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Spotting the Paranoid is Becoming the “New Rage” of the Information Age

Its all over the alt-web site blogosphere — Alphabet Agency “SPYING” on EVERYBODY! Internationally and Nationally. Yes, Globally.

In America — it is 24/7 Surveillance on the Citizens, while the “administrators” shut every source down that shines a light on their activities (especially their “personal” life — cut Barry Soetoro, and any of their ilk).

Some entity is Extremely Paranoid. Some entities are seeking Extreme “Control“. There is no other explanation.

Contrasted with the Extreme “Secrecy” manifested by “Administrative Agencies” with their hands up the backsides of the “Policy-Making Puppets”, an M.O. for Totalitarianism / Tyranny has been uncovered.

WHO is Behind these Programs?

The Answers are becoming Obvious. Including the “Why?” reasons for building this Global Information Gulag.

It is also Obvious that the secret surveillance State is patently the Opposite of Freedom for Humanity. Where do YOU stand on this subject?

Gvt Gone Too Far ~ Charlie McGrath on RT, Oct 26, 2013

But WAIT!!! Check out what a little PERSONAL POWER & Knowledge about your Rights does when you Stand Up for Yourself! Imagine if MANY exercised their sovereign “Rights of Refusal” as human Beings:

Every Single Individual on the Earth is a “Wrench”…

Freedom by Wrench

Freedom by Wrench

Part of the “WHY?” and “WHO? discussed HERE:

You can also read Jim Kirwan or Les Visible blogs for more buttressing of the accusations.

Whom to believe? Surf around and see what YOU come up with?

Like this —

Who is the biggest Drone Bomber in the World? Take a wild guess!

So…knowing that illegal wars, and drone bombings, and other extracurricular activities create MORE enemies, what should we think about the “Why are They Doint That?”.

All WE have to do is look around a little bit:

WOW! A short stint at Blacklisted News and I came up with all of these thought-provoking threads…

On & On it goes.



  1. I found this in the trash. I’m going to keep it.

    • Thanks for pulling it out of the trash 🙂

  2. So, that’s what you were just doing. Saw you editing. Nobody commented on it the other day, so I trashed it.

    Yeah, the Surveillance of the People, and Secrecy of the Manipulators is off-the-charts. How long can this go on without a SmackDown by The People?

    Which reminds me — A Great Time for a Smack Down Man toon by “M”!

    I was hunting around for an ObamaScare piece to add stuff to. That Situation is getting ridiculous!

    Rappaport added this:

    And this piece with the very funny Saturday Night Live skits:

  3. If follow the game, you might have picked up on the Blue team German/French ops [DVD] versus the UK-US [CARBONARI]

    Deutsches Verteidigungs Dienst and their french Divers Droite from Le Cercle are at a cosine to the emerging CARBONARI red team.

    They are transitioning the clergy VATICAN and weeding out the DVD Echelon papercip Nazi DVD and replacing the EU with Carbonari. This stems from GLADIO and has the DVD down in the banking and power ratings.

    Therefore we will see the Blue team type false flags which have the ENMOD and NATO Trilateral’ Al-Qaeda group active for the fall to next year.

    Obamacare is a milestone and precedence to the Fabian Carbonari and Tavistock agenda21.

    We will see much more anarchy and terror in the streets when the Bank controlled DVD and Carbon Credit crew go head to head. The people will go hand to hand.

    Expect another big blow to OBAMA for his failure to launch Syria, his hand in the Benghazi Egypt plot and the Obamacare device.

    November remembers!

    transition 4-5 blue team 3-9-6 event and a red team counter 6-9-3.
    Let the grid bake and the earth shake. Holding to 11-9-13 and 11-20-13 dates.

  4. Boomer, I watched that debate between O’Keefe & that creep zionist Kaplan over the weekend. Ken O’Keefe is one of my heroes. He is by far the best debater I have ever seen go against these jackasses that come on tv spewing their stupidity that the sheeple gobble up as if it’s candy.

    Check this previous “debate” between them out which illustrates the pure slime that Kaplan is.

    • I will put Mr. Kaplan in with the other lumpen gefilte fish of the Krazy Khazar species. You can start pulling names out of the air on these people from Feinstein to Silverstein, from Janet Napolitano to Chertoff, from Rahm Emannuel to Bloomberg, from Hank Paulson to Greenspan to all the rest. 666 degrees of separation adding up to — they work for the Beast Power, because that is what their deeds reflect. Reflections in a sewer retaining pond. PNAC Krackers.

      Some of the writers listed in the links above in the body of this thread hammer away the Obviousness of this point. Bro Nathaniel is also excellent, and Vaticprojectblogspot will periodically delve into the deeper background of this “Sect”.

      • Yea, Bro Nate is great as well. Did you know Senor El Once helps manage the vatic project website? It’s one of my favorite blogs. Yes, the woman that runs and posts the articles is definitely in step with us on that issue and for me also the whole alien thing as well. If I have time this weekend I want to do an article on the “alien agenda.”

        Btw, Boomer, I’m sure you’ve seen Norman Finklestein’s work as well? Another man I admire for being a Jew standing up against zionism.

        • OMG.. have a look at this BS:!!!!

          • Perfect timing for anti-O forces. Captain Kangaroo is a broken record. UN Security Schmuck.

  5. Btw, Charlie McGrath is also a favorite. Nice post.

  6. Greenwald has released 300 pages of 40,000? Isn’t time for his new channel rollout. He’s got good disinfo to christen it with. No pun intended but were dying to see it Glen.

  7. Mysterious Google Floating Structure Now Spotted on East Coast

  8. Nobody Should Shed a Tear
    for JP Morgan Chase
    By Matt Taibbi

  9. Duck Bob, Duck!!

  10. I saw Joseph Ratzinger murder a little girl”: Eyewitness to a 1987 ritual sacrifice confirms account of Toos Nijenhuis of Holland

    • Literally HOLY SHIT! Patrick.. the Ratzinger thing deserves it’s own article post. THIS is HUGE! I knew he was involved with evil, sicko stuff but I had no idea about that. That sick bastard, you can see the evil in his eyes. He was too sick to serve?? HELL YEA.. psychologically and spiritually sick. Damn, Malachi Martin was so correct and that’s why they murdered him.

      • Good Catholic MK-Ultras just cannot grasp the truth. Their reality doesn’t teach the laws of the universe or ancient scripture. I’m glad you broke the ranks of

        They present the light in candlepower that makes the sheep blind. Hitler, Soros, Ratzinger … … …a the thousand points of light.

        Pretty big flash huh? Child Protection Services is coming out with their 2014 catalog of snuff films for the church and temple elders and elites. Getting an early start on Saturnia and the holidays.

        I dream in sweat of the Denver Airport Murals.

        JonBenet Ramsey from the cold case files reopened. (deflection)



    • Say what you will about RB but he’s brillilant.

  12. Well…y’all are getting into the swing of it now! I just ran across a PCR piece that deserves it’s own thread, so its going up. Kind of touches the hem on a number of alt-con factoids that have been referred to for too long as “conspiracies” and such.

  13. JG, I think this RB dude is “possessed”. I’ve seen him “acting” and he is very low brow and crude. This “new” side to him of a quick mind, idealistic, possessing an interesting command of language and facts, doesn’t seem to jive with the guy I’ve seen in other capacities. He is black and dark in many ways, so the “light” that he’s giving off in this recent incarnation is more disturbing than anything.

    • I agree with you both. He’s a learned fellow of the NWO and a key component to swing the masses. He’s as important to COTO as Paul Craig Roberts.

      Observe, evaluate, consider the message, decipher the code and label it.

      6-9-3 SNOWDEN

      So why have no DC Criminals seen a jail cell or Gitmo? Why does it become necessary to construct a “DISCLOSURE” or half truth hangout?

      Charlie Sheen, another RB, calls it “winning” Alex Jones and cohorts sell it and the googleplex mines it. Water filters, Guns, Iodine and Tangy Tangerine Treats and a bag of Winning. You’re all set cowboy. Right?

      Except your DNA and the GOD gene have your ‘winning’ already laid out. It’s all in the scalars outside the matrix and you can go anytime you like.

    • As with everyone that has, as Irish used to put it, the “golden microphone”, it’s important to take what each has to say and separate the fools gold from the real thing. I think we’re smart enough to do that.

      Btw, I include William Cooper in that mix as well. I know many will think it’s sacrilege to say such a thing but I don’t like how he connected all the dots in his lectures about the govt’s evil pact with aliens and then turned around and said he had been fooled by them all along. There were no aliens. I think the lie was in his retraction. Either way, how does one believe him after that? So what if he was shot? Doesn’t mean he wasn’t in on some plan or lying for them. He may have betrayed them in some way we don’t have a clue about. He’s not a saint in my book. Just another very knowledgeable man that gave out some very good information to a small following and I thank him sincerely for that as I thank the others. Then again, with our conspiracy mindset, did he really die? Maybe in the end, he was part of an elite plan to draw people away from the whole alien issue?

      Anyway, right now, RB is making perfect sense. How is he doing any harm at this point? When I see him trying to lead the people astray into some dark corner, I’ll note that too. I have many people I admire but that doesn’t mean I follow them blindly.

      As for looking possessed.. Absolutely, he used to look crazed when he was drugging and boozing and carousing. He probably still does the latter but in interviews in the past year or more he’s very calm and sane in his manner. We’re watching you Russell B.

  14. You use upper case letters too often when you write.

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