Posted by: boomerangcomesback | November 14, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Update: Mass Burials Begin in Tacloban, Philippines

SOS from Phillipines

SOS from Phillipines

See Update at:

Seeing that Haifan “Yolanda” was predicted to be a Monster and its path was also predicted, to strike Tacloban, there is one important question that comes to mind — WHY? Why do not international “relief” efforts not follow in immediately on the backside of a storm such as this? The first hours, and even to 72 hours are the most critical for saving lives. Yet, virtually nobody shows up for days to help the stricken population. No helicopters dropping medicine, water, food, and teams of specialized disaster relief professionals? This happens again and again. Does anybody else notice this problem?



  1. Since the sisties ENMOD ad been planned as the tool for new warfare on AGENDA 21. There was little difference in Katrina and Andrew. The predominate aid coming from the private sector and religious orgs.

    The Committee and Googleplex were just taking notes on what the results were in pre and post event statistics. There is an underlying program here to not only collect the casualties (depopulation) statistics of this endothermic exercise in Scalar technology and the connection to magnetic wave science. As in all the Vortex the 3 environment (3D) and the six (human population (6) realms are affected in the same manor. When the two are combined in the BIG EVENT slated before 2016, we will see the direct effect of killing on a global scale.

    The problem is that the uninformed will be steered and assaulted just life the atmospheres they control. Our internal spheres are as vulnerable as our environment outside. The biblical meaning of the mark 666 is completely ignored by the masses. It’s not religion IT’S SCIENCE.

  2. Famous excuses: “Oh, who could have guessed it would happen?”

    I haven’t had a chance to look at this link yet, but it surely ties in:

    I take it, Patrick, that they’ve given up on a killer flu bug and will resort to scalar? The latter is sure looking useful to them, while the former always seems to fizzle out.

    In Japan, there are predictions of another big quake, the one long predicted to inundate Fuji City and devastate the Hamaoka NPP, somewhere around March 2014. We’ll split for the Japan Sea side if it does.

  3. Great header, btw!

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