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Lack of Sleep Explains Much

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Dianne Reidy, a stenographer for the House of Representatives, managed to steal a bit of the spotlight from Congress’s narrow avoidance of financial ruin last night when she took to the mic to give a short but impassioned speech about how the Constitution was written by Freemasons. Now, she appears to be feeling better.

Reidy’s husband, Dan, attributed her outburst to a lack of sleep during the hectic negotiations in the legislature. He told The New York Post, “God was preparing her for this vote last night, because this was kind of the culmination of everything … This was the big one. Everybody’s there. And Dianne didn’t know what she was sharing, she didn’t know when — but she just sensed in her spirit.”

Reidy herself said that, “I’m glad that I fulfilled God’s mission for me, absolutely. It lifted a tremendous burden.” Despite working in the House chamber for…

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  1. <—– there's fakery here somewhere because the stenographer is either mic'd up because the audio is pretty good as she's dragged away, or shenanigans with what were being shown….watch Adam Sandler in Anger Management speak in NY stadium without a mic…everyone in the stadium hears him no problem.

  2. Really strange hearing someone speak the truth from the House !!! Right on Reidy !

    As for your wife hearing you calling & tapping… I am not surprised. It proves your psychic connection with each other. It’s really not that odd an occurrence albeit kinda creepy. You’ll probably haunt the poor woman if you go before she does ! jk 😉 When my sister (5 yrs younger) and I were kids, she came running up the steps from the cellar one day and ran into me at the top of the stairs. She looked at me with a terrified expression on her face and said… “I just saw you down there standing next to the water heater!!” Yep, musta been my doppleganger…..

    You doing ok now? Don’t go and get sick on us. I need your humor to keep me going here !

    • Calling and tapping and tapping and calling… who fucking cares> And your gravitar is totally annoying, BTW… and stress inducing and unattractive. Makes you look like a cunt.

      You apparently didn’t read my comment about how it was staged because how is it you have a clear mike while you’re being dragged off by security?

      • haha.. women who live in glass houses…. just sayin’. I have nothing to say to you. So I won’t be commenting on anything you have to say. So don’t bother addressing me again. Total waste of your time.

  3. “In September 2006, it was reported in the scientific journal, Nature,[4] that an effect was reproduced repeatedly that was very similar to the doppelgänger phenomenon. The effect was produced via the electromagnetic stimulation of one patient’s brain.

    “Focal electrical stimulation was applied to the patient’s left temporoparietal junction while she lay flat on a bed. The patient immediately felt the presence of another person in her ‘extrapersonal space.'”

    Hey Korn, maybe they’re beaming HAARP at your little woman

    • Her head is so hard not even kryptonite will penetrate it.

      • Korny…. so what happened with you on Channel 12??!! We want a full report with video or audio if possible ! 😀

        • otay

  4. We’ve posted the links, the patents and the actual documents from the utah prison experiments. We’ll never get to see the full files from the Monarch program thanks to the dead CIA chiefs but the paes of research I have drudged through is enough to convince me that the analog to digital conspiracy that Congress and Co. passed at record speed and the absolute commitment to the rollout that was unprecedented by the lame hill gang proves further, the need for speed.

    We all operate under the thought that we are in control of our faculties but rarely spend the time to determine what effects the electromagnetic visual audio spectrum has played in our reality.

    The real and the illusion are ghosts in the machine. I’m trying to figure out the machine and why the program goes doppelganger on some while most remain in hibernation.

    It’s like Patricia knows the geography plays a part because of Ley lines and cosmic considerations and not the MSM’s version of a haunted house or town.

    Remember the Mothman of West Virginia? I met it’s doppelganger outside my door about five years ago. After that I developed tinnitus permanently followed by an eye infection (my first ever) So before I decided to go public I thought very carefully about it and now have come to the conclusion that the Mothman is a HAARPIE. Military variety….on attache to the MISO psyops division.

    At fifty something now, there’s not too much that surprises me. Fiction doesn’t float the boat anymore.

    • While knowing full well what you are speaking of Patrick and knowing how they manipulate targeted individuals I have to disagree that it’s all “them” causing all of these types of experiences. I’ve been documenting such incidences for well over 35 years.

      I’ve had psychic experiences since I was a child. Even if such programs existed back then, they certainly weren’t targeting my poor as dirt family. My mother and grandmother were both very intune psychically as is my sister to this very day. Only people that have never experienced such things deny their existence or claim it comes from somewhere other than the supernatural realm or other dimensions or for that matter directly from our own powerful minds?. How can anyone deny the human mind is quite capable of esp? How much of our brain do we actually use!?

      You have said you were involved with things that would cause you to be targeted. Not the case with anyone in my immediate family. So yes your mothman was likely more of this physical world perpetrated by the reptiles out to do u harm…

      • Those things you speak of or the ‘other’ types are from the creator and for whatever the IMCC can do, the universe and the creator can do in spades. I don’t discount the divine intervention but I do discount ETs, UFOs and Ghosts. I have the same experiences.

        The question is ‘given or delivered by’ (whom)

        Furthering the story, I saw no man figure or being/ghost. I stood outside at night and under my 40w bulb I saw a large Moth under it. It was the size of a dinner plate. I went to look closer and it took off flying. It sounded like a bird as I could literally hear it’s wings flapping.

        What the real observable phenomenon I experienced was the vacuum. It was dead silent except for the high pitch buzzing and the difficulty I had trying to focus and even breathing was labored.

        That was back when I first started photographing the Night Chemtrailing.

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