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“Oh Why Do I Look Like Two Pots Of Porter Peas?”

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October 19th 2013 the day we descended on the Alamo. News reports claim hundreds were there but there were between 1500 and 2000 armed citizens. Police were taping video and had snipers hidden in an old hotel across the street on about the 4th or  5th floor. Here is Yours truly on the local news (Oh GOD how I hate seeing how time has deteriorated My physical conveyance) I only do this for you My true militant brothers and sisters and for the innocents that cannot perceive our predicament.

Alex Jones was in top form and shouted passionately in defiance of the new world order. It is an electric and emotional high to see Jones whip a crowd to a frenzy. He was born to lead and has all facts and dates at the ready. The visitors to the Alamo from all over the world were dazed with mouths…

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  2. I’m a proud peacock to know Korn represented the cotoheads at this event. The Alamo is a shrine of courage which is hardly shown by Americans. Great event I here on the AJ broadcast. Not stagings, no episodes and nobody with an Obamacare kiosk for healthcare enrollment.

    Nice modified M4 King. I thought at first it was an SKS. NICE COMPENSATOR ON THAT BAD BOY!

    REMEMBER GOLIAD! Old world order murder.

    • Not M4 AJ had M4 I had VZ-52

      • Yes my mistake. I meant M14 looking. I thought VZ-52 was 7.62×39mm barreling.

        • Originally 7.62 X 45 which is a bastard caliber no longer produced,thus the rifles are cheap cuz most schmucks cant re-chamber or turn barrels

          • Ok, I have no idea what you guys are talking about when it comes to different calibers of guns BUT I do know how proud I am that you were on channel 12 news ! You looked great and cool and you have a nice texan drawl 🙂 Glad the turnout was good and yea I heard AJ losing his voice early on in the video. Amazing how they always downplay the number of attendees at protests isn’t it? However, the people will NOT be denied. Enough!

            • Personally, I miss the whiskers, bro.

            • I look great, Joisy You lie like a mattress

              • I do not lie! You do look great. Activists are very attractive to me. Besides, I don’t know what the hell porter peas are so I have no way of comparing you to two pots of them 😀

                • Porter peas is James Joyse . I think it means 2 pots of piss, He was so tricky on double meanings

  3. Obama to tap ex-Pentagon official for Homeland Security

    Best we get ready for the “replacements” These are going to be the scrapings of the legal constitution trashers. Like Lil George W, the E.O.’s are coming from the Aflac lame duck.

  4. THIS IS A SHALLOW SIHF – HAARP assault without doubt to affect and strengthen Raymond. When SHTF THE BORDERS will see hot spots like no other ever seen.
    [6 mi/10 km depth @ 6.4 Mag]

    Mexico: In the early hours of 21 October 2013 Hurricane Raymond strengthened to a Category 3 storm as it continues its eastward trajectory toward Mexico’s Pacific coast. As of 0900 UTC on 21 October, the hurricane was stationary and located approximately 125 mi/200 km west-southwest of the resort town of Acapulco, with sustained winds of 120 mph/105 kt. Mexican authorities have issued a hurricane warning for coastal areas between Lazaro Cardenas and Tecpan de Galeana. Torrential rain is expected to affect the region for the next 72 hours.

    Mexico: At 1054 local time (1754 UTC) on 19 October 2013, an earthquake struck in the Gulf of California, approximately 47 mi/76 km southwest of Etchoropo, Sonora state, or approximately 55 mi/90 km east of Loreto, Baja California Sur. In its latest update, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported the earthquake’s magnitude as 6.4, while Mexico’s National Seismological Service reported a magnitude of 6.3. Mexican sources reported the earthquake’s depth as 6 mi/10 km. There were no reports of casualties or damage, and no tsunami warning was issued

  5. Obam-Mo is making a call

    He heard that his plan covers all

    He’s not getting through

    He’ll wait till he’s blue

    He needs a new plan for his doll

    The Limerick King

    NeW OBaMaCaRe WeBSiTe!
    williambanzai7’s picture
    Submitted by williambanzai7 on 10/21/2013 13:12 -0400

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