Posted by: jerseyg | October 22, 2013

6 min Robo-News 10/22/2013 — Typhoons, Hurricane, Solar Flare + Earthquake watch

Good info but that robo voice is really grating….



  1. Thank you for the video, JG! The news in Japan is all about these two typhoons, #27 and 28 (Francisco and Le-something or other–they never tell us the names here, and it looks like they’ve given up trying to alphabetize them). They are converging near Honshu on Saturday, where these two heavy-weights are going to duke it out with unpredictable results. Mr. Francisco could execute a judo throw of his smaller rival, shoving him out of the ring, straight across Japan and into Korea, and perhaps this is why he is slowing down right now, to pick up the necessary steam for it. We’ve dismantled the fences and greenhouse for the event. Let’s just hope the house holds up! Part of the reason we still have the van.

    The last time I recall reading about a flare was when Pakistan had a big earthquake. On Friday I’ve been commissioned to pray for the safety of a house a friend just bought in the tsunami hopeless zone. I suppose I’ll find out soon enough what the gods actually think of me.

    • Patricia, you were in mind when I posted it.. My thoughts are with you and all of your friends in Japan. Please stay safe.

  2. I predicted a record year. I think they’d like to steer it North Korea but no harm the south. China would be ok as well. They own the N&S jets so they can now do what they want. The joystick and steer or accelerate.

    Welcome to Agenda 21 and the coming years under Obamacare which should exceed GW Bush and Clinton kill numbers combined. AFRICOM 2014 is Kony to the 10th power. India ought to take a major shellacking for 2013-2014 too.

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