Posted by: jerseyg | November 2, 2013

L.A./Ontario International Shooting Hoax – Max Malone

Max always brings it...



  1. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Federal prosecutors have filed murder charges against the suspected gunman in the deadly shooting at Los Angeles International Airport.

    U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte Jr. said Saturday that the murder charge applied to the death of TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez, who died in Friday’s shooting at LAX’s Terminal 3.

    Authorities arrested 23-year-old Paul Ciancia in the attack, which also wounded five others, including two other TSA officers.

    Ciancia was also charged with commission of violence at an international airport. He could face the death penalty.

  2. Whoville! Thneedville. TSA losing credibility. Recent information released that TSA hasn’t prevented one terrorist attack. Why? There are none. Just 911 Zombies who watch too much Alpha-Beta programming.

    Ontario X-LAX diarrhea and Max is right on with our friend Waldo. The illusion of Government including the fiat components that make this matrix are just about to disappear. It is then we will see the world as it really is and the real terror of psychopathic who feed on simple FEAR. It’s their food. Feeding the Beast is the answer. Once there is no fear, there is no power and the grid, then collapses.

    When all the E.V.A.N network fails, the system goes live from NASA. Where surveillance cameras never appear in these events, the real watchers sit in the situation room at the white house and Pentagram Command Con where the pariah feed like piranha.

    Structural Failure!

    • The braindead posting comments under the article on the “event” on yahoo are very discouraging. They think he’s crazy. They think he’s on drugs. They think guns should be banned. They think he should be killed before he goes to trial. They think, they think , they DON’T think! That is the problem. Don’t these people have internet ??? THAT “injured” agent that was being wheeled around for the cameras WAS a flippin’ dummy…it’s more than obvious! But we know who the real dummies are.

      • THose are the most dangerous. If they are not cointel paid shills they are the thing we should worry about. They do not think but are ready to kill.

  3. Seen this picture supposedly of Ciancia on the floor at LAX?

    I couldn’t get the video to play though.

  4. Am I wrong but wasn’t the last account of his clothing camo? Also, they said he was shot in the face 4x’s. This picture does not show this. WHERE is all that blood off to the side supposedly coming from…. ALSO… this pic does not jive with the one I posted from twitter under my original article with the “shooter” with the oxygen mask on his face. It does look like it could be his face… I dunno… what say you all?

    • Here’s the vid…. Again, I feel so very sorry for this kid they are claiming is the shooter. Seriously it breaks my heart.

  5. Introducing Nick Pugh at TED… ya think he’s got connections? Maybe? ha!

  6. I don’t know what this Nick Pugh or Ted has to do with the LAX thing.

    There seems to be some background information on the cia-n-cia kid with regards to real estate…

    • Nick Pugh is the supposed witness to the shooting. If you watch the video, at the end, Malone compares Pugh’s voice and face to the 9/11 Harley D witness who talked about the buildings falling from structural damage.. I’m sure you remember that. Pugh also had no ID on him at the terminal? Where was his driver’s license? There are always weird connections with these so called “eyewitnesses”. Just show us the fucking video already. We KNOW how many cameras are at the airport.

    • Sea Isle City is a beach community. His father’s house is in Pennsville. It’s a large house with lots of acreage in the wilderness of Pennsville. He lives about an hour from me. Here’s the link:,-75.505493,39.647821,-75.506262_rect/19_zm/1_fr/

      Here’s the Sea Isle House they are talking about in your link:,%C2%A0Sea+Isle+City,+NJ

      The patsy is a Jr.. He is Paul A Ciancia as is his father.

  7. kid didnt get property; whoever the einstein is who wrote that to begin with, failed to add 2+2; mom died 7/2009, susan; house was mom & dad (Pauls); house reverted to widow dad 2009/12. Pretty darn simple.
    2) dad may not be Paul a..or he may be more than Paul a. so far I’m up to four AKA’s and I have facts to base that on; mom, has a whole slew of them, dont know if shes married liz taylor style or not, but its her middle name. 😉
    Dad owns at least 9 jersey houses, and one record he’s MD, not car shop owner. Maybe he malpracticed and changed occupation, we will see.
    so far, SON paul, does not exist – his real name is Taylor per all the invest. i’ve done. There is no paul jr. thru this searching so far.

  8. oih, this is interesting — either dad has a bro and they shared same susan wife, or dad likes a variety of first names, like susan does.

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