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Police-State College Ed. Elective 101

Officer in UC Davis pepper-spray incident to get $38,059
October 23, 2013


Remember this Public Servant?

Following Orders -- Doing his Job on the Kids

Protesting IS NOT Allowed

DAVIS, Calif. —The former University of California, Davis police officer who pepper-sprayed Occupy protesters has reached a worker’s compensation settlement with the university system.

The Davis Enterprise reports that a judge on Oct. 16 approved the $38,059 settlement between John Pike and the University of California.

The 40-year-old former officer said he suffered depression and anxiety after death threats to him and his family after the Nov. 18, 2011 event.

University spokesman Andy Fell said the case was resolved in accordance with state laws.

Here’s how you earn a Golden Parachute for “just doing your job, following orders…”

Pike became well known after an online video of him pepper-spraying the protesters went viral.

His address and other personal information were posted online afterward, and he received scores of death threats.

Pike was fired in July 2012 after eight months of paid administrative leave.



  1. Like the massive Obamacare agendda 21, this little doodad is another Example of Captive Finance. Healthcare and even Workers Comp is a proposition to partake in a redistribution of Wealth to the upper echelon. This jackboot thug could not possibly have had any trauma being a psychopath spraying his agent orange solution in a way that appeared he was crop dusting. Another chemtrail at low altitude.

    Glad your home safe and sound dood!

    • Cheers!

  2. Here’s another one who will need a hefty compensation package

    Deputy kills 13-year-old carrying fake rifle

    What a brilliant sacrifice. This one will get the steam roll rolling.

  3. Oh boy, I’ve seen it all…

    A letter featured on the website instructs parents that packed lunches must be accompanied with a physician’s note.

  4. No sir. We’ve only begun to witness idiotic draconian wtf’s. The Plan is to shovel as much on the population’s heads until they bend over and break.

    I wonder where the line-in-the-sand is for the people of America (and other countries); to where they stand up and go offensive against their enemies which delight in continuing to press down the people?

    Ran across this this morning. I think we can see and surmise how this scenario is taking shape…

    There’s scads of stuff being written regarding the escalating State-of-“surveillance”. Feinstein uses the doublespeak tactic of saying the NSA spying is “not surveillance”. Like because she says it, reality has been transmogrified.

    Then, there’s this reality that’s popped up to the surface of the scum pond; like Everybody could not have guessed the unspoken Agenda.

    Or this —, which only the super wooly sheeple could miss.

    All in all — rather depressing. That’s Their Plan.

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