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Nothing to see here. Just another staged event for the coming bluebeam event.

Remember the Targets will be Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Houston.  The recent Taliban killing of Hakimullah Mehsud is another HOAX. This like Tim OSSman bin-laden is another operation in the next 911-redux for American disarmament and transition with Al-CIAda telling us there will be repercussions for the fake killing.

Counting down…..




LAX Hoax Confirmed -TSA Busted with Fake Blood Packets

LAX Hoax Confirmed – TSA Busted with Fake Blood Packets

Regarding the LAX shooting and proving it fake, it’s done; it’s finished. There is nothing, here. 1000% a hoax.

There is no shooter no matter what the fake eyewitnesses report. The so-called MSM can’t even get the story straight, one minute it’s a former TSA employee, the next minute it is an unknown element, a lone wolf who is the opposite of a TSA mole: fiercely anti-government. read more




Script Flipped: LAX Shooter Is Mad At ‘Intrusive Security Screenings’, Had Note Mentioning ‘NWO’

Narrative pins blame on liberty lovers

Steve Watson & Paul Joseph Watson.
November 2, 2013

In a scenario that we predicted almost immediately upon hearing news of the TSA shooting incident at LAX yesterday, the media is now reporting that the suspect is a 23 year old man whose motive consists of being mad at the TSA for invasive security screenings. It is also said that he had a note in his bag that mentioned the NWO (New World Order).

Originally CBS and others began reporting that the shooter was an off duty TSA agent, indicating that the motive was personal in targeting colleagues. This began to be quickly memory holed, however, and replaced by a completely different outline. read more


UPDATED: LAX Hoax Proven in Pictures

These Two TSA Fraudsters Prove the LAX Hoax

The Different Faces of Paul Anthony Ciancia








    A series of triggers expected when Morsi trial begins on the 4th of November. 11/9/-11/21 days of chaos. Follow the Benghazi-Libor triad. It holds the keys to Tuscon, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, Snowden, Merkel and the events that we will see until the end of the game, whatever it’s outcome. There will be no Marshall Law until the next 911 and that depends on whether the Military revolt, the Bankers go free or Soetoro is removed. There are three obvious events based upon the timeline but for certain one component, a large one will take place before the end of the month.

    The deflections, stagings and agenda are to weaken the resistance of the sheeple while decapitating the head of the liberty and justice that still remains. In order to continue, the event will have to be bigger than Libya/Egypt and Libor.

    Obamacare won’t save you Barry.

  2. I have always wondered why they don’t just shut down the grid in towns here and there to wreck havoc but keep commerce going elsewhere. You know, just to keep the fear level high along with the enforcement of the control grid They’ve done that sporadically here but I see a much bigger show coming up over the horizon….

    Libor? The average amerikan knows nothing about it and could not care less. Fukushima is going to kill us all and no one cares about that either. They won’t even need to starve us in fema camps after the “financial collapse.” The radiation will take care of our appetites permanently.

    • That’s true. If the American masses do not get it, then the world will not take kindly to the pawns as well as the knights and bishops. The Kings and Queens will go unscathed but we will face the punishment of the world.

      This Morsi event is a clear indication that the Egyptian and Syrian people will endure and do the hard work. But pleeeeease, if you expect the chickenshit dumbed down and lazy minded controlled sheep will spend anytime understanding the connection to these global wars and robberies and the staged events here at home to keep their simple minds on their pathetic existence.

      Some don’t even know the local events as they are too busy watching Cyrus Gaga. The world is being raped, robbed, tortured and killed by the too big to fail/jail or even nail. This is what amounts to the largest case of Blackmail/Extortion by a group holding so much power, both financial and terror based, that the justice system is nothing more than a ticket cop and meter maid. Cowardliness rules.

      Fukushima was a clear evidence of their mafia tactics. If Libor and Benghazi ever come to light we can expect FUKU unlimited. But that’s better than the slow torture of paying these cretins in perpetude and leaving that to the children of our children. There will come a time when there will be no option to fight or resist. We will be the history books fools and cowards.

  3. OOPS!

  4. The Smarter You Are, The Stupider You Are

  5. A partial eclipse will bring a strange sunrise Sunday: by no accident the event in NASA time means business for us.

    Is the light of the world strange already? You bet. Global Dimming is causing human dimming.

  6. As-it-happened: Pakistan Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud killed
    [this live stream has ended]

    The Staged event (sorry you missed it)

    Pakistan-Taliban dialogue ‘has started’ – Nawaz Sharif

    just after he was interviewed by the pedophiles at BBC in early October 2013
    Al-CIAda killing CIA

    Zionist Joos and their stagings. This fraud is still alive as indicated by the secret burial.

  7. Let’s just agree that the LAX Hollyrood Universal Stuidos Magic Mountain Disneyland Knotts Berry Farm production is more likely “staged” in this nexus than anything having to do with reality.

    And the photos, along with the blood packets is rather condemning. You know Puddy, they could be Bloods gang wannabe’s sporting a little red so the “insiders” can hardy harhar it up?

  8. Do you remember knottsberry farms? I do. As a nine year old, I remember going into the house of illusion where the stairs, rooms were on the ANGLES and the illusions were on the walls. It was a box not unlike the one we are in now since Y2K.

    • Yep, I remember Knotts Berry farm well. I visited my cousins in Orange County when I was 12 and we went there along with disneyland and other places of interest in cali. That’s exactly what it feels like too PD.. Good analogy.

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