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The Mason’s Jar

From the Vortex 39-6


Pre-prediction graphic
1. Reality
2. Perception
4. Time
5. Force
7. Goal
8. Cycle

posted on 2013-1-1

1-2 LAX HOAX (warning)
4-5 EVENT (sacrifice)


Need-Warrant-Opportunity NWO
Problem-Reaction-Solution Dialectic
Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis Hegelian Triad

LAX – Masonic Order Rose Croix
Ontario – Knights Templar

In many postings here I have been researching further into the separations of Freemasonry from it’s Egyptian beginnings pre-Christ and the links between them since the time of the organizational chapter in historical information.  These have included European origination, both by country, religion and race.  From the time of the Geneva bible, the KJV (9) in 1611, the  priory of sions of deflection to cover the truth with half truths or complete fabrications in interference, misdirection and deflection.

From the Mayflower conspiracy I laid out the Rosicrucian and Pilgrims, the Puritans and Angelicans, the Catholics and Prodestants and the York and Scottish Rites.  From this long and complicated (by design) historical account produced by committee and laden with propaganda, omissions and falsities, the work is done. The great Work.

A good conspiracy theorist has to battle not only the confederates of the NWO but other theorists as well. CIANCIA was a freemasonry run operation.
Lax Terminal 3 was used as it’s Masonic number is important in illuminati numerology. This blue team (blue lodge) event coincides with Ontario staging exercise. The exercise involved 300 police officers to perform an active live drill. Ontario is a key location in Masonic history and the Niagara falls point of NY state is a haven for the Luciferian order of the York Rite. But this has the earmarks of the Scottish Rite as do most of the hoaxes and sacrifices.

This is a sacrifice and it’s stooge Ciancia ‘CIA&CIA’ (spyvsspy) is a fake name for the sacrifice but deeper the warning to the CIA members who as whistleblowers or witnesses to Benghazi and it’s secret relationship with the Arab Spring and the Egyptian event [Morsi] who may want to testify may meet with the hand of Powerful forces in the hierarchy of Masonic Power in our Governments and Military.

It’s not to say whether Obama is a mason of the orient, a Shriner in Islamic tracings or a Prince Hall of the York Rite and Rosicrucian is all speculation, but we know previous Presidents were Masons and the brotherhood of Muslims Shriners and the fraternal orders of Freemasons all share the rules of higher ascension in regards to secrecy of the magic and alchemy associated with the degree of the particular Rites.

Many years ago, the first degree, or Entered Apprentice, would swear, with his hand on the sacred book of his religion (the Bible, Koran, etc.). His oath would recite various obligations, then conclude with these words:
“I do most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, without the least equivocation, mental reservation, or self evasion of mind in me whatever; binding myself under no less penalty than to have my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by the roots, and my body buried in the rough sands of the sea at low watermark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours; so help me God, and keep me steadfast in the due performance of the same.” (Captain Morgan, “Freemasonry Exposed,” pages 21-22.)

“When a brother reveals any of our great secrets; whenever, for instance, he tells anything about Boaz, or Tubalcain, or Jachin, or that awful Mah-hah-bone, or even whenever a minister prays in the name of Christ in any of our assemblies, you must always hold yourself in readiness, if called upon, to cut his throat from ear to ear, pull out his tongue by the roots, and bury his body at the bottom of some lake or pond. Of course, all this must be done in secret, as it was in the case of that notorious man Morgan, for both law and civilization are opposed to such barbarous crimes, but then, you know you must live up to your obligation, and so long as you have sworn to do it, by being very strict and obedient in the matter, you’ll be free from sin.” (Edmond Ronayne, “Masonic Handbook,” page 74)

Morgan was sent to the bottom of Lake Ontario with a heavy stone crafted by his Mason brotheren. Hense the Ontario reference in this sacrifice of whoever this Ciancia stage name is.  Ontario CA, has a Scottish Rite Lodge number 301. I can only wonder if the affiliation is more than chance. When you hit the googleplex for the case of Captain Morgan you will get Rum.(by design)

We remember James Holmes, Adam Lanza and the masonic connections. Gene Rosen for example, the genius behind the PR and the Hiram Lodge #18. (=9)

We also remember Trayvon Martin and daddy Martin…


Certainly the Fraternal Order of Police are part of the biggest lodge in Freemasonry. COTO knows that. I wrote a piece regarding the “thin blue line” and posted a very nice header on the subject. As a blue lodge organization it is easy to interpret their mission, the duty they have to the order over the public and it can be argued from OJ Simpson to Trayvon that these police captains and certain ranks have been assigned to these stagings and sacrifices in order to accomplish the goals of the illuminati.

These Hermetic Movements are as old as man and in the deepest darkest places in Freemasonry are the ancient dialectics of mans history. From Hegel’s Philosophy of History we can better understand the old world order and the new.  It has not changed much except in the spiritual decay of the masses who are not willing to or inclined to understand that the conspiracy is real. The Government in all three branches and disciplines are infiltrated with the Illuminati and the religion and what they will kill their own children for is powerful and primary to their existence while the peoples spirituality diminishes with each passing day. Knowledge is the reason. The haves and have nots. It depends on how you look at it.

From The Philadelphia Inquirer under their Fraternal Order  collection Pennsville tries to comprehend what happened

PENNSVILLE, N.J. – Early Friday afternoon, Paul Ciancia called a longtime friend, the town police chief. His son Paul, who was living in Los Angeles, had sent an ominous text message to his younger brother.

The message from 23-year-old Paul made the family feel “that he was going to do harm to himself,” Police Chief Allen Cummings said Friday night.

Cummings said he went to the Ciancia house and then called the Los Angeles Police Department to do a well-being check on the younger Ciancia, who had been living in Los Angeles for about 18 months. His two roommates were home when police arrived, but Ciancia wasn’t.

By then, a gunman had killed a Transportation Security Agency officer and wounded two other people at Los Angeles International Airport. But police hadn’t released the shooter’s name. Neither his father nor Cummings linked the shooting to Paul Ciancia.

Later, the Pennsville community was stunned to learn the young Ciancia was charged as the shooter.

“I was actually very shocked. We never put two and two together,” said Cummings, who learned of the news through a phone call from the Associated Press.

Around that time, the elder Ciancia, who owns an auto-body shop in Pennsville, called Cummings.

“He said he saw [Paul] being named on TV as a suspect,” Cummings said. “He was upset. He was distraught.”

The younger Ciancia was shot at the scene. Cummings said the family did not know his condition. The AP identified the slain TSA agent as Gerardo I. Hernandez, 39.

Cummings said the last time the family saw Paul Ciancia was in the summer, when he returned for a wedding.

The chief was uncertain what Ciancia was doing in California. Cummings said family members told him there were no indications to them that Paul had mental-health problems. He said there was no indication to the family that he had weapons.

“They’re upset. This is a shock to them. This is a shock to the community,” he said.

Cummings said he was not certain whether the family would go to Los Angeles.

In Pennsville on Friday night, reporters camped out in front of the Ciancia home as FBI agents interviewed the family. He comes from a “super-super-nice family,” said Orlando Pagan, 45, who said he has lived across the street for 10 years. “There were never any signs. . . . I’m shocked.”

Pagan said Ciancia’s mother, Susan, died after a long illness a few years ago. He said the elder Paul Ciancia was an associate member of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 6 in town. The younger Ciancia has a sister in addition to his brother, Taylor, who lives in the family home.

The AP reported that Ciancia graduated in 2008 from Salesianum School, an all-boys Roman Catholic school in Wilmington.

“When he came home [from school], he waved to my family,” Pagan said.

Pagan’s son, Josh, 17, said Paul Ciancia worked in his father’s repair shop after school.

“You wouldn’t think someone like that would come out of a family like that,” Josh Pagan said. “It would make more sense to me” if authorities accused the wrong person.

Another neighbor, Gary Hankins, said residents in the community are not close – literally. The houses are at the end of long driveways and are separated by woods.

“The community is not very tight-knit. The houses are hundreds of feet off the road,” he said.

“I cannot fathom that happening. It’s hard to comprehend someone in this small, quiet neighborhood – it sends chills up your spine,” Hankins said. “You feel so bad for the family and the families that were affected.”

Hankins said the elder Ciancia had been a businessman in the area for 20 to 25 years. “The father always took care of people” at his shop, he said.

Hankins said he didn’t know the younger Ciancia was living in California. “The family has always been very nice to us,” he said.

On Friday night, police blocked the entrance to the Ciancia house. 

You can read this and if you have any knowledge of the Freemason schtick and you read well between the lines, they are literally telling you this is not real and it is a conspiracy.  The real mystery is in the code that begs the question, who is the real target, what is the message of warning to the CIA, or other Freemasons of the inner cabal. Is it as I believe a warning to CIA witnesses to Benghazi? Is it like the other stagings and regarding LIBOR and the witnesses of Masonic involvement?

Angela Merkel Lady Mason and Barack Obama, SpyvsSpy? What’s under that cover?
The rule is you protect your brothers regardless of crime. Pedophiles and murderers are included. The Alchemy and Hermetic seals are air tight. In Illuminati Theurgy rituals and magic are performed with the intention of invoking the action or evoking the presence of Lucifer for favor.  It also helps in the case of Ciancia to send the message, create a further police state, redistribute wealth away from the people to the upper degrees of the order of thieves and as in any good triad, the benefits to them out number the casualties.
Monas Hieroglyphica. courtesy of John Dee. Find 8 and 9.
newest Theorem XIIIb



  1. Nice job connecting the dots Patrick. When I saw the father was a member of the fraternal order of police, I went… uhoh.

    I have a question though. Why do you say the name Ciancia is fake?

    • Something like this Deb.

      The Hoax – No one named Ciancia/False people. Falsified documents. No one knows them LANZA’s….Just the Blue Lodge people know them. Assumed identities, two or more identities. Name is key to the hoax as is the venue. Geography may also be key.
      Sacrifice is required

      The Stage – Moved to that location. Given an identity that meets the role.. Identity assumed for short time. Actor staging. Selected names may have no meaning, but venues or props are key as well as geography
      Sacrifice is required

      The False Flag – Time, Venue & Geography are critical. Names are not key, Numbers are critical. Events may or may not be reported factually, but death count may be critical and accurate even if post event sacrifice is required.

      In all three scenarios, the name may fake. It depends on the TI, and his family history, adoption, relationships, etc. What I know from my research stems from several things.

      My time as a private investigator in Texas, my interviews with a escaped victim of sex slave trafficking and several books on the MK-Ultra and Monarch program.

      Children are not kidnapped randomly. They are hand picked and placed in masonic families. They are used for many purposes. In my article on Geneology and the Mormon CIA programs like and other data collecting portals, one of many purposes is to target people with few or no living relatives, single mothers, abusive family homes, mental health populations are prime. Masonic Pedophiles are protected while a 18 year old that has sex with a 15 year old gets on the predator list. You know how CPS operates. The Schaefers found out. Southern Poverty System.

      There are thousands of potential players in hundreds of cities. The network is huge. Law enforcement and TV’s most wanted plays the scam out, but the reality is a network of criminals are using people for their pleasure and programs.

      Let’s see the details that emerge from this event. Have we ever seen Adam Lanza’s father on Piers Morgan, 60 minutes or Oprah?

      • Yea, I totally get it. Never saw Papa Lanza or Adam’s “brother” being questioned or interviewed anywhere that I know of. Now isn’t that just the oddest thing? You’d think those supposedly blood thirsty and nosey newshounds(HA) would have been fighting over who had the first interview with either of them.

        The large Ciancia house has acres of woods surrounding it with a long ass driveway that finally leads out to the street where the other houses are. Looks like a perfect hiding spot for strange activity and rituals to take place in the dense forest.

        I did look up others with the name just by typing in various first names with Ciancia as the last. Very few people with that name showed up.

        • Same thing here in CIAnCIA, Daddy has a lawyer who is speaking for a man who does not exist. The newshounds have been replaced by Crisis Repoters being spoon fed from Reuters Googleplex.

          The Hastings of the world are dead or they have retired. They won’t go where angels fear to tread.

          Obama fires another Military Officer today. I hear it’s now 10 that have gotten the axe.

          Damned Deb, this is the quietest coup I have ever witnessed. Werph Aucht! (sorry)

    • Paul A. Ciancia aka Adam Walsh?


  2. Reblogged this on Johnsono ne'Blog'as.


  4. From 2004 -4-9-3 Ontario
    Masonic Lodge Is Suspended After Shooting

  5. Hasn’t been my Masonic experience. Exceptions may exist that you extrapolate to the whole, which then becomes a case of overblown over-generalizations. You might just as easily have search/replaced “Mason” with “Baptist” [or “Protestan”, or …] and due to the overlap, you could over-generalize bad behavior to a whole religious denomination.

    The shooting from approximately 2004-03-15? Sure. All participants were Masons. “A social club connected to the Masons but not officially part of the organization.” We don’t got it, and most don’t either. It was an unsanctioned social offshoot to Masonic affiliation in that particular town. By that, I mean that drinking doesn’t happen in most lodges except at “table lodge” special events. After meetings, some like-minded fellows might indeed head to a local waterhole, but is unsanctioned. There are the old-timers at my fitness club (that has a liquor license) who create their own social offshoot of the fitness club, and in many regards resembles in spirit that social offshoot of masons. Lots of 2nd Amendment Supports, Hunting Freaks, and Gun Nuts around, making “gun play” not so far fetched in whatever venue brings comrades together in an unsanctioned social club.

    I not arguing against anything you’ve written, and I conceded early on “exceptions may exist”. My bone is with extrapolating the exceptions to the whole.


    • Really the simple reality is all disinfo and crime originate from the inner core of all organizations, corporations, government, Science and financial institutions. Religion.Org is no exception and may be the axis of all others. This is not a Masonry thing. Neither do I condemn Jews, Cops or CEO’s in generalizations.

      I merely point to the philosophical and kabbalists of an inner core and those administrators in higher profile positions who have take the oath. If one is inclined to accept the philosophy of a person as being the overriding priority, then this becomes religion and instruction and contract bind them as well. This thing called Freemasonry, like all other organizations has no firewall against the infiltration of the virus which was the first religion of the world, that being the triad.

      The vigor of the committed by whatever means, ways for whatever end is the key to success. Being able to conceal it is priceless. Where do Skull&Bones, Scroll&Key and Wolfshead meet? At nine. The Jews, the Masons, the CFR and all the rest mostly useful idiots and decent folks. It’s at the nine, the tip of the iceberg that sink the Titanics while the rest of the mass just float along.

      I like oathkeepers. Just not some oaths. In Masonry it’s just a matter of degrees I figure.


  6. Rodney King LA – Rodney Kings staged tragedy happened 3/3/91 deflection off IRAQI WAR (#1 1991)

    On 6/17/12, King’s fiancée Cynthia Kelly found him lying at the bottom of his swimming pool. – ONTARIO

    On the Same day 6/17/94 OJ Simson went on a drive. He’s next for deceased.

    Terminal Three LAX aka Tom Bradley Terminal
    Bradley was a Prince Hall Freemason during Rodney King (both deceased)
    Daryl Gates was a scottish Rite Mason (deceased)
    Daryl Gates complicit in RFK assassination?
    Evidence of Multiple Shooters Destroyed by Former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates?

    LAX deflects what? Message what? There’s just too much LA confidential.
    I know a big event is coming there. A prefect caveat.

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