Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 4, 2013

Reports: Shots fired at Garden State Plaza mall


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  1. Get on this Jersey Girl. It’s your scoop. 🙂

  2. I wonder if he had a note in his pocket saying something about the NWO. Lol.

    • haha… I was sleeping on the job.. Literally!

      I’m at the very southern end of NJ..nowhere near that mall. However, I saw this tweet and it explains it perfectly to me. Just another drill of terror to get us all used to seeing THIS:
       photo gsmall.jpg

    • Gee, people don’t look like they are taking all this seriously.. hmmm… wonder why? The “news” person reporting on it seems very disappointed that they aren’t running and screaming. Hey, lady, this is Jersey, get real.

By: jerseyg on November 5, 2013
at 7:36 am


  • Well Chris, you would think and maybe that “plotline” will develop later. Here I get the Philly news and at first they had the guy going to the mall targeting just one person. He was supposedly a guy with a drug problem who stole his brother’s legally AND legally modified long gun. He was dressed all in black with a black helmet. Now the story is that he wanted the cops to shoot him because of his drug and “mental” problems. A suicide that he wanted the cops to handle for him apparently.

    Of course, the pictures are all about the terrified shoppers and also the grateful ones glad to have escaped. Also the obligatory ones of the authoritarian vehicles surrounding the entire mall. NONE yet of the “dead shooter.” He was “found dead” in the basement “construction site”(?) of the building at 3:30am by a “self inflicted gunshot wound”. So I guess, he decided the cops were too inept to do it for him after all.

    Here’s a link with pix:

  • Hey JG, CP, where do think they dreamed up “active shooter” from?
    From the Joystick operator in the parking lot of these drone “Call of Duty” Holograms with stage names. Then like any program they just power down and log off.

    Was Santa injured? I heard he was there as well though now he is sporting a Turbin over his red cap to more easily bypass the TSA grab and grope. Like Chris Christy, a grab’n’grope could take hours.

  • NWO=CRAZY! Yes indeed.

    I saw the nightly news on INFOWARS where they made a viseo of DC criminals spouting the NWO. Dozens from Zbig, Barry, Joe B, Ckinton, The Bush Box gang and Kissinger., to name a few.

    I hope they are included in this charade.

  • I saw this happen live because I had to watch SOUTHERN POV LAW CENTER Mark Potok on CNN go toe to toe with Michael Medved. Though both are talking heads for NWO, the SPLC is the brains behind the stagings. They are all zionist operatives and those crisis actors all come through the Actors Studio of SPLC and Greenberg and the Morris Dees Agency.

    From the stage productions of “Oklahoma” City to “Adam Get Your Gun” the SPLC is the scriptwriter and PR firm.

  • NSA official cites ‘stop and frisk’ in effort to explain searches of phone records
    Published: November 4, 2013 Updated 13 hours ago

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  • 6 PEOPLE = 6-9-3 From the Googleplex

    [The team of experts, which includes tech whizzes on loan from companies such as Google, Red Hat and Oracle, has punched through the issues one by one and improved the speed of pages loading by 80 percent, Zients said.]

    NSA can’t collect the data without ‘true”

    [“Unfortunately as you know, we hit a frustrating roadblock this week with hardware problems at the Verizon data canter that hosts the site,” Zients said., stating that it’s been fixed and more hardware updates will be made over the weekend.]

    ‘true’ glitches = false

    There seems to be a problem with uploading your soul through the portal.

  • [Off-Topic] Looks like you’ve been tweaking the formatting, Mr. Dunne. I suggest putting the author and date-stamp at the top of each posting, rather than the bottom.

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