Posted by: kornisking | November 14, 2013

Two Poems Of Love

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To Teresa

If things had been different,
If I could turn back the hands of time.
Could there have been a chance,
I could have made You mine?
If we were somehow younger,
At the age of eleven or twelve,
Would I have carried Your books,
When the principal rang the bell ?
If just yesterday luck had been for Me,
I would have held Your head in My hand
And kissed your lips tenderly.
We would have strolled hand in hand,
In the moonlight by the sea
There on the cool wet sand,
If all My loneliness was gold,
And this sadness sugar sweet,
I would trade it all this moment,
If we could somehow meet.
The longing of this soul would end,
My heart would sing for joy,
If You would be My little girl,
And I could be Your boy.

      So unclear
Vision is so strange…

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  1. Is this vintage Korn from the old days or new works? My nostalgia bone has been rubbed. I will remember my one and only love tonight. What’s happening with you sailor. How about an update?

    • Thats classified information skipper. I am now Chief Gunner’s Mate , USS Lexington.I am in charge of repair of all 40MM quads,5 inch cannons and 3 inch AA cannons and any other small arms in curatory. I will have one in every port. Lets just say there is still fire in this boiler boss. Those are week old FYI. I need new material to write about (read pussy). Love You much Patrick. My life has been transformed since getting out of that unhealthy relationship. Even My back is better,blood pressure down,willy up. Preaching life,love and liberty at every opportunity. Send My love to all, John PS will send new pic soon

    • Pic

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