Posted by: jerseyg | November 1, 2013

TSA Agent Killed in LAX Shooting -Suspect Shot and in Custody (dead?)

Oh boy, here we go again.  Let’s keep track of this story as it unfolds and changes color faster than a chameleon, shall we? Make sure you read the comments below the youtube vid.  THey are always the best part.


From CNN: 

Los Angeles (CNN)[Breaking news update, 2:40 p.m.]

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center said it received three male victims from Los Angeles International Airport, where shootings occurred Friday. One arrived in critical condition, and two were listed in fair condition, the hospital said. The hospital did not say how they were injured.

[Breaking news update, 2:35 p.m.]

A former Los Angeles Police Department ranking officer gave this account of Friday morning’s shooting, citing discussions with investigators: The shooter walked to the security checkpoint, pulled out a concealed assault rifle and shot the TSA agent; the shooter then went through the checkpoint, and a police officer shot the shooter. The source arrived at the scene shortly after the incident.

[Previous update, 2:30 p.m.]

A gunman concealing an assault rifle walked up to a Los Angeles International Airport checkpoint and opened fire on a TSA agent Friday morning, but when the gunman passed the security point, he was shot and wounded by a police officer, a former ranking Los Angeles Police Department officer who was at the scene told CNN.

The gunfire sent travelers into a stampede, passengers said.

A total of 10 shots were fired, and two people — the gunman and the Transportation Security Administration agent — were wounded and taken to local hospitals, an intelligence source told CNN. Their conditions weren’t immediately available.

It was unclear in the immediate aftermath whether there were other suspects.

The gunman approached a checkpoint at Terminal 3 at 9:30 a.m. and began shooting at the TSA agent, according to the former LAPD officer who was at the scene.

The gunfire and the airport’s announcement of the incident provoked chaos among travelers on a busy morning, passengers said.

One of the busiest airports in the world was rendered a ghost town: The violence prompted evacuations of portions of LAX and led to a “ground stop” for arriving planes, said police and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Robert Perez, who was getting ready to take a Virgin Air flight, was taking a nap in the terminal when pandemonium erupted, he told CNN affiliate KCAL/KCBS.

“I heard a popping sound, and everybody was diving for cover,” Perez told the station. “The TSA said there was a shooting in the terminal and evacuate the building.”

At least 100 people came down a staircase. “Everybody started to panic,” Perez said.

Fox Sports national columnist Bill Reiter was also at the airport during the gunfire. “After the initial burst of gunfire and hiding, people started jumping over one another, jumping off chairs, pushing each other. Chaos & fear,” he said on his Twitter account.

The passengers were directed to board a bus and were taken to a smaller terminal, Perez told the affiliate.

Alex Neumann was at a food court, waiting to travel to Miami, when the incident unfolded. He said Terminal 2 was put into lockdown.

“People were running and people getting knocked down. There was luggage everywhere,” Neumann said. “Mayhem is the best I can describe it.”

Several police officers moved about the airport with guns drawn, he said. KCAL showed live video of three officers with rifles to their shoulders inspecting parked cars in an open-air parking lot.

The Los Angeles Fire Department was assisting with a “multi-patient” incident at Los Angeles International Airport, the department said Friday on Twitter.

Firefighters were laying tarps on the street at the airport, apparently for triage. Several ambulances were at the airport, and at least one person was loaded into one.

The area around the airport was jammed with cars as police shut down access to the airport Friday morning.

President Barack Obama has been briefed on the shooting and will continue to be updated, but the White House had no further information at this time on what happened, spokesman Jay Carney said Friday.

Authorities were interviewing about 100 witness, the intelligence source said.

A leader of the union representing TSA officers deplored the incident.

“We are sickened by reports of today’s shooting,” American Federation of Government Employees National President J. David Cox Sr. said.


From Reuters:

LOS ANGELES | Fri Nov 1, 2013 2:33pm EDT

(Reuters) – Several people were injured in a shooting incident that sparked chaos at the Los Angeles International Airport on Friday and authorities said the suspected gunman was in custody.

The airport halted outgoing flights after the shooting and passengers were evacuated, authorities said. Local media reported a gunman with a high-powered rifle had been shot by law enforcement.

“About 9:30 this morning, there were some shots fired on or near Terminal 3, obviously some people were injured, two possibly three,” LAPD spokesman Gus Villanueva told KTLA television.

Los Angeles police spokeswoman Officer Norma Eisenman said a suspect had been taken into custody and was believed to be the only one. Eisenman described the situation as a multi-victim incident, but there was no immediate word on any fatalities.

Passenger Robert Perez told a local CBS affiliate that airport security agents had come through the terminal shouting that a man had a gun.

“I heard popping and everybody dropped to the ground,” Perez said.

Alex Neumann told cable network CNN that he was in an area inside the airport past a security checkpoint when he heard loud noises and screaming and saw people running in a scene that amounted to mayhem.

“We were at the food court and all of a sudden I hear a big commotion and people started running. People were running and people getting knocked down,” Neumann said, adding that he heard screams. “Mayhem is the best way of describing it.”

Television images on cable network CNN showed at least one person being loaded into one of several ambulances at the scene, and passengers were seen being evacuated from the area.

Footage showed emergency responders setting up what appeared to be a triage area outside an airport terminal, and outgoing flights were halted.

“The general public is being held back… Other than arriving flights, flight operations have been temporary held,” airport spokeswoman Katherine Alvarado said in an emailed statement.

Airport police and airport officials would not offer any additional information.

President Barack Obama was briefed on the incident and White House officials are in touch with law enforcement officials on the ground, White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters.

(Writing by Cynthia Johnston; Editing by Gunna Dickson)

From: Breitbart

UPDATE: The suspect in the LAX shooting on Friday, Paul Ciancia, hailed from Pennsville, New Jersey, according to the Associated Press. He was living in Los Angeles, according to his family. The AP reports that Ciancia wore fatigues and carried a bag with a note saying he wanted to kill TSA members and “pigs.” The police chief in Pennsville said that Ciancia’s father had received a text message from his son on Friday morning suggesting that Paul wanted to commit suicide. The officer killed, according to J. David Cox Sr., national president of the American Federation of Government Employees, was a behavioral detection officer. Six people were taken to the hospital according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

CIAnCIA?  Watch the videos below and you will understand the why of this false flag.  Criticize the TSA, the cops, the government and the NWO and YOU are the terrorist.  His family and friends have all said he was not into anything of the sort.





  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    I really think they need to spin this. This guy is dead. They need to come up with a reason and they need to use it to the government’s advantage somehow. This involved the TSA so they can’t just say a TSO went nuts. They have to spin it so a white guy with an AR15 did this and it was horrible and emotional and people died and we have to point the finger at the gun and white guys now.

  2. JG, Infowars reflects a “flip-flop” that the guy “was”, then “wasn’t” a former TSA blue-gloved molesting agent.

    Now, according to a news spot on my homepage, the shooter now “is” a former TSA blue-gloved molesting agent for the NWO.

    • Yep Boomer.. and so it begins. The “eyewitness” said the “shooter” asked him if he was a tsa agent.

      WTF?? Whether he was or wasn’t a TSA agent dontcha think he’d know the difference between a passenger and an agent by the clothes they are wearing or the shoes they aren’t wearing?

      PLUS.. how the hell did he get in the airport with a long gun? Really?? Who in the hell is stupid enough to believe this crap yet again?

  3. AT 1:20 in… that a flippin’ crash test dummy being wheeled around for the cameras?

  4. REal busy here, but so glad to see you keeping an eye onn this! This morning’s news showed the stampede, which I guess security cameras caught. I explained to my husband (critical of US gun culture) that a lot of the time it is a guy doped out on anti-depressants who’s been forced to curtail usage, often due to financial circumstnaces. I’m not sure what drug they use for depression in Japan, but Shinobu said they try to keep patients too dopey to commit suicide. It’s probably different from the SSRIs in the US, but I’ll have to investigate it to be sure.

    Still nothing about the big earthquake on the news. Probably trying to downplay Fukushima. I’ve got an article in Japanes oon hand that suggests TEPCO is covering up evidence of critical damage that was due to the earthquake, not tsunami.

    Sorry ofr all the mistaches in this comment. Gatta run!

    • Fukushima? What’s Fukushima? According to U.S. news media… it’s a non issue.

      Nothing right now is MORE critical than what is going on at that plant. The entire health of the world is hinging on what happens there. Why is there not a worldwide coalition of top scientists and engineers in Japan dealing with this problem? If there are, I haven’t heard of them.. Could someone please advise? For god sake, starfish are melting in the Pacific! Whales and dolphins are full of tumors. What does it take?

      I still say… they are terrafirming the planet. This is not just about mentally deranged elite bloodlines. Unless we are talking bloodlines not human.

  5. A nice breakdown of the inconsistencies by Abby @ the forum:

    • an hour ago

    I started watching FOX News about 1.5 hours after the shooting occurred. This is what I heard:
    The shooter used a shotgun, witnesses were told there were two shooters, the gunman was a TSA employee, and the shooter was dead. Shortly after that, they reported there was only one shooter.
    About an hour later, they had the official press conference. The police chief and FBI agent in charge praised all the many different law enforcement agencies at the scene for working so well together. Then they said the shooter was alive, and had used an assault rifle. They refused to release any information about the shooter or shooting victims.
    Shepard Smith said this shooting scene was the most confused shooting incident he had ever seen, and Catherine Herridge agreed with him.
    During the coverage, at the bottom of the screen, it said that a sister airport to LAX (which was not identified) had an active shooter drill on October 5. Also, an emergency management official was quoted as saying, “The city is standing tall, leaning forward.” As soon as I heard that asinine statement, I knew it was a false flag. The most frequent comment witnesses made was, “The TSA was running with us. I thought they were armed.” I think the purpose of the false flag was to arm the TSA.

  6. Where are the videos?

    Seems that every time Benghazi is mentioned in the Corporate Owned News (CON) there’s another shooting to knock it off the headlines.

    Everything I have (which isn’t much) says this is some thing of MKUltra false-flag. Everything fits the profile of those they’re trying to demonize and help those (the TSA and police state). Recent articles exposing the TSA as nothing more then window dressing and mass conditioning of the masses to get use to having a military presents makes this all the more suspicious.

    But then again, I’m just a highly paranoid conspiracy nut.

    • ” … some KIND …” … coffee hasn’t kicked in …

  7. No M… you are a man with a critically thinking brain. I just posted some videos at the end of the article where they are tearing this thing up.

    Where there is a drill.. there is a shooting or mass casualty to follow !~~ BEWARE THE GRIDEX2 MONSTER !

  8. Holy crap… check out this pic.. I think the dummy was deflating!

  9. What I mean is, where are the security videos of the incident? LAX has to be ripe with security video cameras, so where are the videos?

    As in every incident we only see what they want us to see and what we should see never gets out. I suppose they’ll come out with another the “cameras weren’t working” meme.

    So far I’ve heard a half-dozen different scenarios that the security cameras could put to rest. So where are they?

  10. Yea M, I know that you were referring to the cams in the terminal. I just wanted to point out that I had just posted some videos within the article that others had made pointing out other discrepancies just as obvious as … WHERE THE HELL IS THE VIDEO? All we saw are people running and what looks like a crash test dummy being pushed in a wheelchair.

    Wtf, don’t emts use stretchers anymore for god sake?? In fact, I know they do because a woman was taken out of her townhome a few doors from me just a few weeks ago on one !

  11. Sorry Deb. I did not mean to dump my post before seeing yours. Excellent comments.

    It’s the LORAX here. Obviously the event whether the shooter actually is a real person is questioanble but more to the event as a marker for something bigger for LAX or LA is my contention.

    Again Michael points the obvious lack of the surveillance state to confirm any surveillance other than MSM streaming diarrhea.

    This Taliban drone strike is not as reported as well but an event to clean up Benghazi which remains the real event that can bring down the Obaba Regime. The teams are trading attacks and this is a deflection off the attempt to take Fast & Furious and Benghazi to their conclusion.

    As the JFK date approaches, the real whistleblowers said they would reveal some real bombs. All this SNOWDEN and HOAXES are a massive cover for the real news. LIBOR will never rest and Egypt or Pakistan could sink the ship. Bonesman Kerry has his mission and his takeover of the State is a testament to he need to contain the whistleblowing. Greenwald and Snowflake have only one purpose and that is to deflect the massive theft that happened in the derivative bubble.

    The Dam is breaking and when it does, we are the screwed. I’m certain we are in the last six months of life as we know it.

  12. The dam is breaking and radioactive water is spilling into the ocean and out into the air…. All the financial shit is important to the collapse but in the end it all means nothing compared to Fukushima and THIS:

    Talk about the end of the world..PERIOD. AND no one is talking about it on the teevee. They are going to start moving the spent fuel rods next Friday 11/8. Wondering how all this jives with GRIDEX and Ison colliding in mid November?

    • Friday! JG, you are on top of this more than I, and I’m living right under the shadow of this! Thank you for the heads up! Actually, I’m somewhat sheltered by the big ranges of mountains between here and there that precipitate the fallout there, but eddies can bring wisps of it sweeping in from the south, which happened once during the last crisis. Where Tony lives, however, there’s nothing by flat plains. Basically about 60 miles, line of sight. He’s been very busy, but I’ll encourage him to be absent from the area on Friday.

      But if any of these $6.00 an hour, yakuza-hired, bullied, exhausted warm stiffs they’ve got working on this f*cks up, the only good news is that TPTB will also choke on their own vomit.

      • I always think of you Patricia when contemplating Fuku. I’m glad you are on the other side of the mountain. I will be very nervous come Friday for ALL of us and the days after until the job is done.

        I lived right outside of Philly Pa when 3 mile island was melting down. Odd thing is, the movie China Syndrome was out the very same time as the 3 mile island crisis. I still remember coming out of the movie theater and hearing that one line repeating in my head. …the line in the film where they mention “a meltdown the size of Pennsylvania”. Even back then, before I knew about the illuminati putting their little messages of things to come in tv & films, I felt that somehow it was much more than a coincidence. Though at the time, I had no idea of why.

  13. PS Oh gawd I love the header!!

  14. Did you see this? A drill 3 weeks earlier……like a preview….

    • Yea I did see that ms d and posted the video of the cop admitting to that at the news conf with two guys behind him looking panic stricken…especially the one that slaps his face! lol I posted a couple of vids including that one and a picture of the supposed “CIAnCIA shooter” on a gurney with an oxygen mask on his face. A face that was reportedly shot at 4 times? Really?

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