Posted by: jerseyg | October 18, 2013

Michael’s Infowagon on Infowars with Alex Jones

Hey guys, our hard working infowarrior Mr M made it on Alex Jones show today !  He called in and was explaining his project to AJ and Alex held him over to speak with Gerald Celente who thought his idea was brilliant .  Of course it is!

Way to go Michael ! 🙂

Michael could use some help with this project.  If you have any $$$ that you could donate to the cause please look top right for the infowagon donation button and give what you can.

Thank you!

To hear Mr M w/Alex go to 1:01 on the vid and then he’s on again w/Gerald Celente around 1:55..

Takin’ it to the streets………………….



  1. lol … damn Lady, I thought you had a job? Are you furloughed too?

    You beat me to this. Thanks.

    There have a few contributions coming in, nothing special, but there’s the rebroadcasts and Jones said he was going to “support” this. I hope that means he’s going to “contribute” to it. And Celente too.

    This came a the right time, I was feeling rather bummed after not seeing any action for a week. If just 0.025% of Alex’s audience gives a small contribution I’ll reach the goal.

  2. haha.. I definitely work full time 5 days a week. But even slaves get a lunch break! I was having my lunch listening to AJ and heard your voice and went…. what??!!! yaaaaaaaaaaay LOL So, I didn’t waste a minute getting on coto and posting it. Couldn’t wait to get home to post the show which I just did 🙂 I didn’t know while just listening that Alex was showing the picture of the infowagon on prison planet tv as well. I just saw that now. So cool

    Nice job Mr M, you’re a smooth talker on the radio. If it were me, I’d be tongue tied 🙂

    • Believe me it was all I could do to keep my cool. Still waiting for the flood of contributions, or at least a nice big one from Jones, and Celente. But this can’t hurt. We’ll see.

  3. Awesome stuff Mr M!! Massive thumbs up from me, your true passion will take you far, keep it up brother, now if only Jones would put his money where his mouth is, unfortunately I doubt he will.

    • Yeah, well I’m not done with Mr. Jones yet. If I have to go to Austin and hold him up at gun-point, the s.o.b. better give something.

      Actually I’m stoked he did what he did.

  4. wow, Michael ~ nice job, great kudos from The Man!

    • Yeah, they were using the word “brilliant” as if it were fiat-money. Some of which I hope to see from this little PR-boost.

      The timing was right. It will air all weekend. I was running the numbers, and if it’s true that if 3-million hear his show, and only 0.01% give $1.33-each, I’ll reach my goal. Seems plausible. But we shall see.

  5. ok… guess i have not visited as often as i should have… so… um… what has happened to you guys? Alex Jones? Rady? freakin’ “obamacare?” where did rogue go? watched as much of AJ as i could before it gummed up my browser… and the scripts are kinda weird. seems to me there is still more shtf coming from USA PATRIOT than “obamacare.”

    guess i have not been paying attention.

    • hey, waldo ~ nice to c u again… we need to hose obamacare and the entire federal government.

      here’s a really neat take on Executive Order 13603

      now let’s see if i remember how to add a jpg:

      • “we need to hose obamacare and the entire federal government.”

        heh heh… ‘fraid it’s MUCH too late for all that. there IS NO feral gummint. it’s gone. for quite some time. and there is nothing you or i or anybody else can do about it… including any Smedley Butlers who show up. the party’s over.

        we doubled our own food production this year. it is still not even 1/10th of what we need. if we do it again next year… and then next year… it might come close. but that’s if the weather cooperates… which it is not (drought here),

        the time for “citizens” to “wake up” was about 10 years ago. maybe better late than never… but a new “government” is already forming. it’s more of a flash mob. meanwhile… the “insurance” cartel… and energy cartel…

        …and all those who control the infrastructure (such as it is) will continue to “maximize profit” no matter which sock-puppets are playing at the punch-and-judy-show… until “money” becomes meaningless ass-paper. what happens then is anybody’s guess.

        and what are WE gonna do? “vote?” for what?

        • yeah, grow your own is the best option, along with building strong bonds with neighbors and/or your community of like minded people. We had extra rain this year in Georgia — probably geoengineered — so the garden did well. There’s two growing seasons here, so the 2nd batch is in the ground now and already sprouting leaves.

          not sure where you are, but Scott O’Bar wrote a book, Alternative Crops for Drylands (which Food Freedom is selling). $19.95 for the e-book and $32.95 for the hard copy

          I’d love to be independent of the food system but am still a long way off from that. As big as this wonderful organic garden was, it amounted to maybe a 1/5 of my food intake. (I even ate two whole watermelons and three cantaloupes this summer.)

          we keep heading toward our goals, damn the gummint

          • Yea growing your own food is great. Make sure you can all of it and hide it very well. In fact, find a way to camouflage the garden. The drones will be looking for them. Remember…that bill says that “all your food belong to us”. Agenda 21. Another thought is.. how is ANYTHING organic with radiation in the air and soil and all the crap from the chemtrails raining down on us daily?

            Nothing is safe or sacred until the monsters are put to sleep permanently.

          • Great to see you again, Rady! I gotta run right back out to the field. Can’t spend as much time here as I want. Typhoon #26 demolished every greenhouse in town, including ours. We’d just repaired it after #19, and #27 is on the same course as 26, just bigger. The sea west of Guam keeps putting them out. One or two a week.

            To Mr. M, is there a way I could send you an old-fashioned check? They still work, last I tried. I minimize financial business on the net. I don’t have a lot of cash, and have not contributed to anyone in ages–but you are an exception. I’ll be talking to people around Mt. Fuji about your ideas too.

            BTW, I couldn’t run the second video. A notice in Japanese that Messrs. SACEM, SME, UMPI and EMI have rights to a portion or all of the content, therefore it is being blocked in the area in which I reside.

  6. okay, that didn’t work how about this:

    EO 13603

    hmmm nope… how about this:

  7. damn, forget how to paste a jpg in these comment boxes

  8. Hey Rady 🙂 The only way I know to do it is to cpy & paste the htlm from photobucket. I bet Patrick knows another way.

  9. As for the take on that bill, I agree. We know about their “secret weapons” and how they control us. However, we still have the greatest weapon of all against them,, our numbers. People are getting very pissed off in very large numbers. That would include people already in the “system”. I think there are more than a few behind the scenes that aren’t going along with the “plan.”

    The problem is, even if we do (and I think it’s possible) bring these bastards down or they get hoisted on their own petard, we are left with the horrendous mess they have created in the environment. How in the hell do we clean all that up in time to save humanity and the planet? How do we reverse the death of the gulf and the pacific ocean to name only two?

  10. AJ ought to give you free banner space for this since it’s non profit. I think Michael and Rady (hi Rady) ought to tag team him and work out a deal with his magazines and give him exclusive promo on the infowagon.

    It’s in his interest to get New Orleans a Dibari infowagon considering it was the first to feel the ENMOD conversion from katrina to Police state. The next one should go to Manhatten and then on to Detroit.

    Rady’s, a bulldog Michael. Get her on the horn with Infowars PR staff. Try to get AJ to give you a nightly news segment with David Knight or my favorite, GiGi Arnetta.

    • Yeah … all that you said.

      The worst part is doing the Facebook “friends” thing.

      Understanding the potential for this thing to grow huge fast, there are ideas on the drawing board for several different versions, for multiple venues. I need get the people I need and trust lined-up now. I have gone as far as I can go doing this alone.

      Yeah, whatever help anyone can give – Patrick, you’re General Manger. You’ve done enough for today, take the rest of the day off – with pay.

      Rady, you heard the GM. Get busy.

      Everyone else, if you can call AJ’s show and PR this – don’t let me stop you.

      • If you need help let us know on the email AJ sheme.

        Get your wordpress and facebook set. I can phish email for you. Banners too. I see rady helped with the video above. It was good and I think you two can create one that would get the infowagon on it’s way.


        I’d send an email myself to the Koch brothers, to get them on the anti-Obamacare campaign. A little dance I like to do with the devils now and then. Chump change to these guys.

        • Yeah, great.

          But Rady isn’t in New Orleans.

          And now when i go to post of FB to my new “friends” it tells me I can’t post on this timeline. Whatever the fuck that means.

  11. Right on PD. Go for it guys. I don’t even see the Infowagon linked on inforwars.. is it?

    • Not that I know of.

      AJ said “shoot a video and then YouTube it and send it to him so he could link to it.” But he cut me off before I could tell him there already is a link to a YouTube video. And of course be didn’t put me on hold to give me the “private” email.

      Believe me. If you don’t get this man on the phone, you cannot be sure he gets anything. Unless, of course, you get the “magic email or phone #.”

      But maybe if they get a bunch of emails asking about the Info-Wagon, from different IP’s?

      Anyway, I’m going to keep calling Jones and the next call will be the closer.

  12. Okay,

    I got through the screener, but Alex is only taking calls about Obamacare today, or for the first hour. Left my number.

    Hmmm … why is it feels that they keep moving the goalpost?

  13. Because they do keep moving it….. hey, at least this post is numero uno on coto !

    • lol … of course, it’s a real life drama played out in real-time with a time-limit! This season ends Nov. 11th.

      Will he make it? At the last minute will fortune smile? Will I get to speak to Alex again? Will they answer my emails? Why aren’t they answering? Will this be just another tragedy? Or a tragic-comedy?

      Oh, the drama!

      I personally can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.

  14. Well, I got on AJ show again, but the blabbermouth wouldn’t let me get another plug in or all that I wanted to say. Still haven’t received a dime from him.

    • Sad to say but I’m not surprised M. I didn’t hear AJ today. What did you get to say on air?

      • Not much … he basically took over and I don’t believe I even got a plug in. I started to go into a brief bit of my history, and the contention I’m facing on the streets … and that was it.

        I didn’t even listen to the rebroadcast, as I had other things to do …

        after I hung-up I got the news that it seems the City is announcing a crackdown on all venders, street performers and such, and that one must obtain license to even pass-out free material.

        Gee, what timing. So did my appearance on AJ’s show spark this? Understand that not all venders are my friends. In addition to taking a share of the dwindling street economy, I am their completion, but I refuse to pay homage to the system. And of course not all of the citizens want to see me succeed. I’ve won enough of them over that will spend any time talking to me, but there are some that are openly hostile.

        So now, I’m a threat to all the venders, and hence even those that may have come to understand, may well still turn on me.

        So tomorrow I plan on going down to City Hall and ask them to arrest me. Because I’m not going to abide. And I’m going to tell them that I pray that they arrest me, it’s just the kind of publicity I need to make my project go viral!

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