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Cockroaches invade New Jersey and Virginia


Hey Fatso, shut down the cockroach NSA spy facilities

NJ Gov. Chris Christie: Opposing NSA Surveillance Is A ‘Strain Of Very Dangerous Thought’

from the because-protecting-civil-liberties-is-like-hugging-terrorists dept

New Jersey governor Chris Christie may be looking forward to a possible presidential run in 2016, which would at least partially explain his broadside attack on Justin Amash (of the “defund the NSA amendment“) and Rand Paul and their “strain of libertarianism” that’s now threatening established American institutions like domestic spying and fighting Wars on Stuff. Christie invoked an old standby to criticize recent legislative activity like the narrow defeat of Amash’s amendment and Rep. Rush Holt’s recently introduced bill to repeal the PATRIOT Act.

“As a former prosecutor who was appointed by President George W. Bush on Sept. 10, 2001, I just want us to be really cautious, because this strain of libertarianism that’s going through both parties right now and making big headlines, I think, is a very dangerous thought,” Christie said.

Asked whether he includes Paul — a fellow potential 2016 presidential candidate — in his criticism, Christie didn’t back down.

“You can name any one of them that’s engaged in this,” he said. “I want them to come to New Jersey and sit across from the widows and the orphans and have that conversation. … I’m very nervous about the direction this is moving in.”Christie went on to characterize these debates as “esoteric” and “amnesiac.”“I think what we as a country have to decide is: Do we have amnesia? Because I don’t,” he said. “And I remember what we felt like on Sept. 12, 2001.”

I operate now on the concept that anyone who accepts the official story is NWO. (idiots included)


James Bamford, The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America, 2008, p. 236:

In 2006 Verizon constructed its “secret room” on the second floor of a nondescript two-story building at 14503 Luthe Road, in Houston, Texas. Once Verizon receives watch-listed names from the NSA, it then reroutes their Internet communications into that room, which is packed with secret Verint machines and software. After passing through the Verint software, the messages are then transmitted in real time to a central government surveillance hub in Sterling, Virginia. [This Sterling hub has not been located; leads to: cryptome[at] Might be the Verizon GNSOC in Ashburn, VA, facility]

Run by the FBI, the hub is a newly built annex for the bureau’s Engineering Research Laboratory (ERF), located on the grounds of the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. … An encrypted T1 cable connects the ERF Annex in Sterling directly to the NSA at Fort Meade. …

While Verizon’s data network is centrally tapped at Luthe Road in Houston, it appears that the voice network is monitored from the company’s sprawling facility on Hidden Ridge Avenue in Irving, Texas, near Dallas. It is there that the company’s Global Security Operations Center keeps tabs on the entire Verzion system, looking for fraud. According to a sworn affidavit by Babak Pasdar, a computer security expert who has worked as a contractor for a number of major telecoms, he discovered a mysterious DS-3 line at the heart of one company’s system — a link labeled “Quantico Circuit.” His description of the company and the link seems to match that of Verizon as outlined in a lawsuit against the company.


See Verint spying technology:

Verint. Powering Actionable Intelligence.

Verint helps government and industry make sense of information overload, transforming it into actionable intelligence for better decisions and optimum performance.


I have been inundated with spam, spyware and surveillance from the V gang NSA.  I guess thay didn’t like my reasons for dumping wireless and cell service.  “What, you don’t like our spying disclaimers, you Racist?”

I guess I am when it comes to Cockroaches. Here’s a few more…

Terry McAuliffe, Hillary Rodham Clinton

Governor Elect Terry McAuliffe

Global Crossing[edit]

In 1997, McAuliffe invested $100,000 in Global Crossing,[10] a Bermuda-registered telecommunications company providing fiber-opticnetworking services worldwide.[15] Global Crossing went public in 1998.[16] The following year, McAuliffe sold the majority of his holding for a $8 million profit (other accounts have said his profit was $18 million).[17] McAuliffe sold the rest of his shares in January 2002.[17]The company filed for bankruptcy that same month, causing investors to lose over $54 billion, and 10,000 employees to lose their jobs.[17][18] McAuliffe, who lambasted Republicans after the Enron scandal, was criticized as hypocritical in the media, prompting him to set up television interviews to explain himself.[19] On Hannity & ColmesSean Hannity pointed out McAuliffe’s large profit, to which McAuliffe responded, “What are you, jealous or something? I mean, you buy stock. It was a great company.”[20] According to McAuliffe’s book, he played no management role in Global Crossing.[10]

Sounds like Whitewater to me.

The Secret Agreement Between NSA and Global Crossing/L3 Undersea Cable Company

Clintons Creep Into Virginia (like cockroaches)

Daily Kos: Terry McAuliffe: everything that’s wrong with America

Sounds like ENRON

Box gang

Just the Cronies of the two party paradigm and the gang from the Bush Box Group and the Patriot Act. Looks like New Jersey and Virginia are going the way of New York and Bloombergs.  GOP or Dems makes no difference in the big Ponzi and New World Order.



  1. The criminals are terrified of losing control. Wonder when they’ll try to mandate cell phones. Some of the Sandy-hit communities are not getting their landlines back.

    • That’s a perefect segue for Christie. Talk about an ass in elephants clothing.

  2. VERINT is THE MOSSAD………..

    VERINT –‎
    Sep 27, 2013 – VERINT has been renamed from the formerly company name COMVERSE …. sigint backdoor AMDOCS COMVERSE VERINT mossad.
    ‎Official Coordinates – ‎Products & Services – ‎Articles / Events / Appearances
    Keep An Eye on Verint. | Prophecy In The Making.‎
    Feb 4, 2010 – I found it interesting how it mentions that this particular company, Verint, always seems to do well previous any attack and during stock market …
    Verint Comverse Urban Moving Co. : Mossad fronts? – YouTube
    ► 7:17► 7:17‎
    Oct 18, 2008 – Uploaded by DruideBlanc
    Watch Later VERINT PASS THE ENVELOPE (2).wmvby maringo20112,272 views; 7:50. Watch Later Mossad …
    Verint Comverse Urban Moving Co. Mossad fronts – YouTube
    ► 7:18► 7:18
    Jan 29, 2013 – Uploaded by UrbanMovingSystems
    Verint Comverse Urban Moving Co. Mossad fronts. UrbanMovingSystems·7 videos …
    What was the Israeli involvement in collecting U.S. communications …‎
    Jun 8, 2013 – Israeli high-tech firms Verint and Narus have had connections with U.S. companies and Israeli intelligence in the past, and ties between the …
    Verint « Aletho News‎
    Jun 19, 2013 – Two Israeli high tech firms (Verint and Narus) with ties to the Israeli secret police (MOSSAD), have provided the spy software for the NSA and …
    How Israel helps eavesdrop on US citizens | The Electronic Intifada…us…/7788‎
    by Ali Abunimah
    Jacob “Kobi” Alexander, the former Israeli intelligence officer who founded Verint, fled the US to Israel in 2006 just before he and other top executives of a …
    Israeli Spy Companies: y Companies: y Companies: Verint and …‎
    Alexan- der is a former Israeli intelligence of- ficer who chaired Verint’s board from its creation in 1994 until 2006, when he was indicted in the US on 36 charges.
    Debate Flares Over Israel’s Access to American Secrets – Forward …‎
    Oct 23, 2008 – Narus and Verint were involved in tapping phone and Internet … He then describes close ties between the Mossad’s Unit 8200, which he …

    • That’s right f4ephantomphixer. Part of the same cabal running the AMDOC COMVERSE. I had a brief stint with Verint in Boca Raton Florida. That’s MOSSAD and Bush gangland territory

      Every criminal on the east coast set’s up shop and buys a large home there so they can protect their assets. Some put in solid gold fixtures which are protected as well. It’s a Pirates Haven

  3. I seem to remember that you were gonna call me Patrick…what happened to that call ?

    Tim White aka F4EPHANTOMPHIXER

  4. I think we’ve all been hacked. I find the net loading extremely slow on alternative media, and mainstream BS loading faster. A sign of things to come on the web.

    • Java Script and other loads, flash ytimg, goggle dodads etc. cause the delays which gives them the time to run the mdata. All the Zone-Alarms are collecting. Not just Tel-Aviv anymore.

      Your PC ethernet is still safer than devices WiFi. Plus you don’t get the EMR cell damage from microwave spectrum. I believe Patricia is correct in her assumption that the buy/sell will require a wifi of some sort, whether it be ipad,phone, bracelet or chip.

      The UAV technology is frightening enough. One must live in a Faraday Safe House. (which would make you a terrorist)

  5. Googles DSM-V doodle. Rorschach 129 = 3

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