Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 31, 2013

So — Now THEY “say” (decree) All the Water is “Theirs”!

Like the Kings & Queens of a not-so-forgotten time, arrogant elites believe they can “plant a flag”, and magically, the entire territory including its people is THEIRS!

Human nature doesn’t change. So its up to US to change the channel on these misguided elites.

This revelation (of the “Method”) shows us all the absolute insane greed of the crony capitalists, while showing “how” they go about setting up and manipulating the system to enrich themselves. This is really an excellent example of AGENDA 21 insanity, and how LAWS & REGULATIONS are written up to tighten up the Control Grid on the population.

What’s the answer? It is not capitulation, that’s for sure.

You will be amazed at the ridiculous “powers” the elites aggregate to themselves by “decree”. So, YES — They think they can own the water, the air, every square inch of the planet They decree as “Theirs” — and then charge humanity for access. You can clearly see their twisted intentions with this story.

Sharpen your pitch forks folks!

The EPA Legally Controls All Water, Food Production and Private Property

by Dave Hodges — October 28, 2013.

Mike and Chantell Sacket (, from Priest Lake, Idaho, were preparing an 0.63 acre plot of land for the construction of their new home when an order by the EPA was issued to remove piles of fill material and replant the vegetation that they had removed from their property. The couple paid $23,000 for their property.


The order from the EPA was issued after the couple had gone through the process of acquiring all of the necessary permits to begin construction. Failure to comply with the EPA order would have resulted in a daily fine of up to $37,500.

The Idaho couple sued, in an attempt to prove that their land did not meet the criteria for being declared a wetland by the EPA; however, the lower court refused to hear the case. Fortunately, the Supreme Court sided with Mike and Chantell as well as several other property owners who had been the victims of EPA tyranny. The details of the case are provided here.

What seemed like a victory for property owners against the EPA may prove to be short-lived. The EPA is back and they are back with a renewed vengeance. Under the Clean Water Restoration Act, the EPA is in control of all “navigable waters.” On the surface, the term “navigable waters” would seem to provide some measure of protection to the public from invasive EPA enforcement by placing some reasonable limitations on the EPA’s regulatory power. Alas, that is proving not to be the case.

The Clean Water Restoration Act

The Clean Water Restoration Act goes far beyond the original intent of the law which was the protection of waterfowl and the conservation of wetlands. The proverbial fly in the ointment has its roots in the recent removal of the term “navigable waters”.

Under the new guidelines, if you use well water, the EPA has jurisdiction over your property and can even forcibly evict you and your family. If it rained overnight, or you have runoff from a recent snowfall, and there is any resulting puddles on your property, this can result in the loss of the free use of your property. You are also subject to eviction from your land if your property resides above an underground water aquifer.

A Thinly Veiled Excuse

In reality, this law has nothing to with preserving water and is simply a thinly veiled excuse to separate as many Americans from their land as possible. This strategy is straight out of the Agenda 21 playbook and it is being used to attack private property rights throughout the West. This strategy dovetails nicely with something I recently wrote about with regard to the fact that many state governments in the West are prohibiting the trapping and use of rainwater and the reuse of farm irrigation water. The last thing the Federal government wants is to allow Americans the right to fully control their property and to experience any kind of water independence.

Sidebar information directly below. Then, click on “more” and read the rest of the article.

“Feinstein Introduces Trojan Horse … But Tech Giants Throw Weight Behind Legislation Which Would ACTUALLY Rein In NSA Spying” “The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee – NSA shill Diane Feinstein – introduced a Trojan Horse of a bill today which pretends it reins in the NSA, but would actually legalize bulk surveillance on Americans”.

The “comments” section following Washington’s Blog post linked to below, provides additional “dirt” on Feinstein and her husband’s activities. So, Shumer’s putting up “his” legislation that’s supposedly an alternative? You must understand that EVERYTHING on BOTH SOLD-OUT SIDES ALWAYS SELLS OUT “THE PEOPLE” while benefiting the Khazars and elites. Good Cop/Bad Cop scenarios are continually role-played and spun out to confuse the masses. DO NOT accept ANY of it, and you will then stop perpetuating the anti-human agenda.

Read the article here:

The underlying intent of these policies is to attack America by lashing out at the food producers of America. The Wetlands legislation is being used to force the food producers of this country off of their land as the EPA begins to assess farmers $37,500 dollar, per day, fines for having any kind of standing water on their properties. The EPA is all too happy to provide relief for farmers and ranchers and acquire their land to help these victims of federal tyranny to get out from underneath their fines.

Most rural communities understand what is happening to them, but these events are receiving almost no attention except for the exceptional news blurb. The most dramatic reporting on this event occurred in the past week on FOX News in which Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on FOX and recounted many of the claims which I have identified here.

A number of other water issues have been the subject of recent Congressional oversight and subsequent legislation. Some legislators have been highly critical of recent regulatory initiatives which have abused the personal property rights of individual farmers, ranchers and homeowners. As of this date, despite some scant interest in EPA abuses, Congress has failed to act against the EPA for Fifth Amendment violations of property rights.

The True Intentions of the EPA

There is one person who has almost more water than God, but he is not and he never will be regulated by the EPA and his name is T. Boone Pickens.

Pickens could be found guilty of diverting rainwater to a house of prostitution and he will never run afoul of the EPA and its enforcement army from the Army Corps of Engineers, because Pickens is part of the plot to hand off the nation’s water supply to private corporate interests which will be beyond the reach of the EPA.

America is the victim of a three pronged attack which is designed to control all water: (1) Through the Clean Water Act, the EPA controls all water; (2) As a result of controlling all water, the EPA will come to naturally control all food production; (3) Since all property has some degree of water on it, the EPA is, in effect, the draconian landlord over everyone’s property.

Rules for Thee but Not for Me

That one person which is not impacted by EPA regulations and that person controls as much water as he wants. That infamous corporate raider and robber baron of the oil industry, T. Boone Pickens, is leading the charge to unscrupulously enrich himself as he leads the global depopulation efforts to create a series of artificially contrived water shortages. Pickens was one of the first to rush to capitalize on the impending water shortage by his insidious acquisition of the largest underground aquifer in the US, the Ogallala Aquifer, containing a quadrillion gallons of water, This massive underground reservoir extends from Texas to South Dakota.

In Roberts County, TX., Pickens has purchased nearly 70,000 acres, as well as the water rights to personally remove up to half of the Ogallala Aquifer of which he plans to sell back to nearby residents in order to enrich himself. Much of this aquifer extends into prime farm land located in America’s bread basket. One man, T. Boone Pickens, is acquiring the ability to turn the American heartland into a dust bowl. Pickens will soon have the political power to charge so much for water, that farmers will be forced to abandon their farms and ranches in a Hunger Games rendition in which government sponsored interests will eventually become the sole purveyor of the nation’s food and water supply as the anti-humanist, Pickens, makes more money from water than he ever did with oil.

In order to acquire the water and expand his control over the Ogallala Aquifer, Pickens needed more political power. In 2006, Pickens bought off the Texas State Legislature for $1.2 billion. This purchase of water-related law making power has allowed Pickens the ability to do accomplish four goals: (1) He created an eight-acre town and an accompanying local government, and subsequently made his tiny municipality into a powerful Water Supply District; (2) As such, Pickens automatically acquired the right to issue tax-free bonds and thereby, giving himself the lucrative benefit of borrowing at a tremendous discount; (3) Now operating as a public entity, Pickens is armed with the power of eminent domain which will allow him to expand his water acquisition potential in which he bullies local residents, along the aquifer, to sell their properties for pennies on the dollar; (4) Pickens used his 1.2 billion dollar bribe money to get the Texas legislature to pay for a 250 foot wide water pipeline corridor all the way to Dallas where Pickens will make an estimated yearly profit of $165 million at taxpayer expense. Pickens has become the poster child for the phrase “crony capitalism.”



According to Business Week, Pickens is now the number one owner of water in the United States. He will soon possess the ability to create a waterless wasteland through the heartland of America and who is going to stop him, Obama or the corrupt Texas State Legislature?

Pickens isn’t content with his new-found power over Texas water supplies. Pickens is in the process of greatly expanding his control over water as he petitioned Congress and the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to expand his private/public water district’s power of eminent domain and right-of-way, so that he can operate across state lines as well. If this is fully granted, Pickens will control all water between Texas and South Dakota. Pickens is also in the process of doubling down as he has added his previous wind projects to the water district by proposing a vast $12-billion wind farm, to sit on the same land he is acquiring for his water pipeline. The cost of the water pipeline is estimated at $1.5 billion, which is being financed at taxpayers’ expense through bonds and low-interest loans.

Pickens told Business Week that he is only planning on selling surplus water, but according to the United Nations research and scientific studies report, nearly two-thirds of the entire population inhabiting the planet will face severe, life-threatening water shortages by the year 2025. So, Mr. Pickens, what surplus could you be talking about? And you only thought you had to worry about Obama collapsing the economy through his socialist policies.

Every bit of the Pickens plan violates the both the spirit and the letter of the law with regard to the EPA’s claimed right regulate all water. Pickens is not, and will not meet any EPA resistance.

Pickens Is Not Alone

The former CEO of Nestle, Peter Brabeck, does not believe that the common man has an inherent right to water. Brabeck stated in an interview for a documentary We Feed The World, that he believes water should only be something only the wealthy have access to. This is the same Nestle and Peter Brabeck which Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory episode “Blue Gold” featured in Ventura’s show about this rogue corporation. In the Ventura program, he exposed Nestle for bribing public officials in order to be able to take out massive amounts of water from the Great Lakes and sell it to countries such as China.

Of course it has been well-chronicled that the Bush family is moving to acquire massive amounts of water in South America including the continent’s larger underground water aquifer. The Bush family has built an expansive ranch on 100,000+ acres with the labor provided by the Army Corps of Engineers in another example of crony capitalism.


It is quite clear that while the EPA is moving towards the control of water, food and property rights, thus paving the way for globalist crony capitalists to obtain control over the nation’s water and food supply, as well as usher in a society which has no private property rights.

It is also becoming increasingly clear that the globalists are buying up our water rights and are planning to sell it back to us at exorbitant rates. In this Hunger Games scenario, the elite will one day control all water, food and property rights and can, therefore, hold humanity hostage in servitude to the whims of the global elite.




  1. Yeah, over my dead body! Come ‘an get it… There is so much stuff that is f*kd up in the world, why would this be any different? Kings own it all, just ask them! Urg, going back under my rock. Don’t want to deal with any of this for the next 2 months, maybe 2 years. It’s SO depressing to be a peasant, living with a common man, and only hoping for the best…….yeah, HOPE, you know where THAT got us! LOL

  2. I just looked at this post again Ms. Darlene, and it jumped in my face that, “they” are seeking to repeat “their” process again in America…think — exterminate the natives. That’s what the ramp up resembles with the stasi police state, fema camps, B.S. “legislation” giving “them” the supposed legal right to EVERYTHING, including the right to exterminate anybody at any time by any means. ’cause “We’re ALL Terrorists Now”!

    Just as with the white man slavers, and Native Indian exterminators, “They” view the peasants as “savages”, as insurgents, as terrorists. YET — it is patently OBVIOUS “They” are the very savages and terrorists!

    It is so clear now — WE ALL can see it!

    I continually wonder “when” WE will take the field on offense against these beasts? I would imagine “legally” the People have all the evidence they need to arrest, investigate, and sentence these beasts to their well-earned fate. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

    “NSA Spying on the President” By Andrew P. Napolitano

  3. The Green Machine is Blue. The reality was clear when we published the ICLEI, Wetlands Project and migration under the UNFCCC. Decree and the new global constitution are written on the Georgia Guidestones not far from Jeckyll Island.

    Nestle, Maurice Strong, Slim TB Pickens, The Carbonari from the Sierra Club and the whole climate gang from Gore & Blood &Company have been moving along at a nice clip.

    What Bluebeam will bring is the massive deception of ENMOD in all it’s Disney Fantasia. Certainly we’d expect no less.

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