Posted by: jerseyg | October 26, 2013

Saturday Morning Comic Relief

This had me literally laughing out loud.  The guy’s commentary is truly funny.  Remember, if you are in attendance at an Obama event and you feel faint, the prez has got your back !  Oh, and Hillary too  😉  ~jg



  1. wow.. just wow.. only 2 min in.. freakin fantestical bullshit.. stunned.. :/
    Thx for posting JG

  2. Yep Jay…. everything is staged like the “truman show”.. sickening eh?

  3. Can’t help but feel like Jim Carrey’s character when he finally discovers his entire life has been staged. This truth is out there? Where?

  4. Stagecraft replayed too many times, reveals the “hidden hand” of scripting.

    They’re all like watching a very Bad movie of criminal characters.

  5. When you are in the presense of that kind of power you just cannot help from feeling a bit nauseous and drained. I have to think it’s staged but it has happened so many times that they may be running some bizarre mixture of wifi wireless communication and radar. Crazy waves but he surely pimps and poses when these little events happen.

    The Beatles had the market on it but they were not stopping the show for a fainter. But as we know it’s OBAMA-Caaaaaares. One day soon they won’t get up.

  6. All the world is a stage … and the theaters on fire, and we’re strapped to the seats.

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