; 137/899.2; 169/53; 239/171
      Field Of Search: 244/118.1; 244/118.2; 244/136; 239/137; 239/171; 137/899.2; 169/53; 222/67
      International Class: B64D 1/16
      U.S Patent Documents:
      Foreign Patent Documents: 564771; 2163710
      Other References:

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