Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 8, 2013

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911 was an inside job….
911 was an inside job….
911 was an inside job….
911 was an inside job….
911 was an inside job….
911 was an inside job….

Thanks Doc. I feel better now.




  1. Notice how in those abilify commercials, the little black cloud guy is still hanging around? That’s because you will need yet ANOTHER drug to add to the mix. Big Pharma doesn’t want you to forget that !

    • The black hole is ObamaCare. In all areas he is stealing our energy.
      E=IMC squared.

  2. What I see in that ink blot is something from my childhood. It’s one of those christmas ornaments that’s three tiered with tiny brass angels on each of those tiers that twirl around in a circle due to the heat from the little lit candles that surround them…………

  3. Dad ‘unfit parent for refusing son McDonald’s’

    [A Manhattan dad is not lovin’ McDonald’s right now.
    Attorney David Schorr slapped a court-appointed shrink with a defamation lawsuit for telling the judge deciding a custody battle with his estranged wife that he was an unfit parent — for refusing to take his son to the fast food joint for dinner.
    “You’d think it was sexual molestation,” Schorr, 43, told The Post Thursday. “I am just floored by it.” …]

  4. I had to look up “Abilify.” Don’t tell me they’re advertising it on TV! Bipolar, depression, schizophrenia? Gracious groceries! What an amazing place America has become.

    • I guess I don’t watch enough tv, cuz I didn’t have a clue either!
      Thought I was reading it wrong….ability….amplify….???…ha.

    • Had them too…if it was the Swedish ones…

      • The ornament, I meant….

        • Mar, Yea, I think they are Swedish. Loved that thing. I was mesmerized by it.

  5. It’s an antipsychoyic in the new wave. Like Thorzine was in the sixties and seventies, tricyclics came before the SSRI’s. These are killers.

  6. F 9
    Ar 18
    Co 27
    Kr 36
    Rh 45
    Xe 54
    Eu 63
    Hf 72
    Tl 81
    Th 90
    Es 99
    Hs 108
    Uus 117

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