Posted by: Mr. M | November 14, 2013

Well, ya gotta be good at something …

Well, ya gotta be good at something ...

Gee, I wish I had something good to say. Seems a few stones are being thrown at Holder, but all this is simply theater setting us up for the Big Show that’s coming.

It freezes me. I lose ground trying to gain it. And the Big Show unfolds all around banging on the door, as the walls crumble.

I fear we have yet to see the depths of their darkness. We have much to make-up for. All of us have been nibbling on their poisons all of our lives. We are the living dead. Are we to blame?

The question that lingers is; how do they make themselves immune from the radiation that is going to reclaim this world?

If true, then they truly are spirits of evil intent, and they are in control. Therefore Time nor Space would be of little value to them.

Sure enough, we’re all going to find another piece to this puzzle soon enough.



  1. I imagine for every person that signs up for OCARE, three others die somewhere. It’s the portal for all his magic and as the planned system failure lingers the Insurance Co’s are cancelling policies. You get a single payor and that is the paying of your own funeral.

    Not this useless eater. as I have different plans for the master program and I won’t have any preexisting conditions to worry about.

    It’s great to be out of the Vortex and on the course that I was intended to travel.


    • Patrick,

      I don’t know what to say anymore.

      Well, I do …. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!

      Only there’s no where to run.

  2. Good to see you, Mr. M. Pretty bleak everywhere right now. You’re right about no where to run. All we got is whatever community we can hold together.

  3. There’s one place to go that does not require travel. No-ville! It’s just outside the valley of the shadows.

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